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Brunch Weddings: Why We Love Them and You Should Too


They say, “early birds get the wedding rings!” So, if you are also an early riser and dinner and dancing seem too cliche for your wedding reception, then congratulations here is a new trend in the world of the wedding just waiting for you to unravel! A brunch wedding, just what you need for your big and special day to make it the wedding of the town.

When talking about wedding trends, the majority of couples are looking for seasonal blooms, fashion, and decor to include in their wedding day. However, these days, especially after COVID-19, brunch weddings have taken the wedding industry by storm. These days our modern-day couples are ditching grand evening affairs and are more inclined to and excited about saying ‘I do’ just after breakfast time and celebrating the rest of the day with their wedding guests while the sun is still shining in the sky, spreading its golden glow! An early morning wedding always excites our affordable wedding photographers as it offers a bucket full of opportunities to capture swoon-worthy and magical wedding photos in the best of frames!

So, don’t think much, pop that expensive champagne and pour out the OJ to woo your wedding guests! No matter how you have planned to do it, brunch is one meal that you could almost always classify as a celebration! A cute floral springy dress or a sexy jumpsuit flaunting your curves and toned body is a given, the company is surely A-plus, and lastly, how can anyone disappoint the food options- from eggs to salads to waffles (too yummy!).how can we forget the coffee! There will be definitely something for everyone if you are planning a brunch wedding over those large expensive weddings!

With the change in the wedding world, brunch weddings are becoming more and more popular amongst our 21st- century newly engaged couples who are looking ahead to doing something out-of-the-ordinary for their wedding day than going for a traditional wedding or an evening celebration! There is no doubt that evening wedding reception is really wonderful and incredible, but brunch wedding offers a more unwinding and intimate celebration with just the close friends and family members without even missing out a pinch of the beauty and sentiment that comes when two people who are deeply, madly, and truly in love with each other and all set to start the next chapter of their lives together! A brunch wedding not only gives our couples more time to enjoy with their family members but also gives our professional wedding photographers ample chances to document all the favorite family moments in the best way possible!

Couples everywhere are jumping on this trend for endless reasons! The very reason more and more couples these days preferring to have brunch for their wedding day is that it helps them to save money as the caterers, wedding venues, and other vendors usually offer a heavy discount for the celebrations held during off-peak hours! The second reason because of which a huge number of couples are so adamant about having a brunch wedding is because it is an easy way to end the day early and head off to the honeymoon the soonest! The third reason is that if couples are planning a winter wedding, a brunch wedding gives a great opportunity to our professional wedding photographers to make the maximum use of daytime and capture all the must-have wedding photos in fabulous frames!

A brunch wedding is the perfect wedding especially for all those couples who are more likely low-key. It is the perfect wedding style for all those couples who want to have a more casual and laid-back wedding for their wedding day! Brunch weddings indeed are great for couples who want to have a tea-time vibe to their wedding day!

You must have not considered having a brunch wedding before but we can assure you that will be a ton of fun and a magical and unforgettable experience for all your wedding guests! Here are some of the reasons why we love brunch weddings and we can assure you that after reading our reasons you will love them too! So, let's get started!

Brunch wedding food is the BEST!

The first and foremost thing that is very exciting about a brunch wedding is the variety of food options! From yummy waffles bar to whipped cream to fresh fruits to piles of bacon, and whatnot. In short, brunch food is the best. You, your darling, and all your wedding guests will have a bit of breakfast food, and a bit of lunch food! The amazing variety of food at the table will give our wedding photographers a chance to document your brunch wedding table decor in the finest frames possible! The second best thing about brunch food is that the breakfast food tends to be less expensive when compared to your catering options! We can assure you that you and your partner will have endless fun picking out your food options, like French toast, pancakes, and scrambled eggs, for your brunch wedding!

If you want more for the food choice for your memorable brunch wedding you can also create a brunch buffet that will definitely be a cute buffet-style catering option for all your wedding guests! Let us tell you that these kinds of buffet-style are usually less expensive than those plated options, and will also give a ton of choices for your wedding day! And when it comes to the dessert, for your brunch wedding you will have a lot of flexibility. If you are trying something out of the box, you can always ditch the traditional wedding cake and choose to have a crepe bar or some sugary breakfast food to select from! Also, you can have some brunch cupcakes that are inspired by cocktails!

A brunch wedding will give your wedding guests an incredible and amazing celebration to remember for the rest of their lives!

There is no doubt when we say food excites everybody. Offering a variety of food options and setting up various food stations for your morning or we say brunch wedding will definitely excite all your wedding guests. It will leave an everlasting impression on the hearts and minds of all the guests. We can assure you that all your wedding guests will definitely fall head over heels in love with the idea of being able to have a customized brunch meal with everything that they want for a healthy and delicious breakfast and lunch too! You can make your brunch wedding menu as personalized as you want (you can add all those flavors that you or your sweetheart love!). With a brunch wedding menu, there is a lot of versatility and flexibility as the options are great and boundless to add to the menu list!

Brunch cocktails are so much fun!

There is no denying the fact that brunch wedding cocktails are so much fun! There are endless advantages of having a brunch wedding and one of them is that your wedding guests will not go wild on your big and special day on mimosas, bellinis, or even a mary bar! You will have a great chance to save a great amount of money on alcohol for your wedding day by only including mimosas and bellinis as your main brunch wedding cocktails! Trust us, a brunch wedding reception is too much fun, and it does not have to run the whole night long!

The light for wedding photography during brunch weddings is amazing!

One of the best reasons because of which we are so much in love with brunch weddings is the lighting. The lightning during the brunch wedding is incredibly amazing! It is that time of the day when the sun has just risen and filled the clouds with its stunning shades of orange and yellow. This moment gives endless opportunities to our professional wedding photographers to capture stunning wedding photos. The changing hues of the sky will create a romantic and dramatic panorama for our personable and professional wedding photographers to document gleaming golden hour couple wedding portraits! In fact, you and your partner will have so many chances to pose for endless heartwarming first look wedding photos and photos with your bridesmaids and groomsmen too! It is that time of the day when it is still fairly low in the sky, and the light around you will create a beautiful light cast on everything! We can assure you that you can get gorgeous and fantastic wedding photos in the morning during your brunch wedding. Using natural light for both your wedding day and wedding reception is one of the best parts of having a brunch wedding, as your outdoor wedding photos will be nothing but magical and glowing!

You can have amazing wedding photos without disrupting your wedding day!

We know that your wedding day is one of the most important and precious days that you want to cherish forever. And wedding photographs are the perfect way to remind all the special and memorable celebrations of your lives! And if you are hosting a brunch wedding, we can assure you that you will have iconic wedding pictures. In order to have a fantastic wedding portfolio during and after your brunch wedding, all you need to do is set up the time with your wedding photographers so that once the wedding is over you along with your wedding party and your partner can go out and pose for some romantic and fun-filled wedding party photos! You can also ask your wedding photographer to capture some of your best bridal portraits after your brunch wedding is over as the natural light will be there for the rest of the day waiting for you eagerly!

A brunch wedding means a chance to slip in two different outfits!

Being a bride we can understand how exciting the thought of having two wedding outfits sounds! It sounds incredible and amazing! Well, that can be easily achieved if you are planning a brunch wedding! You could have a high-end designer wedding dress in the morning, and then later slip into a comfy short dress or jumpsuit for your after-party in the evening for further celebration! Slipping into a comfortable dress for the evening celebration will give you the flexibility so you don’t have to be in a wedding dress for your entire wedding day! Changing into two different wedding outfits will also give you the chance to dress up in two different fun ways for your special celebration. This will also bring variety to your wedding photos!

You can spend ample time with your wedding guests during brunch, then party afterward! 

Another great reason for having a brunch wedding is that you will get the chance to spend a good quality of time with your full guest list with family and friends in the morning! And after that, you can break off in the early afternoon. You and all your wedding guests can use the afternoon time for a power nap and relaxation after your brunch wedding, after which everyone can dress up and get adorned for the after the celebration. Or if you want you can use the evening to have an after-party and break off with your group of close friends and then celebrate your love together!

A brunch wedding can be more intimate

One of the primary reasons our modern-day couples are so much inclined to having brunch weddings is because the guest lists can be more intimate! Not everybody is a morning person, and secondly due to this COVID-19 pandemic, couples these days are preferring to have small weddings in general! You can easily pare down your wedding guests list when you are planning an intimate brunch wedding ceremony and reception!

Simple decoration create wonders

Brunch weddings mean pleasant morning weddings! It’s morning time and no wonder mornings are always pleasant and beautiful. This will give you an added advantage with your wedding venue. Well, for your brunch wedding you can keep the wedding decor for your wedding venue simple. Even the least decorated wedding venue will speak for itself during your brunch wedding! In short, if you are determined to have a brunch wedding, simple decoration tips and tricks without many lights will be good enough to flaunt! And will also lend scenic backdrops for amazing wedding photos!

A brunch wedding means a good night sleep

By brunch wedding, we mean you, your darling, and all your loved ones will have an actual good night’s sleep. As all the celebrations, and formalities will be finished in the daytime, you and your sweetheart will be free and feel more relaxed and stress-free. Along with ample free time, you will get enough time to sleep calmly in the night and can head off for your honeymoon early the next morning!

A rescue if your dream date or vendor is already booked

There are times when you get successful in finding the wedding venue or the vendor of your dream, but there are certain hiccups such as they are already booked for your wedding date! In that case, brunch weddings give you the chance to ask them if they will be available for a wedding in the morning of the same day, especially if you are planning on a short ceremony and wedding reception of only a couple of hours!

All of the above reasons were quite enough to make you fall in love with brunch weddings. These are some of the best reasons why we and our wedding photographers love capturing brunch weddings. If the above-mentioned reasons sound appealing to you, then trust us brunch weddings are the best thing you can do for your wedding day!


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