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Weekly COVID-19 Wedding Resources: May 29th, 2020


Another week passed by (or was it two?) and we are still staying indoor, making the most of our pajamas and wifi connection. We are yo-yo-ing through the days, going from one end of the spectrum to the other, while we stagger to find a balance. While some meals are 5-Michelin-star affair, complete with garnishing and fancy flatware, others are heat-and-serve variant eaten right from the box. While somedays you actually shower, put on a cute dress, and might even put on some liner if you are feeling adventurous, there are other days when you try to find reasons to even get out of your bed. There is no consistency in activities or stability in feelings, which is understandable, given the uncertainty of it all. We agree it is maddening, but we go on and do like anyway, with our best brave faces, day after day. 


Changed plans, uncertain plans, and inconsistency hang in the air like a foul smell. While you have made peace with your adjustments of wedding plans, you still get stung unexpectedly when you see your original wedding day creeping in and go into the dark whirlpool of what-could-have-been. Hoping to be of help, we are here, like every week, bearing resources related to wedding planning for our gorgeous quarantine brides-to-be, which we hope will see you through these rocky seas like a lighthouse! Read on!


Invitation to a wedding is such an honor! Isn’t it wonderful that someone, chosen among thousands of people in your life, so that they can be included on your special day? However, not being invited to a wedding can surely ruffle some feathers and can invite a range of different reactions- ranging from snide comments to hurt feelings. With the raging pandemic looming over our heads, cutting the guest list shorter is a real prospect. If for some reason you are put into a situation where you get to partake in the unpleasant exercise of explaining to someone why they were not invited for your beautiful but intimate spring soiree, this article will surely come to your rescue.


Gracious Ways to Tell Someone That They're Not Invited to the Wedding

via Martha Stewart Weddings


When your best-laid wedding plans demands to readjust, hearts break into two. You prepare for a rainy day, a broken heel of shoes, and even a potential bad entree, but nobody ever really prepares for a global pandemic to hit up around their wedding day. Change of plans is hard and can affect the mental wellbeing of the couple, leaving them in hot tear, self-blaming tendencies, and bitterness. This article explores the heartbreaking complex inner workings of a quarantine bride, while she tries to navigate the situation.


Change of Plans: How 120 Envelopes, 90 Days, and Countless Tears Helped Me Come to Terms With the Indecision Surrounding My Wedding

via Brides


Not all things fun has to be done away with and locked in a box, just because we are stuck indoors. Getting married soon, while the world in on a lockdown means you get robbed off of treasurable experience which makes a wedding, like venue-hunting, dress shopping with your besties, or going for that exotic bachelorette party. How about a virtual bachelor party which is (almost) just as fun, while you are still keeping safe? Intrigued? Read on! 


How To Throw a Rad *Virtual* Bachelorette Party

via Green Wedding Shoes


There is something achingly romantic about a freshly married couple riding off to the promised land of ‘happily-ever-after’ after the celebrations are done! There is drama to a couple fading into the sunset which has us clutching our poor hearts. Make that send-off even memorable by orchestrating a wedding exit which is huge on impact and will have your guests in awe! From sweet and traditional to a riot of fun, the options are many. 


Going Out in Style With These Rad Wedding Exits

via Green Wedding Shoes


As someone whose wedding day has been impacted, empathy might be hard to come by, but another group of people being impacted by this is the wedding industry- the wedding vendors. This is that group of people who are helping the engaged couples navigate these hard times, while they work on reschedules and cancellations as they battle their own threat to financial security. This is what you can do to thanks them and be supportive as you waddle through these unprecedented times together.


13 Ways to Thank Your Supportive Vendors Right Now, According to Wedding Vendors

via Brides


Wedding favors are a tangible way of telling your wedding guests how much you appreciate their presence on your special day. These are gifts that are usually fun to put together, but with the current situation, you might have to look into online resources for ideas. Take a look at this article which compiled some adorable gift ideas which are all available on Amazon. Have fun!


15 Wedding Favors You Can Order on Amazon

via Ruffled Blog


2020 is hell-bent on throwing challenges at us, like in Russian roulette, but you are the strong ones! Human beings are resilient little things, and you will go through this, and live to tell the tale. You will still dream, hope, make plans, and fuss over frivolities. You will still love with all of your heart and get married to the love of your life. And decades later, when you will flip through your wedding album, looking at the time-yellowed photo squares, you will be in awe at your own bravery, patting your younger self in back, the one who held it all together and still dreamt and believed when the world was battling COVID -19 in the year 2020. 

Meanwhile, take one day at a time. Take time to plan only what you can, eat well, move a little, take care of your mental health, and reach out to your loved ones. Stay safe and count your blessings. And remember to keep reading our weekly segment. Have a great weekend!  


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