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Spring & Summer Wedding Favor Ideas


Congratulations! Finally, your wedding ceremony went off without a hitch or glitch and your wedding reception was indeed a major success and grand hit! We can understand that it is quite hard to believe that your wedding day is over, and after that unforgettable and heartwarming celebration you just threw for all your wedding guests, we can assure you that all your wedding guests are likely to feel the same way about your wedding celebration! From the heartwarming first look moment to your dramatic walk down the aisle, everything about your wedding day was memorable and outstanding! At the end of your special and beautiful day, after all the beauty and meaning and revelry, all your wedding guests are set to make their way to their homes with your wedding favors in their hands. All you need to do is just make sure that your wedding favors are as unique and special as you are while giving the parting gifts! With so many new trends, there are endless possibilities by which you can customize your wedding favors regardless of which season you choose for your wedding! 


So, whether you are getting hitched in the height of summer, or planning to exchange your wedding vows when everything around you is dang romantic and pleasant that is during spring, it is always a brilliant idea to send off all your wedding guests home with a little something special more than just a cozy hug and a big thank-you! The sky's the limit when it comes to deciding about wedding favors! There are times when it gets overwhelming as the options are endless, and you need to select one that resonates better with you and the time of your celebration! No matter which direction you take, make sure you are taking into consideration the time of the year, the season, the wedding location, and lastly what you think your wedding guests will actually use and enjoy! You can always consider treating your wedding guests to some candy apples or yummy ice cream cones for the road or even something that they will savor for a while, like the potted plants or these days, personalized masks, and sanitizer bottles! 


We can understand that it is very easy to fall in love with the idea of a summer or spring wedding. The longer days and the warmer, and romantic weather put almost everyone in an utter celebratory mood! So, all the newly engaged couples out there who are planning to exchange their personalized wedding vows in any of these two romantic seasons, you will definitely want to capitalize on the good vibes! Want to know the best way to do it just like that? Just by spreading them further with the help of summer or spring wedding favors! You just got lucky, we have got a ton of great ideas and inspirations for all the couples who are looking for the best summer/spring wedding favors for their wedding guests! From DIY flower bouquets and parasols to incense and sweet treats, there are endless ways to give something out of the ordinary to all your wedding guests as wedding favors! The best rule of thumb? Just skip the monogrammed picture frames and go for wedding favors that your wedding guests will actually like and use! Cute little bottles of hot sauce or gracefully garnished glass canisters of pink Himalayan sea salt. We can assure you that they will definitely end up in your friend’s and family’s kitchens and will always serve as a happy and special reminder of your big day! 


If you have postponed your wedding day due to COVID-19, the best wedding favors for your wedding guests will be the monogrammed masks and aromantic little bottles of hand sanitizer, or you can even prepare a customized kit with all the essentials that are required for a healthy lifestyle and safe practice during these pandemic times! Or you can simply give a wedding favor that is highly inspired by your wedding’s locale! This kind of wedding favor will be perfect and ideal for all the couples who are planning to have a summertime or spring destination wedding! Think of all the cute little mini jars of olive oil for a perfect Santorini wedding or some really fresh oranges for a romantic Florida ‘I do’s!’


If by any chance you are not going for the use factor, you can always choose something delightful for your wedding favors! Being a millennial bride you can also think of gifting some pretty tambourines, as your wedding guests will also be able to use them as noisemakers to celebrate you both as you and your sweetheart walked back up the aisle! Well, floral crowns are another amazing and standout option that you can consider for your wedding favors! Cute and trendy for both (male and female), wedding guests of all ages will love them! Or you can get couples floral crown designs as it will only include simple blooms attached to the headband. That is definitely an easy one! Right? This inspirational blog features various options that you can consider if you are planning to choose wedding favors for your spring or summer wedding! Before you dive in, we just want you to know that all the wedding favors mentioned ahead are truly memorable wedding favors and are super-duper easy to create, and easy on the wallet too! You can scroll down and choose your options now and can thank us later for these commendable wedding favors that are perfect for your summer or springtime wedding! So, we are presenting here a whole bunch of opportunities when it comes to presenting your wedding guests with some token of gratitude and love! All these recommendations will definitely help you throw the best wedding celebration, all while completely embracing your big and special day in the month of June, July, August, or September date! 


Personalized Tea Favors for Ultimate Tea Lovers
Just like you and your sweetheart, if you think that your wedding guests are also deep tea lovers then custom tea favors are the perfect wedding favors! Send all your wedding guests home with everything they need for a warm cup of tea with a few sachets of tea, any tiny little bottles of honey, or some sugar sticks! 


Customized Koozies
All you have to do is just need to make sure that all your wedding guests are ready for the beginning of the barbeque season. Send all your wedding guests back to their homes with unique and special customized koozies as your wedding favors! We can assure you that this out-of-the-ordinary summer or springtime wedding favor will fondly make them remember you whenever they will enjoy an extra cold and thirst-quenching canned beverage! 


The Classic- Wine or Champagne Wedding Favors
If you are eagerly waiting to add your favorite champagne or wine as your wedding favors, always be ready to design a custom wine tag to express your love and gratitude to all the wedding guests who came to shower their love and blessings on you and your partner on your special day! This wedding favor is something that your wedding guests will always love and cherish! Without any second thought, we can assure you that all your family and friends will love taking home a bottle of your favorite bubbly or wine. And that personalized tag on the bottle will indeed bring the perfect added personal touch! 


Personalized To-Go Treats
For all the couples out there who are planning on offering sweet to-go treats as their wedding favors, here is an incredible option for you! The best option for you to stack individually boxed treats on your wedding favor tables just near the exits! You can easily design your personalized cake boxes to bring in that personal touch to all the wedding favors! Well, if you are planning your wedding during these pandemic times, we just want to advise you that go for individually packaged treats as they are a must during this pandemic. No wonder the donut walls are on pause, to say the least, but you can still send those yummylicious donuts home in a custom box instead! 


Personalized Wrapped Popcorn or Cookies
Well, your wedding day is the day when you should never feel to take risks! Custom cookies or artisan popcorn adding to the list of your wedding favors is surely a unique and trending way to make your wedding day a cut above the rest! You can get all the popcorn or cookies individually wrapped in custom cello bags, as they are a great option when it comes to maintaining the safety measures! To add your personal touch you can simply add a personalized gift tag to all the packages! 


Customized Candles and Matches
With changing times, customized matches and candles are being a quintessential favorite wedding favor. Personalized candles and matches always add up a romantic layer of personalization scattered on your wedding bar! Take it up a notch with customized candles and coordinating matches, which are a classic and beloved wedding favor! Every time your wedding guests will use these, the memories of your wedding day will make them feel like a fresh breeze! The best part of adding customized candles and matches to your wedding favors is that they will always be easy to coordinate with your wedding colors, decor, and wedding theme


Personalized Leather Coasters
No doubt coasters are women’s best friends! Nobody likes stains on their expensive tables. And when it comes to wedding favors, personalized coasters are always and are already a great wedding accessory. Sending off your wedding guests to their homes with a pair of personalized leather coasters as your wedding favor is definitely a unique and extraordinary way to woo them! Personalized leather coasters are definitely an upgrade for your customized wedding favors! Trust us, this is a chic and high-quality product, and we can assure you all your wedding guests will surely love putting these new and personalized coasters to use in their homes! 


Embroidered Travel Bags
If you are a creative bride who loves to be always experimental and is looking ahead for custom wedding favors that will give you ample creative freedom to curate a stunning collection for your favorite things for all your special wedding guests, then you have to look no further than personalized and self-designed travel bags! Gracefully embroidered travel bags with a few of your favorite essentials artistically tucked inside are always thoughtful and useful wedding favors for all your wedding guests! Bring that romantic and personal touch by adding a handwritten note of thanks on personalized stationery for all your wedding guests to find on their way back home! 


Etched Wine Glasses
There is one perfect way to make all your wedding guests remember your wedding day every day is by sending them home with etched glassware wedding favors! We can assure you that your wedding guests will forever remember your memorable wedding day as they will sip their evening wine or cocktail from the etched glassware that you gifted them! Personalized glassware is always an enduring and classic choice when it comes to selecting extravagant wedding favors for wedding guests! 


Personalized Face Masks and Hand Sanitizers
You can always acknowledge and embrace the historical moment or your special day in a very personalized way by offering a parting gift to all your wedding guests of personalized-designed face masks and hand sanitizers! It’s definitely practical, and with your endless creativity and artistic skills, it can be a beautiful and memorable wedding favor! With so many full-color and aromatic hand sanitizers, and sanitizer wipes, there are endless options to choose from for a lovely and safety-conscious wedding favor for your wedding guests! 


No matter what you are thinking to include in your wedding favors for your wedding guests, the only thing that matters that it should always bring back those special and beautiful memories of your wedding day! Choose a wedding favor that speaks a lot about you as a couple!


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