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Kristina and Jim’s Organic Love Story Told in Golden Tones


Sometimes, for a stunning engagement photoshoot, just showing up with the love of your life is enough! There is something so endearing and simple about this couple that it comes through in all of their pictures. No extravagance, no multiple outfit changes, no fancy smoke bombs (we do love all these things, though!). Just a barren field and each other is all that this couple needed, and the effect was beautiful, to say the least. 


And the best prop? The look in their eyes as they gazed at each other and that million-dollar telltale smile. When asked how they met, Kristina says-

We met through coed kickball. Both of us were asked to be subs on the same team and we recognized each other from the gym. We started as friends and the love grew over time!


Can it get any more simple and organic than that? We think not. The rustic, natural vibe seems to be the ongoing theme for this charming couple. The pictures of Kristina and Jim say it all. Kristina was dressed in a cream dress with lace detailing and taupe boots. Her hair was left free to be tousled by the air and her natural beauty dressed up this photoshoot. Jim looked dashing in his inky blue shirt and gray trousers and his tan shoes completed the look. The colors of their outfits were refreshing and perfect for this special occasion, without being too intrusive and clashing with neutral tones of the background. We loved the elevated harmony there that colors brought in. 


The choice of the session location was interesting and added definite character to the photoshoot. The barren lands which stretched on for acres and the glorious sky were all they had to work with, and they for sure didn't need anything more. The contrast between the ordinary and the beautiful made the engagement photographs dramatic and full of character, just as unique as the couple. We especially love the picture where Jim was kissing Kristina as he was kneeling on his knees. However, there was nothing simple or laid-back about the way Jim proposed to Kristina! Kristina shares-

Jim had planned a "dinner with friends" on a Friday night. He INSISTED on driving (he wanted to make sure he parked in a specific area near the restaurant). When we parked, he said that he got a text from the other couple stating that they were running a few minutes behind. Jim said we could just walk around for a bit and wait. Little did I know, he wanted to walk through a specific park where we had our first date! Once we were in the center of the park, near a water fountain, he dropped to one knee. I don't even remember if he even said, or asked me, anything because I started crying! There were a few people nearby on a park bench who started clapping for us! He later told me the "dinner with friends" story was just a cover-up. 


Isn't that adorable? At their session, we loved how variable the location was and the mood instantly shifted as the sun started dipping low, and there was drama brought into play with the golden hour against the dark rocky hills and the photographs look cinematic and beautiful in the most exquisite way. We especially like the wide, gallery-style steps and how it provided the pictures with height and dimension.


On being asked about a theme of their wedding in February, Kristina shared-

We didn't have a theme, but we really liked the color combination of navy blue and gold since we were married in February. Jim actually picked the venue (Warehouse 215 @ Bentley Projects). It had a very cool industrial look located in the warehouse district in downtown Phoenix. We ended up having around 130 guests from all over (Cali, New York, Connecticut, Florida, and Mexico!).


We love this couple's unique vision and refreshing take on aesthetics. On being asked about challenges, Kristina shared-

We didn't have any challenges during our wedding planning. We honestly took every task one day at a time and marked it off the list. I was extremely lucky to have family help with setup and breakdown of decor on the wedding day since we didn't have a wedding planner.


They don't say it takes a village for nothing! It is especially true when it comes to putting a wedding together. We love how appreciative this couple is of their close friends and family and are full of a gracious heart. Kudos to them for not being passive in the planning process, though. They made their own decisions to see their dream wedding through!


On being asked about their favorite advice they have received, Kristina shares-

Honestly, we can't remember any advice that stood out in particular. Jim and I made all of our decisions together, made the plans, and did exactly what we wanted to make sure our big day turned out how we envisioned it. 


On being asked for advice that she would give to other couples who are wedding planning, Kristina shares-

I don't think you need to have EVERY detail figured out. We were engaged for 16 months and all I kept doing was adding and spending money to get the details perfect (flower girl gifts, after reception gifts, limos, etc). In the end, no one remembers the little stuff we had planned, but it cost us more to have accomplished. 


We love how there is something unapologetically simple and earthy about this couple and the engagement pictures do perfect justice to them. There is no confetti and vibrant colors but the shoot is in fact very organic and dependent on nature’s grace. And the earth. The earth here is not just dirt, it is nourishing, it is grounding, it is promising with potential. And it is home. And this couple surely found their home in each other! 


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