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Wedding Inspiration for Any Season


Whether you’ve always dreamed of being a June bride or walking down a snowy aisle in a winter wonderland, every wedding season has its perks. But before you set your date and book your venue, consider your personal preferences - and the best light conditions for wedding photography! Who knows, you just might want to flip the calendar on your plans and say “I do” in a completely unexpected season!

Here’s our advice for planning a seasonal wedding:

Tips for a Winter Wedding

It may be chilly, but that’s all the more reason to cozy up! No wonder why winter is such a wildly romantic season. Imagine exchanging vows at a candlelight ceremony in the dark amid a glistening blanket of snow. This season is made for a monochromatic color scheme of pure, winter white with plenty of luxe texture.

Depending on your location, winter is a less popular time to get married - and that totally works in your favor. Chances are, you’ll have better luck booking a popular venue at a lower cost during the offseason.
Winter also beams the best lighting for photography because it emits a low angle of light. The sun never gets too high, so it illuminates objects at a more pleasing angle. And you’ll bask in a prolonged period of the golden hour. In other words, you’ll look glowing and gorgeous in your winter wedding photography.

Tips for a Spring Wedding

From vivid brights to the softest pastels, the freshly bloomed colors of spring simply can’t be beat. Take advantage of the natural goods springing up all around you like seasonal flowers and trees. And because you don’t have to import exotic blooms, it’s better for the environment (and your budget!).

Weather-wise, spring offers a good balance - not too cold where you have to layer up and not too hot where you’re uncomfortable. Perfect conditions for hair and makeup to stay put! It’s also the best time of year to capture the natural beauty of your surroundings, set aglow by ideal lighting for wedding photography.

Tips for a Summer Wedding

If you’re envisioning a barefoot ceremony on the beach, go for a summer wedding. Summer inspires a playful, sunny, laid-back vibe that channels your inner California girl. Long summer wedding nights were made for tented receptions, lawn games, lakeside soireés and excuses for s’mores. Late afternoon summer days radiate the best light for wedding photography because the sun is diffused and less harsh, exuding a flattering filter.

Tips for a Fall Wedding

Autumn weddings have continued to peak upstream - and it’s no wonder why. It’s the perfect time of year to embrace Mother Nature’s warm colors and deep textures, especially for dreaming of an outdoor wedding.

September and October are fast becoming the most popular months to tie the knot. The changing leaves offer an abundance of natural beauty. There’s also something so romantic about a crisp, autumn breeze. Keep in mind that the days are shorter in fall, but you’ll find the perfect window for wedding photography during the early morning and into the evening when light is softly diffused.

All-Season Wedding Tips

Take some time to think about your favorite things and research when they’re in season. This will help guide your planning. Once you’ve narrowed down a general timeframe, be mindful of national holidays and popular events, like Labor Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Thanksgiving, religious holidays and summer graduation parties. Families often have annual plans during a holiday weekend, so your guest count might be lower and travel fees might be higher.

Our favorite wedding season? The one where you feel most in your element. Happy planning!


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