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Weekly COVID-19 Wedding Resources: April 17th, 2020


First things first, how are you? How have you been dealing? Have you taken time off? What are you reading? Are you quarantined alone or you have company? Are you eating well? We know this is a hard time, but the least of our consolation, if you can call it that is that we are all in this together. We are all bound by an invisible thread, connecting every one of us and piercing through the glass ceilings and territories which separate us. And we shall overcome this together! Isn’t that strangely humanizing and humbling? We think so too.

In these turbulent times, if you have a wedding coming your way, you might be handling a bit more than the usual amount of turbulence right now! If you are in the throws of planning (or rescheduling) a wedding but the restriction on being tactile and physically involved is leaving you feeling helpless and unproductive, we have just the solutions to keep you going, even when everything else is at a halt. We have some resources which we love and will potentially help you plan for that rescheduled wedding, or stay distracted! Let’s take a quick look!

Colors have a lot to do with how we feel. Whether its seasonally, emotionally or otherwise, the colors for a wedding are usually chosen with careful precision and decided on keeping the season, the mood of the wedding theme, the venue, and everything else in consideration. So when the summer wedding moves to be a winter wonderland wedding, some shifts in the wedding colors might be required. Read on to make the transition smooth!

How to Transition Your Wedding Colors to a Different Season
via The Knot

The available few weekends around next fall/winter are limited and are disappearing like hotcakes! Finding a date that works for you, which is available, and is also approved by your vendors seems to a ridiculous limbo that you are balancing! Have you considered a weekday wedding? Let this article tell you all about it!

Here’s Why You Should Consider a Weekday Wedding
via The Knot


So you think you went into the quarantine already crazy in love? You just wait. Add in all the time in the world and each other and we will come out this quarantine stronger than ever! Slow down, unplug and reconnect and you might just fall in love a little more! Quarantined with your bae? Give this a read!

17 Relationship Tips for Coming Out of Quarantine Stronger Than Ever
via June Bug Weddings


Your wedding date has been changed overnight, which needs you might have to reprint invites! Check out this link for refreshing designs and unique ways you can make this change of date work for your wedding, and make your invite even better than before!

Reprinted for the Right Moment
via Artifact Uprising


Whether this has always been the part of the plan to have an intimate wedding in your living room, or you have been pushed into having a wedding at home by a certain virus (we are looking at you COVID-19, and we aren’t happy!) which has made the social gathering a far-fetched dream of the yesteryear, check out these tips to make your living room wedding a whopping success!

Planning a Wedding at Home? Here Are a Few Things to Consider
via NYTimes


The save-the-dates have been swiftly replaced by change-the-dates now, the new date has been set a little further down the lane. But try as you may, you can’t ignore the fact that the day of the wedding-which-could-have-been is looming large ahead, and you can’t just sit and let this day pass without acknowledging it, now, can you? Check out the different ways you can still give this day a nod of acknowledgment it deserves!

10 Ways to Celebrate Your Original Wedding Date If You Have to Postpone
via Brides

We have also found ourselves finding joy in one small but important knowledge. Love will always happen. Weddings will always happen. If not now, maybe a wee bit later. Maybe the flowers won’t be that springy shade of lilac and will be maroon instead, but when you look down the aisle and look at your partner, all these trivialities won’t matter, but the fact that you are together will. So hold on a little longer, and this shall be over soon. Meanwhile, we will continue bringing you fun content fresh from the oven!


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