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Dealing With Your Wedding Vendors During The Coronavirus Pandemic


If the invisible virus has been the reason for your headaches off late, trust us, you aren’t alone. If your wedding date was scheduled for spring or summer of 2020, then, there are chances that it has already been canceled temporarily or postponed to a later date. The reality of the COVID-19 pandemic is very hard-hitting to the entire wedding industry globally just like many other industries.


The panic and anxiety that comes with planning your wedding are anyway stressful, and now the Coronavirus outbreak is taking it to a whole new level. No newly engaged couple is ready for what lies ahead, as no one prepares you for these rare and unprecedented events. But, keeping your calm and composure despite the hullabaloo is the key to tackle this problem. There are so many things to be done now, and throwing your mental peace to off-limits is the last thing you would wanna do.


As the entire world is going through a major shift, every industry is coping with it in the best possible ways. It is only natural to feel helpless and alone in a situation like this. Like every bride, you need your answers from your wedding vendors about the next step. We are in this together, and here are the questions you should be asking your wedding vendors.


Your wedding planner

The front liners in organizing a wedding should be the first ones to know about every big and small decision. Discuss all the possibilities of postponing your wedding and note them down. Ask them about who is going to talk to all the vendors about the decision and confirm their availability for the coming months for rescheduling the wedding. All the monetary implications should be discussed in-depth and details before taking up this major decision. Speaking about the possibilities, discuss what happens if your wedding is after May, or after the lockdown period ends in your city. Since they are the front liners, they will have accurate knowledge about the local government and health official guidelines that differ from state to state.


Your wedding venue

There is a fair chance that your wedding guest numbers will decline due to the strict ban on traveling throughout the globe, for the out-of-town guests along with the urge to maintain social distancing guidelines for the local guests. Apart from that, due to the change of season, you might want to change the venue and choose the next one according to the season of your new wedding date. You should discuss the penalty for change in the wedding date, followed by the available dates for rescheduling. Since there will be a lot of wedding reschedulings happening, you should be making your reservations asap. Talk about the challenges the venue might face in the new season, along with how the reception and ceremony sites are planned to curb these challenges. Share your number or email address, for them to contact you personally so that you can stay updated about the latest changes, as most of the wedding venues in the USA are shut down due to the COVID-19 outbreak.


Your wedding photographer

Every wedding photographer has their own cancellation policies in case there is a change in plans due to a natural disaster or postponement. However, by large, nobody is ever prepared to face a situation where the entire wedding season gets postponed. And to battle that, you need to have an elaborate discussion with your wedding photographer about their cancellation and rescheduling policies. Speak to them about the cancellation or rescheduling charges, whether the deposited money can be applied to the new wedding date and most importantly, whether he or she will be available on the new date. In the case of a new venue for the wedding, whether he or she will be comfortable with the change.


Your wedding caterer

Flexibility in times like this is a two-way street. Since your wedding date has changed, it is most likely scheduled for the fall or the summer season. So, the menu changes automatically, due to the availability of raw items and season palates. The food industry as a whole is also taking the bullets of COVID-19, and facing unlikely consequences. So you have to call up your wedding caterer and discuss certain things to straighten up the creases from these difficult times. Like all other wedding vendors, enquire about the fees associated with canceling or postponing the wedding date along with their availability for the new date. Talking about the food, understand the items that are going to change in their menu according to the season when it comes to preparing and serving. Most importantly, try to point out that since the guest count will be technically lower than the first wedding date, will that affect the amount originally charged. It is crucial to note down the changes in the wedding menu so that there are no last-minute surprises.


Your wedding florist

Your wedding florist is an indispensable part of your wedding as the absolute role played by a florist in a wedding ranges from the wedding decor to the bridal bouquet. The change of season must be going to directly affect the choice of flowers you have previously chosen for your wedding. There are many types of wedding flowers, that are imported from various parts of the world. The global ban on import and export has a direct effect on the special flowers that are imported to the US for weddings. So, as a part of your contingency plan, get in touch with your wedding florist, and understand their terms and conditions in case of postponement and cancellation. Along with this, try to know where your wedding flowers are coming from, and the risks associated with it. Finally, ask them if they are willing to pick new flowers for your wedding, according to the new season and if the previously made deposit can be utilized for the new wedding date.


Breathe in and breathe out, before tackling the to-do lists. No matter what this global virus outbreak brings forth, but it brought us all closer together as human beings. Your love tends to grow stronger in difficult situations, and what can be more complicated than this? So, the silver lining in the dark gloomy cloud is the closeness you two are feeling right now, due to the current situation. It is okay to feel sad with bad news pouring in from everywhere. Whenever you find yourself in a situation like, always remember that your love, your warmth, your joys, your friendship, everything is intact, only your wedding date has changed. Now is the time to utilize the extra time to make your special day extra special.


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