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Weekly COVID-19 Wedding Resources: July 10th, 2020


“Have a Plan B for an unexpected rainy day,” they said. “Have a stain remover pen ready too, because of spills and accidents!”. Wedding planning means you get a ton of advice, and many tips to avoid any disasters which might strike that day. But no article on the internet or that wedding magazine prepared you for a global pandemic which laid ahead. None of us saw it coming. One moment you were planning for your beautiful summer wedding full of fragrant summer blooms and crisp whites, and the next moment, all of your best-laid plans went out the window. Weddings were being canceled, postponed, or held under strict guidelines, and none of the options looked particularly appealing for your dream wedding. While throwing a big curveball to your wedding planning ideas, it also gave you humidity, perspective, and a whole lot of time to make little adjustments here in there to still make that wedding of your dreams happen. While you try to navigate the challenges of planning a wedding amidst COVID-19, we are here every week bearing articles that we think will help you in this journey. Read on for your weekly snippets of the articles we found around the internet!

Define Your Design: Classic Romantic Weddings on a Budget

via Zola 


A classic romantic wedding is the postcard image in your head if you grew up watching weddings in the movies. Shades of peachy pink and creams, the swish of a wedding gown which looks a dream, tall floral pieces and a wedding which seems like a peach-toned dream, and elegant timeless details, all are the part of the classic romantic wedding. While the effect is worth the effort, it might be a little harsh on the bank account than a wedding of another theme. However, this article will provide just how to achieve that effect on a budget! Read on to know more!


How to Wear Your Natural Hair for Your Wedding

via Zola


Let your hair do its own thing on your wedding day! Maybe because we have seen enough wedding hairstyles with the hair coiffed to perfection and any rebellious curl of hair-sprayed into discipline, it is refreshing to see a blushing bride wearing her naturally! Not only will it make you feel more yourself as you already are accustomed to the natural flow of your hair, but it also makes you less likely to fuss over your hair and more likely to be relaxed. When you will look into your wedding pictures years later, you will not see a stranger, but yourself!


Wedding Planners Share Their Best Advice for Stressed Out Brides

via Martha Stewart Weddings


A bride planning her wedding is no stranger to stress. While stress might be a counterpart of the excitement that a wedding comes with, it has the ability to spoil the magic of your big day. While dealing with complicated relatives, and micromanaging 1000 different things at a time, it is easy to feel stressed, and you are certainly not alone. However, these bits of advice from some experienced wedding planners can shake you out of stressful situations with a change in your perspective. Read on for valuable wisdom!


31 Stylish Face Masks for Your Wedding

via June Bug Weddings


Wedding masks. Love it or hate it, it is certainly a thing! While you might still be trying to come to terms with the whole COVID-19 situation, first resisting, denying, and surrendering to the new reality, the fashion industry is not the on to waste a minute. In a true, “COVID, but make it fashion!” way, they have quickly jumped on board to make a stylish face mask for our quarantine brides-to-be(and her guests)! From bold sequins to romantic lace, from summery florals to personalized ones, they have it all. Read on to explore more options!


6 Romantic Ways to Propose At Home

via Brides


A romantic proposal doesn’t have to be flutes of champagne in your favorite restaurant, with an audience waiting with bathed breathe as you pop the question towards! It can be in your living room with the only person who matters the most. Being quarantined with your loved one must have surely forced you to shift perspective on romance and left you to your devices to create romance indoors! Here are some fun ideas which you can explore, as you propose to your special one at home. 


21 Elopement Announcements That Share the Good News

via The Knot


Always wanted a secret elopement? Had big wedding plans ahead but chose to elope instead? Elopement is surely easy, exciting with the whole lets-run-away vibe, and takes off the pressure that a big wedding comes with! Whatever be the case, there is a lot of thought that goes into an elopement announcement! While people are irreverently a part of the wedding, announcing the elopement with a delicate touch and a sprinkle of thoughtfulness is a good idea! Whether you just want to break the news or expect your precious guests to be present for an upcoming celebration, these elopement announcements cover it all! Give it a quick read!


A wedding day is certainly not a day a couple wants to compromise on. But sometimes things are beyond our control, as difficult it is to come to terms with. You can have a backup ceremony space for your summer wedding in case of unseasonable rain. But what do you do about a global pandemic? There are times as such which teaches us grace and we are sure to rise out of this stronger. Also along the way, you learn what is more important and what you can do without. Maybe you want to elope instead? Maybe that autumn wedding is sounding a lot more pleasant? Maybe you can cut down your guest list to 50? The possibilities are endless, and you will still get that beautiful wedding, maybe with a little tweak here and there! Until then, we, like a friend you can count on, will keep on bringing you that weekly ray of happiness every weekend to help you with the wedding planning in the little ways we can.


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