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Weekly COVID-19 Wedding Resources: May 15th, 2020


Hey Beautiful! How are things going? Are you taking your vitamins? Are you moving at all?  Have you exhausted the content of Netflix already? Are you missing wearing your jeans? (Just kidding! We all know you aren’t!). Doesn’t it feel like just yesterday that you said ‘Yes’ to your sweetheart to the possibility of spending forever together and were floating a few inches above the ground with happiness! You couldn’t wait to start picking the invites and planning and table settings and were looking up bridal gown designs online. It was as if the world revolved around you for a few weeks. Until it didn’t. You were jolted back to earth by the cruel virus we don’t like to name it around here! And the world is in a state of shock. Everything is paused. And of course, your wedding is too. Everything that needs you to be tactile is put on hold. Wedding dress shopping with your besties? Paused. Venue visits? Paused. Bachelorette trip to the beaches? Really? 


While the business and mobility are paused to a standstill, lives are not paused. We still go on, working, attending meetings, working out, cooking, and doing things, and there is no reason why wedding planning should stop. While you are either settling into this new normalcy or waiting for the world to get better, you can still do little things to work your way towards your wedding. Your wedding planning doesn’t need to come to a complete halt, in fact, it can be a welcome practical project for you to focus on amidst the uncertainty. You will be surprised how much you can still get done from the comfort of your couch and in your sweatpants! As promised, we are here with a few resources for you to scroll through. Have fun reading!


Weddings will always happen, before, during, and after COVID. But, whether you like it or not, some things are permanently going to be changed in life after the impact of COVID-19. After the COVID gathering restrictions are lifted, a wedding might look a tad different than it used to. Let’s take a peek at the future and explore the possibilities. Safety measures, spaced out seating, and shorter guest lists are just some of the options. Give the article below a read to know how the weddings of tomorrow might look like. 


What Will Weddings Be Like After COVID Restrictions are Lifted?

via WeddingWire


There are cakes that might suit your wedding theme perfectly with the seasonal colors and perfect depiction of the theme. Fun as they might be, they aren’t the most flexible. An elegant wedding cake is not only very fluid in terms of changed plans, due to its seasonal flexibility, it is also a classic element of your wedding which will still be in vogue even decades later. Check out some of the elegant cakes which will add a dollop of class to your wedding day.


20 Elegant Wedding Cakes That Will Always Be In Style

via WeddingWire


Have your heart set on getting married, pandemic, or not? A virtual wedding might be just what you need. A virtual wedding lets you get married without having to wait any longer, while you can still have your guest on a video conference, witnessing the entire celebration. Who would have thought this will happen even three months back? Read through this article to know more about virtual weddings!


The Ultimate Guide to Throwing a Virtual Wedding

via Brides


While the movies and commercials will have you believe that going to shop for your wedding dress is a grand affair demanding champagne to be popped and a herd of girlfriends waiting on you hand and foot to share the event with, COVID-19 came in and said ‘nope’. While things have shifted now, you would still be needing the dress. There are several brands that are getting creative and are providing ready-to-wear wedding dresses for you to buy off the rack. You can still have your friends on a zoom call as you select the perfect one! Get exploring!


30 Ready-to-Ship Wedding Dresses You Can Buy Right Now

via Junebug Weddings


Riding the wave of inconvenience that COVID-19 is bringing is something that many love-struck couples are learning to do. They are finding their way around the epidemic, as love tends to do, and are finding new and creative ways of celebrating their special day. From intimate elopements to virtual weddings to the rise of digital weddings, the wedding industry is seeing a whole lot of creativity in 2020. Let us take a look at some options that engaged couples have explored as their initial plans were impacted by the virus.


Need a Backup Wedding Plan Quick? Here Are a Few to Consider

Via Zola


We know how stressful this time can be for you, as it is with everybody else as well. But looking at the brighter ends of things, just know that you still have a wedding to look forward to. If not this season, the next one. Or the next year. But the wedding will happen for sure. And you still have your loved one by your side. There are so many blessings that you can count on, so try to keep your spirits up. We know you have put up a brave face for the world, our quarantine brides-to-be, and we love you for that! It is not easy letting your hopes and dreams be compromised. We encourage you to keep planning your wedding, keep working on those little things. Maybe take up some wedding DIYs while you are at it. While you do that, we will be right here, sure as day, trying to get to you as many interesting pieces of information for you each weekend. Whether it gives you something to read about, or whether it helps you out in wedding planning, it will surely light up your day in some way or the other. Happy weekend!


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