Plan for a Pawsome Wedding with Your Fur Baby

They say dogs add years to your life and also life to your years. Having a four-legged friend makes your life beautiful and worthwhile-in a significant life-altering way! It’s the kind of selfless and relentless love that remains like constant support in the stormy seas that life can be sometimes. It’s crazy how much your pet looks up to you, and while you are balancing the different facets in your life, for your dog, you are the universe!  There is a good chance that your dog has seen the relationship between you and your fiance evolve right in front of its eyes, and has nudged against you reassuringly to let you know that everything was a-okay!

Pet parents will collectively agree that these cute additions in our lives are very much a part of the family. So of course when something as significant as a wedding rolls into the picture, it is only natural that your pet gets to be the part of the picture, quite literally! So why not bring it along for the ride and make it a part of your big-day photoshoot? Having your pup in a wedding or engagement shoot is not only beyond adorable; it is very personal and can complete your wedding pictures. But needless to say, weddings can be quite an excitable event for your fur baby. So many shiny decorations to mess with, so many new people to sniff, and wait, is that a snack table? We have the perfect tidbits, tips, and tricks to navigate and make space for your good boy on that special day!

Go to poses: There is a lot that you can do with dogs in engagement photos when it comes to posing. Let’s admit this, dogs are cute no matter what and just having them in the picture takes wedding photography up a few notches. So they can just be there, looking cute or can be trained to sit in a particular way or look straight at the camera, as per the photo demands. Some of the common ideas are a group ‘family-style’ photo with the dog and the couple, the dog with the bridesmaids or the groomsmen, and leg shots of the couple with the dog being the center element. But the options are many, and with a little imagination, a lot can be done.

Play dress-up: The attire for the dogs is reflected mainly off of what the couple plans for themselves. Have your dog look dapper with dog-suits, or go for just a fun bowtie. There are many options that can be sourced in a way that they tie in the color scheme of the wedding day. If you don’t want anything too fussy, it is okay to go the minimal route. Surprise, surprise: your dog will still end up looking cuter than anyone else! If it ain’t happening, don’t force it!

An ode to the good boy: If your dog can't be there in person due to variety of reasons (venue policies are a big one) but you still want to make it a part of your special day, there are a variety of ways your pet can still be there. You can use elements like little memorabilia, cute dog-themed cake toppers, and fun masks as a clear indication that they are still very much a part of your special day, even if they are not around. This is a nod to let everybody know that your dog is on your mind, and give them the ode they deserve.

Go green: Dress up your dog in pretty florals and foliage, because why not? Having the collar embellished in the prettiest picks of florals or having the leash laced with vines and foliage might be a great idea, with the number of green weddings doing the rounds! Not only will your darling dog look pretty as a flower, but it will also match the wedding aesthetics to the T. This means you can expect a lot of florals, wispy foliage, and wreath collars!

Best dog: Let the good boy of your life be the ‘best dog’ on your wedding day. There are many cute bandanas and scarfs found online declaring his important status for the day, as your dog struts around, looking absolutely adorable. Also, if there are other dogs in the wedding, and you want your dog to stand out in its own special way, this is the perfect way to give your dog that little extra something. This will make him feel and look a tad bit more important. 

Sure, the whole process of including a pet in the shoot can take a little more work and planning, but you will be so happy that you included your pet years down the lane. Wedding is undoubtedly about two people, however, having your pet in your wedding photography shows that you see it more as an extension of the family and are okay with dealing with the ‘uh-ohs’ of life. Having a dog in your wedding pictures adds a laid-back character to the shoot and takes the pressure off the bride and the groom to be perfect for the shots. There might be spills and “accidents” and uncooperative doggie tantrums, but at the end of the day, it teaches you to roll with the punches and have fun amidst it all. After all, it’s just you and your dog, and the wedding photography will end up having a heart-felt, fuzzy, feel-good vibe, which is a welcome change from perfect smiles and ideal backdrops. It is warm, real, and memorable!

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