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Weekly COVID-19 Wedding Resources: May 1st, 2020


Another week which dragged on for 24 years and a day! And here we are, anticipating the sunshine of the weekend. Are you a little freaked out by the way time seems to be warped nowadays? Was it last Wednesday that you called your Grandma, or was it three weeks back? Who knows! Are you comfortably settled in this ‘new normal’? Are you also confused about how you are ending up with so many dishes in the sink? So. Many. Dishes!


What is your ‘thing’ which keeps you sane? Everybody has one. Are you making veggie broth from scratch from kitchen scraps to be more ‘sustainable’? Have You ‘Marie Kondo-ed' everything from your garage to your sock drawer? What is that thing which has crossed the border or ‘leisurely quarantine activity’, but has made itself comfortable in ‘obsessive need to maintain sanity’ category? Whatever it is, it's okay. Whatever is your drug, the high of ‘Everything Is Fine!’ is well worth it. 


Also, most importantly, does your wedding still feel a touchy subject nobody is allowed to mention, or have you moved to quiet acceptance, maybe spiked with a strong hatred for bats for life? We get it, the wait is unbearable, the uncertainty, even more so! We love you for holding it together, even when the time is testing your patience. We know the world has gone into hibernation just when you were all ready to start your happily ever after, and now the happily ever after is paused for a while. But there are still little things you could be doing as a part of your wedding planning. We have curated some content from around the internet, to help you keep rolling towards the future, to keep you motivated, and to keep you distracted. 


Working towards getting that wedding of yours rescheduled without breaking a sweat is not easy. Let's just say that we are looking at a very busy fall. Penciling in an available day and ensuring that day works with all of your vendors' schedules is like a miracle and a mind-boggling game of chance. A wave of relief comes in with WeddingWire Rescheduler, an awesome tool that enables couples to share their preferred list of dates with the entire wedding planning team, narrowing down chances of overlapping and results in finding the date much more easily.


Postponing Weddings? WeddingWire Rescheduler Tool Can Help

via Wedding Pro



Video meetings have become an indispensable part of our new normal. From official meetings to family gatherings, the quarantine has surely changed the way we communicate. However, if you are meeting up with your wedding vendors virtually, you might want to keep the following things in mind so that the time spent on call is spent efficiently. Nobody likes a video call that has no agenda and seems to go on forever without getting anywhere!


8 Tips for Productive Video Meetings with Your Wedding Vendors

via June Bug Wedding 



While seasonal wedding decor has a charm of its own, it might be wiser, given the present situation, to go for wedding designs that don't fall squarely into the boxes marked 'fall' or 'summer' and manage to look good throughout the year. This way, even if plans extend further, your wedding decors don't have to suffer a change again! 


Wedding Designs That Look Good All Year Round

via Carats and Cake


We are the big spokesperson for the case of the usage of hand sanitizer, but is killing anything more than the germs? It appears that excessive usage of hand sanitizer can be detrimental for your beloved engagement ring! Who knew! Check out this article for more details.


Is Hand Sanitizer Bad for Your Engagement Ring?

via Brides



With new circumstances comes the need for innovations. Who even thought ‘Change the Date Cards’ will be such a thing just six months back? We love how these cards are in good spirit, still clever, and maintain the grace of the engaged couple. A wedding postponed still needs people, and making your guests feel valued is a skill that these cards absolutely nailed. 


The 15 Best Change the Date Cards to Send If Your Wedding is Postponed

via Brides


With the way things are shaping up, more and more people are opting for a micro wedding. Most couples are going back to the very core of ‘why’ of weddings, thereby moving towards elopements and smaller weddings and virtual wedding. They wanted to get married in the presence of very few friends and immediate family and the guest list is taking a massive cut. While it might feel like a downgrade at first, micro weddings come with a whole bunch of perks too! 


10 Perks of Choosing a Micro Wedding

via 100layercake


The quarantine can keep you distant and tucked away, but love will always rise through it all. The human connection will always find a way! People who matter will always stick through, or even cling closer than before. And for weddings and celebrations, it will always come back, strong and with more virility than before. It has survived wars, disasters, epidemics, and more, hasn't it? Trust that hearts will always find a way to reach out to each other, and glasses will always be clinked. Just hold on a little longer, dear! This too shall pass! And tomorrow will be a new day!


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