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Friday Favorites: Our Favorite Bridesmaids Photos!


To conclude our very special Bridesmaids Week, we’ve each picked a stand-out photo to share with you!

Kelly: Everything about this image is absolutely perfect! I am such a sucker for the old crumbling rustic wall. Add on the ivy and it becomes something of a fairy tale for me! I love that the photographer caught both the bride as she's walking towards her bridesmaids and such a beautiful reaction from her friends. Their expressions say it all, it's not only a special day for the bride but also for the friends that mean the most to her. Like Mr. Big said, "You girls are the loves of her life and a guy is lucky to come in fourth", or in this case, maybe 5th or 6th!


Shellie: The colors in this photo are so pretty. And the genuine smiles from the girls... candid and gorgeous!


Emily: I love this intimate pose between a bride and her maid of honor. You can truly feel how close they are!


Ashley: A perfect bridesmaid image must embody a fun, relaxed and chic aesthetic. I chose this particular image because of the genuine emotion, creative crop and unique attire. I love mixing and matching bridesmaid dresses and really catering to the gals who are sharing in the big day.  Having this diversity really caters to every body shape!


Alex: I love this photo because it is such a beautiful candid shot that shows the joy and friendship between these ladies. You can just feel their happiness.


Jeff: I like this photo because of how the nature/forest setting and pastel colors seem to compliment each other nicely. The colors aren't overpowering and everyone seems genuinely happy - these smiles don't seemed forced - you really get a sense of joy from these women.


Elizabeth: Photos like this get me every time! I love that the bride was able to spend some time with just her maid of honor prior to the ceremony. I’m also a huge fan of how the photographer was able to frame the bride and her parents in that gorgeous mirror. Such a clever use of angles and natural light!


Anna: I love the way the light creates a pretty glow around the girls. I also love that everyone was able to wear whatever they were comfortable in and it still looks coordinated and stylish.


Tim: Black bridesmaids dresses and traditional tuxedos are classic staples of wedding elegance. I really enjoy how the groom is included in this fun candid shot... After all, it’s his day too!

xo, Anna


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