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Tips to Highlight Your Dress in Your Wedding Photography


A wedding day is one of the most memorable days in anyone’s life, but it’s especially important for brides. Every girl dreams of the perfect wedding, with the perfect spouse, in the perfect dress. And even if you're not getting married, bridal gowns have the ability to make anyone swoon with exquisite details. Read on for tips to help make your dress stand out even more in your wedding photography.

1.      No Hurries:
Set aside time in your itinerary for your photographer to photograph the dress properly, by itself. Have them carefully capture details like lace, delicate straps, embellishments and beading.

2.      Set the Scene:
A pretty dress deserves an equally pretty setup. Choose a stylish hanger or get one customized to read your name. Also, don’t forget to take care of the background. Look for interesting features in your room or venue that might look pretty next to, or behind the wedding dress. Bold patterns, textures, and the scenic outdoors are perfect to capture alongside the delicate details of bridal gowns.

3.      Finishing Touches:
Dress buttoning makes for great photos. Have your bestie in your bridal party, mom, or sister help you get into the dress and help with the finishing touches. The last-minute buttoning, clasping, and tying make for really beautiful and memorable photos.

4.      Perfect Backdrop:
The wedding dress itself can be used as a gorgeous backdrop for wedding ring detail shots and bridal accessories. Lay out pieces of your wedding day look on top of your dress and let the magic happen. We love photos that capture details of the dress along with bridal shoes or wedding day jewelry.

5.      Rethink Bridal Portraits:
Dress details can also be highlighted during bridal portraits. Bridal portraits capture your big day look effortlessly and designates a specific time to highlight your wedding dress details beautifully, too.


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