Weekly COVID-19 Wedding Resources: May 8th, 2020

2020 is turning out to be a year which will probably end up taking its claim in the history books a few decades from now. The year which will have us take in a sharp gasping and breaking down in sweat and tell stories to our future grandkids about how we stayed indoors, washed our hands, and waited…


Do you remember when the world first went into the quarantine, and you thought probably everything will be back to normal in a fortnight! Isn’t that quite a knee-slapper? How naive were you! Who knew you will be for more than a month into this, and things are only going to look more uncertain than ever. The beach vacation you postponed until July, that’s looking bleak too! Your October trip to Disneyland will be canceled because Disneyland, the happiest place on earth, is closed for the year!


Your plans, birthdays, weddings are canceled or postponed, but it is difficult to put a nail down on ‘until when’? When in the foreseeable future will it be okay to make plans? The ’L’ words, “Let’s get lunch sometime” have been promptly replaced by, “Let’s meet up after this is over”, and this time, you almost mean it!. And for that wedding of yours, which seems to be floating in the vague timeline of ‘quarantine purgatory’, well, the timeline seems up in the air, but you know it will happen, which means, you still get to plan for it! This means you not only have something amazing to look forward to when all of this is over, the ultimate declaration of “WE MADE IT!”, but you also have something to consume these endless hours. Let’s go through some wedding planning links brought about just for your consumption.


Out of many things that COVID-19 stole, it stole your first wedding day. It stole your naive dreams of that perfect wedding. And somehow the initial excitement and novelty of wedding planning have forever been impacted, now tinted with paranoia and stress. If your wedding plans have also been affected by the virus, this article will take you on a stroll through different perspectives of different engaged couples dealing with the same thing in their own unique ways. 

COVID-19 Forced These Couples to Postpone Their Weddings—These Are Their Best Tips for Navigating the Process

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Love isn’t canceled, they said. And these couples proved just that. They said ‘ I Do’ in their own unique way. They did not throw caution in the air, they worked their way around it. And they also made their guests feel included. To love, which refuses to be faltered by anything, and making it work. To love in times of a pandemic!

Positive Proof: How These Couples Said ‘I Do’ During COVID-19

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While rainbows are known to turn a mood around and lift spirits in a second, a rainbow right now is more symbolic than ever before! As the rainbow appears after a shower of rain, it also reassures that things are going to turn around soon, and of the sunshine ahead. If you are looking forward to a rainbow-themed wedding, this article will fill you up with inspiration and ideas! Also, it will leave you beaming with happiness- because it’s rainbows!

10 Mood-Boosting Rainbow Wedding Ideas to Lift Your Spirits

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Bridesmaid dresses are not only something fun that your girls will be looking forward to, but these are also important additives to complete the wedding decor. If you are planning bridesmaid’s dresses for your lovely group of girls, this article is your friend. Not only are these options easier on the wallet, but it is also easy to navigate from the home ground. Gorgeous bridesmaid dresses under $100, this article will let you explore all your options. Whether you are looking for sage green or rosy nudes, it’s all there, and with a wide range of options too!

Bridesmaids Dresses Under $100 Plus Free Swatches

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Moving your spring break wedding to a white winter wonderland wedding? You might have to do a lot of reassessing. If you thinking about revamping your wedding dress, adding a fun wrap or a cape to your dress might be in order! A brilliant transitional idea for brides who had to move their wedding dates to a cooler month without having to invest in a completely new dress! Trust us, you can find another way of using that money!

Must Have Bridal Capes, Wraps, and Jackets

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Accessories complete an outfit. And when that outfit is your wedding dress, the importance of wedding shoes is huge! This article lists a range of different shoe brands for your easy browsing convenience and we are sure you will find your perfect shoe fit in at least one of these brands! Whether your budget is $50 or $4000, your style is soft romantic nude or feathers, glitters, or other, Bridal Musings has got you covered!

The Best Places To Buy Wedding & Bridal Shoes Online

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Things might be looking blurry right now. The patience might be wearing thin. Those nerves might get a little high strung. But hey, that doesn’t change the fact- love and weddings will always happen! Maybe in a few months. Maybe in a year. Maybe just like you pictured, or maybe not. But two people determined to spend their lives together will be together, come what may. Now isn’t that a heartening thought? So go ahead, plan your wedding right to the motif on your paper napkins, because you will have the celebration you deserve! Maybe a wee bit later than you expected, but you will dance on your wedding night with the same joie de vivre. We coax to keep planning for that day, and until then, keep an eye out for this space, because we will be bringing in amazing wedding planning content from the wedding eco-system for you to enjoy over the weekends! Happy quarantine weekend, y’all! May your hands, be clean and your minds, be at peace!