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Spring Wedding Ideas for a Seasonal Reset


Hey, lovebirds! Scoot over spring is here! Spring- the only thing that resembles ‘love’! How can we not notice the blooming faces of the lovers and how ‘love’ and soft emotions reset their individual lives to make one of both just like spring blooms the world and restore it to the most beautiful and freshest version of it! The doppelgangers love and spring both are made for and complement each other and maybe that’s one prime reason why we and the wedding photographers from all around the world love spring weddings! We don’t see anything lovelier or more wonderful than springtime in the country. Every year, the cold of winter melts away and spring brings a new beginning. It is always bittersweet! We love how the love month, February, acts as a door to slip through from cold winter to cozy spring allowing you to take ‘love’ with you as much as you can to start your new beginning. Spring is a season of cliches - birds singing, bees buzzing, and lovers cooing over teddy bears in bow ties and enjoying a Godiva Cake Truffles Gift Box Set together. If you understand scientific terms though, lovesickness can be blamed on one very real thing. Not only the sunny days of spring are good for the plants and flowers, but also for going on dates. No longer are your romantic escapades restricted to the stuffy indoor heating of movie theaters and restaurants; in springtime, more sunshine means more opportunities to take your loved one on picnics, hikes, and long walks to absolutely nowhere. And besides being good for your golden hour couple photos and your love life, the spring sun...funshine is good for your health, too.

When the weather warms up, instead of wind chill, it's love that's in the air. Maybe that’s what makes spring a quintessential wedding season. The flowers are blooming, the sun is shining, and the air is filled with a fresh bout of sunshine and perfectly welcoming temperatures. There is so much romantic and fairytale-ish about these three months of breathtaking beauty – which is why it’s such a beloved time of the year to say “yes, I do.” And if you feel a bit lost in the sea of trends and mushy details, fret not till we are here. Keeping the new year and latest trends in mind we have curated a list of trendy spring wedding ideas that you’ll love, without becoming a Pinterest-copied, unoriginal event. From color palettes to centerpieces to attire to cakes and staples, these bouts of inspiration can be personalized and have a modern, unique quality about them while still embracing the spectacular accents of the season.

Bride & Groom’s Attire

Let’s first start with your and your groom’s attire for the big day. Take the spring theme quite literally while choosing your bridal look. The major portion of your look is contributed by the dress you slip into. So consider wearing a floral print dress and spruce it up with interesting floral elements with getting kitschy. What better excuse to break the all-white tradition. A tea-length dress is a sweet seasonal choice for the spring bride and a lightweight seersucker suit, accessorized with a pastel bow tie and a floral boutonniere in the lapel, is a refreshing choice for the spring groom. Ronald Reagan, President George Bush, Wes Anderson, Miles Davis, and Dustin Hoffman are fans of seersucker for nothing. That’s something! Your groom might want to match his bow tie perfectly with the florals decorating the altar, in the backdrop, or in your hand. For a less formal daytime ceremony, a light-colored suit or odd jacket and trousers are ideal. As for suit colors, they may want to try light gray (this color is incredibly popular), slate blue, cadet blue, or tan. They may also want to consider details like as a way to have some fun with your suit while still looking dapper

Bridesmaids Attire

No doubt, the dress of the bride matters the most however we cannot ignore the wedding party that compliments the bride and her look. The world is your oyster when it comes to picking a cute springy bridesmaid dress. Nothing screams spring better than florals and pastel hues! Pastel bridesmaid dresses come in a gamut of versatile shades that are simple to mix and match. Let each of your favorite girls choose her own pretty pastel dress. Think springy shades like petal pink, soft blue, lilac, and mint green- pastel bridesmaid dresses are undeniably romantic for a spring wedding. Don’t forget that fashion also informs the vibe of your big day! We adore a floral-print bridesmaid dress but how about choosing your bridesmaids' dresses that add a different dimension to the surroundings like pastel printed jumpsuits that feel modern and fresh or knee-length sundresses in light shades spruced up with unique floral cutouts if jumpsuit doesn’t allure you. Your squad in seasonally appropriate silhouette is sure to slay. Add a touch of whimsy with butterfly-covered dresses. Powder blue dresses that pair perfectly with pink and white flowers. Pink and green in the softer shades is a classic, preppy choice. Lightweight chiffon will keep your 'maids cool. Your wedding party can look pretty in pink, especially when wearing the hue in different shades and silhouettes.

Groomsmen Looks

As a rule, they should complement the groom. Grooms, groomsmen, and best men all wear identical outfits (tuxedos or morning dress) if it’s a formal wedding. Forget the men’s wedding attire guide for a moment and think along the lines of this colorful charming session. Stylish And Eye-Catchy Spring groomsmen attire If it’s a Gray is a more decent and rustic, as well as cooler, alternative to the traditional black for spring. And as the weather warms up they can always skip the jacket, but keep the look appropriately smart by having your guys rock waistcoats and some headwear. Avoid overheated groomsmen by picking light-colored suits for them. Or choose a neck-and-neck look for your groom and his groomsmen juxtaposed by the pink and green ties for a preppy-chic affair.

Wedding Shoes

What you wear is what you feel! Floral shoes obviously are a great idea for a spring wedding, enjoyable and bright, rock them by donning a gorgeous white or ivory rustic gown, and set the stage on fire! We don’t deny blush, white and ivory heels are timeless and classic but you can rock ivory heels choosing booties with peep toes and rhinestones to look chic and gorgeous. Colorful shoes are a hot trend to rock – red, crimson, emerald, gold, baby blue, peach, orange, navy – any color you like will look awesome and amp up your spring bride look! You can’t say no to lace shoes if you want to look soooo romantic and refined at the same time! Do not forget to check the weather forecast. Work your way around to April showers. Slip into rain boots that match your color palette. Even if it doesn't pour on the day of your wedding, they'll still look cute! Click here if you wanna know what shoes are hot this spring.

Bridal Bouquets

From an oversized bouquet with a freshly-picked feel to a small minimalist one, from a monochromatic peach bouquet with just roses and peonies to a vibrant mix of in-season flowers, a bridal bouquet can be created in endless ways for your spring wedding. Just a few classic peonies, vibrant roses, and fresh greenery can do wonders to your romantic, vintage-inspired lush bouquet. Or consider mixing hydrangeas, peonies, ranunculus, Queen Anne's lace, and brooches for a lively bunch. If you are a DIY kinda bride you would love to create a pastel-hued bouquet with paper flowers. The joy of joys is you'll have a cute keepsake post wedding for decorating springtime tables. Opt for a simple arrangement of hydrangeas and roses to reflect the natural scenery in your bouquet at your garden soiree. You can never go wrong with dark and light peonies spruced up with stephanotis. Match your coral sash with a vibrant springtime arrangement of roses, peonies, and billy balls for an adorable look! A bouquet made of daisies accented with a checkered ribbon is all you need for a chic spring floral ensemble.

Bridesmaids’ Bouquets

Gone are the days when brides would hesitate to do experiments with their big day look! Modern brides love to go all out to make their wedding day one-of-a-kind! Replacing your bridesmaids’ floral bouquets with Easter-inspired baskets down the aisle can add a whole new dimension to your springtime wedding. If this idea doesn’t buy you, complement a sky blue bridesmaid dress with pink, coral, and yellow flowers. Soft and lush, peonies and English garden roses coordinate perfectly with the sweet shade of this bridesmaid's dress. Budget-savvy brides would love all-hydrangea bouquets as they come easy on the pocket. If purple is the main hue of your wedding color palette then consider adding a few punches of yellow to your purple rose bouquet. Or think of roses, calla lilies, and tulips in shades of purple. Wildflower bouquets give off a just-picked feel! Soft and lush, peonies and English garden roses coordinate perfectly with your bridesmaid's pastel-colored dress, particularly in peach hue.

Groundbreaking Ceremony Ideas

Think of ceremony ideas and you can’t not think of flower girls and ring bearers! Symbols of hope and innocence, flower girls walk down the aisle before you, portraying a younger, more innocent version of you and your transformation from child to adult. Make this cute moment memorable with something out-of-the-box! How about giving a ride to your flower girl and ring bearer to enter the ceremony space (especially if they are below the age of three)? Yes, you guessed it right- a floral decorated wagon. Have your young ones walk alongside cute and fluffy youngest ones (your furry friends) wearing a floral collar or leash or if the venue is not pet-friendly let your flower girl carry a basket filled with bold-colored gerbera daisies mixed with fresh greenery. Check out this article for more creative ideas for your flower girls’ aisle walk. We are sure you will love the idea of having your adorable flower girls and ring bearers hold up a custom sign with short and funny sayings.

Ceremony Decor

Without any doubt, springtime is the perfect season for an outdoor ceremony! Add hanging lanterns and lush flowers to make your enchanted garden ceremony super romantic. For your spring ceremony, a garden is a great choice — and a crystal chandelier instantly adds glamor. If it happens to be an indoor ceremony, bring the stunning spring season in with a cherry blossom arrangement. Spring weddings bring the unpredictability of rain or sunshine. And here’s the catch- think of umbrellas as cute centerpieces amped up with some paper and natural flowers, ribbons, pearls, light. Ah so cute! You can also use the upturned umbrella and top it up with colorful flowers or with any other beautiful stuff. In fact, you can incorporate transparent umbrellas and fill them with fripperies. This will help to upraise the decoration of the wedding venue while also giving a traditional feel. Other ideas that you could consider for your springtime ceremony revolve around chairs. Don’t shy away from punching up your ceremony space by alternating pink and orange chair cushions. Indoor or outdoor, a ceremony arch or arbor is the focal point of your ceremony, and to make it go with the flow, dress it up with lanterns overflowing with wildflowers. If you're tying the knot on an expansive outdoor property, you've likely already considered setting up a canopy. Spruce it up with seasonal blooms for a rustic touch.


A centerpiece is a little kid of spring! And when the mother comes let them hug each other. A unique tall centerpiece with hydrangeas and peonies in muted tones can stand out (literally!). Make a statement with a high-impact centerpiece, filled with ivory roses, white hydrangeas, and white and pale-pink orchids, with dangling cymbidium orchids on satin ribbons. You could also craft mini arrangements in vintage cups with soft-hued roses. That’s something! If you love unconventional - replace the traditional centerpieces with the box of seasonal fruits - what better way to please your guests than a sweet pre-dinner treat! A bouquet of cupcakes also works double-duty as a sweet centerpiece and a creative dessert display. Tulips are a classic choice for spring. An all-white color palette adds elegance. A rustic wood box with sprouts of wheatgrass and cotton, topped with assorted flowers in an apothecary jar, is the perfect fit for your sweet southern wedding. You would love the idea of lining a long table with bold potted flowers. A vintage-inspired tabletop filled with spring flair is swoon-worthy too. If you are DIY kind then consider gathering vases in various shapes and sizes, wrap each in colorful ribbons and fill them with springtime flowers, like gerbera daisies. Trust us, it’s fun and easy! Or simply place seasonal blooms in antique silver vessels for a charming DIY centerpiece. Or submerge orchids in cylinder vases of varying heights. Take your centerpieces up a notch with a suspended arrangement. Making for an elaborate, elegant display, an array of seasonal blooms in various vessels will surely wow your guests. A mix of purple flowers and greenery in a modern square white vessel is something your guests won’t forget. You could also think of a colorful Easter-inspired table arrangement. Dress your tables with in-season blooms, like hydrangeas.

Spring Flower Offsprings

Your little angel, the flower girl is the cutest addition to your happiest day you can ever have. The season of blooms calls for chalky pastels, light-weight tulle, and, unsurprisingly, more flowers. If not on the dress itself, then certainly in a fresh crown. Your flower girl will look like a garden elf in a floral wreath! Consider dressing up your #dailydarling in an off-the-shoulder lace flower girl dress complete with elastic flutter sleeves, princess level tulle, and a sweet illusion neck to keep her comfy all day long. Accent your humdinger’s look by simply adding a sage green sash to her simple blush flower girl dress and making her hold a pretty Easter-inspired basket or May Day-inspired woven basket.

AM Events:

A crave-worthy brunch fare is all you need to delight the early birds and breakfast lovers amongst your guests. Exchange your vows at sunrise with a breakfast spread to follow, or have a brunch-inspired reception any time of day. Don’t you think a springtime wedding with a brunch theme in place is classier than a formal, sit-down dinner drenched in vitamin ‘D’ and naturally scented breeze? Morning naturally sets a more harmonious tone. A brunch can still be festive (think brightly colored flowers and mimosas!), but it probably won't include a crazy dance party. Satisfy your loved ones with a generous buffet and fresh juice bar. Pressed flower coasters, citrus palette, and patterns, DIY floral ice cubes, calligraphed, personal-size bottles of bubbly, DIY floral wristlets, floral confetti cones, and a petite cake are the ultimate additions to any spring brunch spread! See more natural, farm-to-table brunch ideas here. Slip into a charming white dress with an extra something special like sparkles or fringe. If a maxi dress is more your style, look for something lightweight and bohemian for a more casual look. Give a little nod to the warm sunshine with cheery song choices that mention the sun or morning time! It can’t get more dreamy than walking barefoot and free with your life partner on the warm sand with the song playing in the background- A sunny day, just for you and me...Your beach wedding on a fair day of spring is no less than a dream come true!

Spring is the best thing that can happen to the planet (thanks Nature!). And so is LOVE to mankind! It’s a season known for rebirth, renewal, and fertility. Therefore, it’s no wonder that people want to get married between March and June! Spring is a bit unpredictable as well when it comes to temperatures. Days can be madly hot especially May and early June (technically comes under spring), and the thermostat can swing drastically downwards once the sun sets. Nevertheless, it’s a season that is full of opportunities for to-be-married couples and photo ops for our professional and affordable wedding photographers and videographers, get as fun and kaleidoscopic as you can!


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