Weekly COVID-19 Wedding Resources: June 26th, 2020

We are halfway into the year and it seems that 2020 is mocking all the things you listed down as your new year resolutions. Travel more? Sure! Try new restaurants and places? Of course! Get Married? Yeah right! The big COVID-19 threw a curveball that sent all your best-laid plans in a disarray. This goes to show that sometimes no matter what we plan, some things are not in our control. Plan as we may, life is as dynamic as they come, and things will be constantly shifting. Our only shot at staying sane amidst this to take things in our stride and ride the tide. 

 With the first half of the year gone in a blink in utter confusion and chaos, it seems like we are finally seeing some downward inclined graphs. Sure we can't let this fool us into thinking that the virus is behind us now, it still means that there is a light at the end to this tunnel. It gives us hope when hope is hard to come by. It encourages us to dream-for that a possible vacation in the future, of going out to that restaurant you wanted to try out, or that wedding which we have been too scared to plan too aggressively for. It empowers us to plan for that dream wedding which we have been too scared to dream of recently and have been reigning back on. Through this smoke and mirror, there is always one thing that you can count on-us and our spread of resources we bring in every weekend for our quarantine brides! Read on for more inspo and updates!

 Micro wedding, one of the recent buzzwords in the wedding scene, is a small-scale wedding which enables the couples to celebrate with their close ones while still complying with CDC guidelines. While your micro wedding can be a toned-down variant of your original wedding or a whole new event, there is no reason why your micro wedding should feel or look like a ‘compromise’. Read on for ideas to make your micro wedding dreamy and beautiful.

 Everything You Need for a Dreamy Micro Wedding

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 COVID has touched upon every aspect of a wedding, including the wedding registry. While engagements and weddings are still happening, the wedding registry has undergone a small and intuitive change of its own. While your guests show up for the most important day of your life, it is important to put a little more thought into your wedding registry. Whether it means considering various price points or keep the factor of availability in mind, there is a lot that you can do to build a wedding registry that works for all your guests. Read on to find more ideas!

 How to Build a Thoughtful Wedding Registry in the Time of COVID

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 The benefits of filing taxes together are not romantic or something that pops up as a reason why you and your partner should get married, but with times like now, where couples are either getting engaged and married faster than ever or are canceling, the case for and against marriage is up in the air. It is normal for thoughts like, “What is the point anyway?” crop up your mind. Read on for some legal benefits that marriage comes with!

13 Legal Benefits of Marriage

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 No, this is not an episode of Black Mirror. However, it is safe to say things are getting a little crazy, as we witness face masks make its way to bridal fashion! If you are hosting a wedding with social distancing norms, face masks are a thing, so might as well wear pretty ones! It’s crazy how fast the brands have got into the face mask trend and are coming up with face masks to suit any vibe or wedding theme

 17 Fashionable Wedding Masks for Brides, Grooms, and Guests Face masks fit for the altar.

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 Whether you planned for a long engagement upfront, or COVID-19 kind of spilled dirt over your wedding plans, changing timelines, and left you with a longer engagement then planned, you might have your ‘first engagement anniversary’ coming up sooner than your wedding day. Of course, the day you decided to say ‘Yes’ to a shared future together deserves a celebration every year. Read on for some fun ideas!

 Ideas for Celebrating the First Anniversary of Your Engagement

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It is always fun to plan for a vacation, and when it’s your honeymoon, its ten times more so. With travel plans being on a halt for while now, and your passports yearning to be stamped, refocus the travel itch with planning for your big post-shutdown trip which also happens to be your honeymoon! These 10 honeymoon destinations are considering opening up for tourists again and you will love every name on the list! Read on and get planning!

 10 Honeymoons We’re Planning Post Coronavirus Shutdown

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 Trying times or not, there are always a few things which bring us together and the wedding is surely one of them. It warms our hearts that we get to witness and document so many love stories transforming into a wedding. Seeing hearts in love unite restores our faith in love and all things good. It reminds us that flowers bloom even after snow, that there is enough light to go around and brighten even the gloomiest of days. While you plan for your own wedding during a pandemic, we understand that even though it is challenging, it gives your heart light by keeping you dreaming of the day you will say your vows to the love of your life. Meanwhile, we will be here each week, your own digital BFF, bearing lovely resources from around the internet. Have a great weekend!