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Helpful Tips for Planning Your Engagement Session


So you’ve said yes -- now what? For many couples, it’s time to take your engagement photos. But how will you know where to start? That’s why here at George Street we are dedicating the next few weeks to bringing you plenty of inspiration, tips and tricks to planning the perfect engagement session. We’ve gathered our most useful advice to help get you started with your portrait session -- read on for the inside scoop!

brooklyn bridge engagement photos

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Location, location, location…

When selecting your favorite engagement location, you might first want to consider what you would like to achieve with your portraits. For a more casual vibe, consider a local park or open green space, or even a session cuddling on the couch at home for a more cozy atmosphere! For a more dramatic approach, any vantage point with the skyline (particularly in large cities) will do the trick.

Las Vegas Neon Museum engagement photos

Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box. Amusement parks and air museums can also make for a great location! Pro Tip: Take advantage of those locations that you love most in your city that you may not be able to visit on your wedding day!

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From the photographer’s point of view, outdoor locations will provide more light than an indoor space, which will reduce the risk of blurry or grainy photos. When indoors, well lit spaces with large windows or skylights can be a great option.

Try to avoid small places with tight corners, as it may be harder for your photographer to have enough space to place you nicely within the photo! Pro Tip: Let your engagement photographer know ahead of time what spaces you want to use, that way they can bring along the appropriate lighting equipment if necessary!

When should we go?

Once you’ve selected your location, you’ll want to consider what would be the best (and worst!) times for your portraits. Early morning hours and just before sunset, particularly during golden hour, are the best times to get soft, airy, and beautiful glowing light. 

San Francisco golden gate bridge engagement photo

Avoid the noon hour, as shadows and sunlight are strongest at this time of day. Pro Tip: If your location is a popular spot for tourists, schedule your session for the earlier hours before the crowds arrive -- this way you will have the place all to yourself without strangers in the background of your photos!

sunset engagement photo

golden hour dramatic engagement photo

New York City skyline engagement photo

What if it rains? Is there a best season for my portraits?

Embrace it! Take advantage of the differences that each season brings. A snowy winter shoot can be even more magical (Christmas market anyone?) and will certainly provide more unique portrait opportunities.

snowy winter engagement photo

Spring and fall with the blooming flowers and falling leaves can also provide a lively and colorful background for your images. Pro Tip: Don’t be afraid to dance in the rain! If you are worried about a change in the weather, consult with your photographer for their opinion first before rescheduling.

spring engagement photo

Still looking for more tips and tricks? More is on the way! Check back with us over the next few weeks for posing, style, props, and more location ideas and inspiration. Super Pro Tip: Head over to our @georgestreetphoto Instagram account for weekly #GSQuickTips every Monday!


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