Weekly COVID-19 Wedding Resources: June 19th, 2020

Summer is here! We can’t deny that there is something about summer that demands to be celebrated. The distinct ‘schools out’ feeling get every one of us, 6 or 60, and there is that gaiety in the air which glows about like fireflies on a summer night, refusing to go away. Summer echoes thoughts of summer vacations, tan lines, backyard barbecue parties, and concerts. Nights by the beach by the fire with friends and family. And weddings! The beautiful summer weddings where good weather, blue skies, and cool drinks dress up the occasion better than any wedding decoration ever could. 


But this year, it is a whole another book, let alone a chapter. Some say if 2020 was a book, it was sure written by Stephen King, and we can’t agree more! High fives with strangers are replaced by hand sanitizers, smiles were hidden behind the masks, and even the eye-contacts are getting paranoid and suspicious then warm and friendly. While plans for a vacation to Hawaii might have a wait for a while, somehow, getting the sun in your backyard does not have the same appeal. Schools out early, but there is no cheer in the voice which only the last day of school can bring. There are no summer camps or chilling by the pool with 20 other friends or going to the water park. Picnics in the parks are oddly private with no casual mingling. It is official. COVID-19 is to summer what Grinch is to Christmas! 


And weddings, the dreams of a wedding are either tucked away until the colder weather or the next year, the couples who are not ready to wait are getting married either virtually or with limited people with high social distancing norms. Whether your wedding was impacted into being postponed or you are planning a wedding amidst the pandemic, we are here to help you through this. Like every week, we are here with a bunch of resources for you to go through, hoping these will help our quarantined brides-to-be plan her special day!


With the pandemic thrown into the mix for good measure, 2020 have forced engaged couples into having to make a lot of shifts and customization regarding how they want their wedding day to look like. This means they get to cherry-pick what they want and what they don’t, deconstructing and reconstructing the wedding of their dreams. This also means some wedding traditions are tossed out while others get to stay. Read on find out what are the few wedding traditions you should really consider not skipping on!


7 Wedding Traditions to Include in Your Virtual Wedding  

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We understand COVID-19 has brought in a world of changes, none of which are in your control. But no! Getting married virtually need not have to mean saying ‘I Do’ in your ‘wedding white’ t-shirt and shorts. Weddings don’t come every day and pandemic or not, this is still your wedding day. You can still dress up for the occasion and say ‘yes’ to a dress and wow your virtual guests. These are just the perfect wedding dress for your virtual wedding!


32 Wedding Dresses for a Virtual Wedding You Can Buy Right Now

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If a big wedding has never been the part of the picture of your wedding day dreams, elopement might be just the thing for you. There is no denying that there is certainly a sense of exhilarating romance and adventure which goes into running away from the world and getting married in secrecy. While it is gaining popularity, there is still a lot of ambiguity surrounding the topic. Read on to know more about an elopement, and how to plan one!


Planning an Elopement? Here's What You Need to Know

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If your summer wedding got postponed into a winter one, and you are thinking of creative ways to transition your wedding gown to fit the colder months, we have one word for you-shawls! Wedding shawls will not only keep you warm and cozy during the ceremony, but it will also add elegance to your look while giving you flexibility. Also, there are so many types to choose from, you will be spoilt for options!


17 Wedding Shawls to Instantly Switch Up Your Bridal Look

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Love speaks where words couldn’t, and manages to stand out in the most beautiful way. The perfect testimony of that is displayed when Kerry-Anne and Michael Gordon tied the knot amid the Philadelphia protest in the wake of George Floyd's death. This not only reassures one’s faith in love in the times of hate and anger, but it also communicates a strong message in a totally positive way. Give this beautiful piece a read for the full story.


This Couple Celebrated Their Wedding with Peaceful Protestors in Philadelphia

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With the definition surrounding a wedding getting blurred and defined every day, an intimate relaxed at-home wedding might sound like a great idea! However, be it a micro wedding at home or a grand wedding at the Crown Plaza, a little decor here and there adds the dash of festivity into your wedding day. Here is how you can dress up your humble abode for your special day and get it wedding-ready!


How to Decorate for a Small Wedding at Home

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Love is resilient. Love is brave. Sometimes while it seems to stay put and waiting it out might seem like the smartest thing to do, Jane Austen did say, “We are all fools in love”. And we get it! If there was ever a time we needed love and companionship, it is now. It is an uncertain world, and it is okay to want to get married in front of two people in your living room if that’s how you want it. It is also okay if you want to wait and claim that dream wedding with your name in it. It is okay, no matter what! And we will be here holding your hand through it all. Whether in July or January, we will stand strong through your wedding planning journey and will be back next week with fresh resources. Happy weekend!