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Wedding Winter Rustic Romantic Indoor

A Whimsical Winter Wedding In Phoenix, Arizona


"If kisses were snowflakes, I'd send you a blizzard."

For some people, winter is the time perfect for hibernation, and for some, it is the right time to say "I do"! Maybe it's the chill in the air, maybe it's the cozy fireplaces and marks filled with hot cocoa, maybe it is the blanket of white snow as a backdrop for wedding photography, or maybe it is the dreamy white wedding details that do the magic, but winter weddings has a lot going for them. Wintertime is also perfect for hosting a wedding with black tie details, as there will be no one sweating in satin and velvet dresses and suits. Some couples believe that winter is the most wonderful time of the year to get married as there is no need to worry about the sweltering heat outside and becoming a hot mess in the middle of the celebration! Ranging from the stunning snowy wedding portraits and holiday-themed decorations to more wedding venue availabilities and cheaper travel and accommodation amenities, your inspirational winter wedding can give you a lifetime of memories. 

While beautiful spring wedding details might have their own charm and no one is denying the appeal of summertime floral decorations in weddings, adventurous and experimental couples have always discovered something unique about the winter season to start their forever together. When you think about cozy accents, glittering metallics, and seasonal foliage along with inspirational winter bridal looks with flower crowns and faux fur overlays and off-season discounts for tropical honeymoons which will most likely align with the year-end holidays, you quickly realize how your wedding in winter can be planned immaculately with all the frosty details making it perfect for creating memories.

The more availability of wedding dates along with lower price tags of wedding vendors makes winter weddings special for couples on a strict wedding budget. Since your winter wedding will be scheduled in the holiday season it will be most likely aligned with the major holidays of the year and every wedding venue will be decorated with holiday-themed wedding decorations, which will add a celebratory feel to your already special day and help you save on your wedding budget. Our next couple from Phoenix celebrated their new beginning in the beautiful and dreamlike landscape of Arizona and gave us moments that we will cherish forever. This inspirational Phoenix wedding was a nod to the season as the wedding ceremony was held outdoors with personal vows and meaningful music. Adding a feeling of warm and fuzzy socks to cold feet, Alisa and Aaron, our beautiful newly married couple brought their ray of sunshine-like personalities for our Phoenix wedding photographers to capture and we couldn't be more thankful for this opportunity. 

This chic-style wedding day took place at a gorgeous countryside-themed barn wedding venue in the suburbs of Phoenix. Our wedding photographers in Phoenix fell in love with this stunning couple and their choice of the quintessential wedding venue. Featuring a whimsical setting featuring rolling hills, resplendent vineyards, a rustic and vintage barn, and a quintessential lakefront, this classic wedding venue in suburban Phoenix has the power to transform the landscape into a magical love story setting. Located right at the heart of Florence, Arizona, the Windmill Winery wedding venue is home to a rich history that features a hundred-year-old rustic barn, a pristine winery, breathtaking countryside settings, and incredibly serene lakeside wedding settings, making it the best Phoenix wedding venue. Located within an hour's drive from the main cities of Phoenix and Tucson, the Windmill Winery is a greatly accessible Arizona wedding venue for all out-of-town guests along with being a phenomenal destination for a memorable weekend vacation as they can spend their day relaxing amidst peaceful countryside settings.

The striking chemistry of Alisa and Aaron was justified with their selection of wedding venue as we ventured through the incredible wedding photos that captured candid moments of the big day against such breathtaking backdrops. Tucked away in lush greenery, this classic wedding venue in the Phoenix suburbs oozes storybook charm and rustic elements in every corner. The stunning panoramic views of the famous Superstition Mountains at the backdrop and the gorgeous dock by the Hamptons-style lake house can bring your Pinterest board to life as it is considered to be one of the most photogenic wedding venues in Phoenix. With the capacity to make your guests feel at home, the subtle elegance and rural authenticity of this wedding venue truly make it one of its kind and unique in every sense.

The huge Big Barn is a 100-year-old rustic barn that features sophistically elegant and a rich historic charm, making it one of the most beautiful and charming wedding venues in the state of Arizona. The enormous barn was made from disassembling a Midwest-styled barn which was originally built in the year 1910, at Green Bay Wisconsin. Featuring two major wedding event spaces- The Barn and The Lake House, this wedding venue also comes with several small and big event spaces to host all your wedding celebrations. Perfect for an incredible wedding photography session in Phoenix, this historic wedding venue will instantly transport you to the glorious old days with its high vaulted ceilings, wooden arches, warm lighting, and clerestory windows.

The day started bright and early with our wedding photographers capturing immaculately detailed shots of the beautiful bridal accessories set against the historic barn and stunning outdoor settings. The memorable white and red detailed wedding in Phoenix started on a sunny wintry morning of January 2019. The detailed shots were really commendable as Alisa's crisp white wedding gown was hung against the hundred-year-old majestic barn alongside her beautiful bridal shoes and the trendy bridal bouquet featuring red and white roses. The seamless introduction to the red and white theme of this incredible wedding in Phoenix truly had us swooned as the details were very thoughtfully placed without being overwhelming. From the wedding invites that featured a classic color combination of white, navy blue, and red to the incredible wedding sign that said "Pick a seat, either side, you are loved by both the groom and bride" beautifully calligraphed in green, white, and red, the Phoenix wedding photography session picked up the excellent choice of color combination in beautiful keepsakes. 

The bridal getting-ready photographs showcased Alisa getting readied for her big day by her beautiful gang of bridesmaids. The introduction of the "something blue" idea in the wedding was done by the wonderful choice of bridesmaid dresses which featured the stunning jewel tone of navy blue. The eye-catchy jewel-toned navy blue bridesmaid maxi dresses featured plunging necklines and sleeveless details that were highly complimented with remarkable red rose bouquets. It truly brought life to the entire wedding celebration, as the bridesmaids looked trendy as ever along with honoring the age-old tradition of "something blue" without denting the entire vibe of the celebration. 

As Alisa got ready for her big day, her choice of wedding dress shone like a piece of diamond in the desert! It was a pretty train wedding dress with soft and impeccable embroidery work that ran from top to bottom. The stunning strapless wedding gown featured a gorgeous low back detail with buttons that ran throughout mid-waist. Alisa's minimal wedding makeup and minimalist bridal jewelry which was only a simple pendant with a tiny diamond and a bracelet with drop-like details complemented the gorgeous bridal outfit even more. Her bridal bouquet was a bunch of red and white roses that brought life to the entire choice of wedding color palette.

Our dashing groom Aaron brought his A-game of power dressing to the big day. He donned a three-piece navy blue suit with a gray waistcoat that was teamed up with a crisp white shirt and maroon satin tie. Complimenting the lovely bridal bouquet, he wore a red and white roses boutonniere and a maroon pocket square that was furthermore complemented with a trendy gray cufflink. The debonair tanned brown shoes completed his dynamic groom look and celebrated his beautiful bride even more. His gang of groomsmen wore color-coordinated three-piece slate gray suits teamed with satin maroon ties, similar white and red rose boutonnieres, and maroon-colored silk pocket squares. The wedding party looked phenomenal and incredibly photogenic without anyone looking out of place and we truly send our kudos for the immaculate wedding planning that was done by Alisa and Aaron.

The wedding ceremony began when our beautiful bride Alisa was walked to the altar by her dad which was an incredibly emotional moment for everyone present in the ceremony. There was not a single dry eye in the lovely wedding ceremony session in Phoenix and the wedding moments dedicated to the dad brought amazing father-daughter portraits which will surely stay with us for a long time as an unforgettable experience. The stunning couple exchanged their wedding vows under the aqueduct arches featuring old exposed red bricks along the lake. Surrounded by lush green natural backdrops with towering trees and a pristine lakeshore, this spectacular outdoor wedding ceremony site features a cobblestone aisle which is flanked by manicured lawns on both sides. Once the wedding ceremony was over, the couple made a grand exit with their furry friend by their side which turned the entire wedding ceremony session into a 'paw-some' experience!

After the grand exit made by the couple, the wedding party quickly regrouped for a phenomenal group photography session. From the gang of bridesmaids and groomsmen posing with the newly married couple in the center to the dashing groomsmen posing against the vibrant green and blue backdrops, along with the individual bridal portrait and groom portrait sessions, every little moment made us fall in love with the energy that this joyous couple and their loved ones brought to the table. The candid father-daughter portraits along with the bridesmaids’ group photography session shone like bright jewels in a crown which was their wedding album. The wedding ceremony was beautifully concluded with family portraits and couple photography sessions. Alisa and Aaron visited the beautiful grounds of this incredible wedding venue and its picturesque neighborhood before moving onto the evening wedding reception. 

The whimsical and romantic settings paved the way for a candid couple photography session in Phoenix for Alisa and Aaron. The beautiful couple posed for several romantic couple portraits from stealing a kiss in front of the vintage fountain which was surrounded by a luscious greenery landscape and warm patio lights weaved like a delicate web, overlooking the still waters of the lake. The playful delight of these romantic couple portraits was marked with backdrops ranging from the marvelous aqueduct arches by the lakeside which is enveloped by deep green foliage and rolling hills to the beautiful golden hour portraits with the setting sun between them.

The evening reception was hosted in the historic barn of this classic Phoenix wedding venue and the evening wedding photography session revealed the delicate details that marked the entire celebration and elevated the experience of everyone present. The rustic charm and natural beauty of this historic barn setting punctuated a striking homely and cozy vibe. Elevating the quotient of countryside opulence, the indoor barn reception site was decked up with a gossamer of dreamy fairy lights that were woven intricately throughout the event space. The warm lighting exposed the impressive winery details and rustic charm of this reception setting as it featured soaring ceilings, high vaulted wooden walls, wooden arches, wine barrels placed as reception decor, and guest reception tables laid out in the expansive hardwood dance floor that graced the entire reception event site. 

The thoughtful reception decor was truly impressive and our wedding photographers in Phoenix did an incredible job of capturing each and every big and little detail that was sprinkled throughout the reception space. The newly married couple sat at the bridal table which featured the tags 'Mr and Mrs' which were flanked by green, red, and white foliage, and welcomed everyone to their wedding reception with bright smiles. The single-tiered white icing wedding cake was placed on top of a three-tiered wooden table, where the three tiers were filled with flavorsome and luscious cupcakes for the guests. A bright LED sign saying "LOVE" in glowing bold letters acted as the photo booth with a candelabrum chandelier alongside. The gift table for the guests was a rural hand cart that truly mesmerized us, as it stayed true to the countryside wedding theme and was aligned with the charming rural-inspired reception decor seamlessly. The couple had their first dance and slowly all their loved ones joined them on the big dance floor. Lit with quintessential warm lighting exposed the candid moments of the emotional mother-son dance and heartfelt father-daughter dance. The couple made their inspirational grand exit with bubbles being blown by their loved ones after the reception was over. All their near and dear ones made way for the couple to exit with their beloved furry friend as they cheered and rejoiced while blowing bubbles. The couple finally kissed and made their way to a vintage car for a final and memorable grand wedding exit

Time and again we have seen so many weddings that move us, inspire us, make us fall in love, and encourage us to love harder. And this wedding was one of them! This incredibly inspiring Phoenix wedding was in one word 'complete' at all levels. We say it because right from the start of the day when the bride got ready for her big day with her best friends to the time when the newlyweds made their grand exit in a vintage car through the blizzard of bubbles and cheers, we have seen moments that deserve to be preserved and cherished for generations to come. This wedding ceremony and reception will stay with us for a long time, and just as bright as their smiles were, may Alisa and Aaron have a lifetime of candid and picturesque moments.


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