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Wedding Photography and Planning Made Simple

It’s no secret that planning your wedding can be a huge undertaking. Between the mountains of research and endless emails, it’s easy to get buried underneath it all. So what is our number one secret for an easy and stress-free planning experience? Read on to the end to find out!

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Make Use of the Best Resources

We’ve all been there. It starts with just one pin and soon enough, you’ve snowballed into too many ideas, and you’re not sure where to go. Our Style Quiz is a great resource to find the photos that you love, while also getting matched to your perfect wedding photography style.

Lean on friends and family that have already gone through the wedding planning process. It seems simple enough, but those that have planned their own weddings have great insight on what they would have done differently or what helped them out the most. Also, remember to ask professionals and already hired vendors for recommendations.

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Visit Our Wedding Venue and Engagement Location Portfolios

Are you still deciding on a venue for your wedding day? Or possibly you are looking for somewhere to schedule your engagement session? We’ve got beautiful portfolios for all of our favorite locations for both across the country, full of gorgeous photos that we’ve shot for real clients. These portfolios can be a great resource to see exactly what it is that we see for you at your location.

To see all of our wedding venues and engagement locations, click here! Select your city, and you’ll find your venue and engagement portfolios side by side, just under the style quiz!

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So here it is… our big secret…

Going Virtual with Your Wedding Plan

At George Street Photo & Video, we want to make your wedding photography planning process as simple and easy as possible! With the use of our online portal, you are easily able to see all of the details of your day come together.

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All of Your Details in One Location

From your photographer and wedding package information to the timeline of the day’s events, everything is laid out for you step by step. While creating your wedding timeline, you also have the ability to leave important notes for your photographer, including exact times and locations for each part of your day. By the time the wedding day comes around, everyone will know exactly where they need to be and when ensuring that the day will run smoothly

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Highlight What Matters Most

After all of your careful planning, you want to make sure that no detail is missed! Here you can provide information including your wedding theme or notes about the type of ceremony you will be having. You can also leave memos for your photographer, including shots that you must have such as the groom’s first look or the grand exit shot, and information about wedding guests not to forget in your portraits!

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A Place for Advice and Resources

Are you planning on a portrait session before the wedding? Our online portal also includes tips and notes for a successful session, including helpful advice and inspiration for engagement photo locations.

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Still looking for more advice and helpful tips? There are plenty of resources available on our blog, and keep checking back for more each week!

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The engagement photos of your dreams.