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Groom Trends in 2021


It is no secret that a bride on her wedding day steals all the attention and limelight with her choicest and unique bridal outfit. But why only brides get all the attention when it comes to wedding attire? All the grooms in the house prepping for your wedding in 2021, let your style leave your bride breathless as she sets her eyes on you on a special day. From orchestrating the perfect ‘couple wedding look’ with your sweetheart to looking like a show stopper on the big day, the fresh and new groom wedding trends will set the stage on fire you will no longer be expected to play safe or conform to any kind of wedding trend norms. This is the year to get all experimental and unique to set the atmosphere ablaze with suave and dapper trending groom looks for 2021.


Since 2020 didn't work out the way we planned, wedding trends for grooms in 2021 will pierce through ceilings with a unique sense of fashion and sophistication blended together. The new informal and effortlessly chic ideology is perfect for the jovial and quirky grooms and groomsmen, and on the other hand, the immortally classic wedding suits are meant for the lovers of tradition. With the menswear industry experts around the world planning what our dashing grooms will be wearing down the aisle in 2021, we have come up with some of the best groom trends for 2021 to keep a lookout for.


Upcoming Groom Trends For 2021:


An increasingly popular option among grooms, colorful velvet wedding suits are making its round, especially for weddings happening in the spring and autumn. The wide range of different color options for velvet jackets and suits, along with the effortless quotient that goes perfectly with standard black pants for a classic groom look, makes it a perfect choice. For grooms who are not comfortable to carry complete velvet groom suits can accessorize the groom attire with a velvet bow tie or a vintage velvet groom tie.


2021 is all about daring and adventurous fashion sense! Celebrating the sense of union and survival, bright flashes of colors have nowhere to hide in 2021 groom trends. From pastel shades like lilac and mint green to bold colors like silver and gold, fashionable groom attires are turning towards bold, bright, and daring colors. We also expect to see hot and fashionable grooms in ornate and darker shades like navy blues, reds, tangerine, and burgundy. The lovers of quirk and unconventional, trendy grooms are experimenting with a diverse color palette when it comes to their wedding attire as they feel that the classic black and gray wedding suits were like cookie cutters which never allowed to express and showcase their unique personalities and sense of fashion.


The list of bridal accessories might seem to be endless, but there are unique and trendy groom accessories that are going to make rounds in 2021 that might push brides to up their game. Whether you are a formal and traditional groom or an unconventional and quirky one, there are many ways to accessorize your groom look that can be an off-the-bat wow factor. Let your imagination run wild and bring in bow ties and eccentric tie designs to play that complement the entire groom look perfectly and do not clash or stand out like a sore thumb. Choose a classy belt or colorful and patterned lapel pins to top off your look, or brighten up the classic wedding suit with bright colored cufflinks. There are also customizable groom accessories that can be used as a symbol of something that truly means something to you and your love. Bright colored suspenders for grooms and groomsmen are incredibly fashionable and timeless too.


We are expecting to see tons of florals, pin-dots, stripes, and combinations of prints and patterns in groom 2021 attire at every wedding that is anything but conventional. Ranging from colorful printed blazers to geometric and floral patterned bow ties and cufflinks, unique and eccentric groom attires are all about authenticity and creativity where only the sky's the limit. Wedding trends in 2021 are all about breaking the rules and paving your own path, and couples are choosing bold and creative ways to define their wedding style.


There is nothing more refreshing and picture-perfect than watching a groom dance like nobody's watching in his perfect groom look. Effortless is the key for all the latest and popular wedding trends in 2021! With weddings becoming simpler and practical now more than ever, wedding attire trends for 2021 are all about sticking to wearing whatever flatters you and makes you feel at home. Whether you want to opt for a classic navy, gray, or black suit or you want to go for an eccentric and unconventional brightly colored patterned shirt, bow tie, or funky socks, choose a wedding attire that makes you feel at home without compromising in style.


Best wedding suits for men 2021 according to personality type:

For the traditional groom

If you are a traditional groom, go for a relatively simple and functional wardrobe for your big day and open the doors for your fellow groomsmen to wear their favorite work formal suits. A traditional fall tuxedo topped off with a colorful tie or pocket square or any other bright accessory might be perfect for the aesthetics of a traditional wedding with a modern edge. Also with the sudden increase in black tie weddings, dinner suits are making a comeback for its effortlessly chic and sophisticated look. The old and rustic tweeds are also considered to be timeless and classy among traditional grooms and will be continued till 2021, which can be accessorized wildly to give a trendy edge to the classic look. Black, gray, and navy blue double-breasted suits have always been a favorite among formal and classic grooms with the slim-fitting and bespoke style complementing the entire traditional wedding theme. All the big personality traditional grooms who do not like to fit into societal norms can opt for accessories like bowties, pocket squares, socks, boutonnieres, ties, and tie bars that can be a traditional as well as an expressive look that can add layers to their unique personality.

For the super fancy groom

Upscale your romantic wedding day with a classic black and white tuxedo and top it off with a simple black bow tie with classic black derby shoes and elegant cufflinks. You can also go for bright blue or deep burgundy that is perfect for young and modern grooms with goofy and stylish personalities. Formal enough to be timeless and classic but edgy and stylish at the same time, bold-colored wedding suits that are accessorized with a traditional pocket square and a tie can speak volumes for your super fancy personality. Bright and juicy shades are welcomed in traditional designs for a unique groom look.

For the hipster groom

We said suit and not a tux! Hipster wedding sign is a mix of classic elements like suspenders, tie clips, and suit jackets with tight tailoring, modern, and clean lines. The young and playful groom trend lets you leave the black tie at home and channel the hipster aesthetic at your wedding. Add an extra pop of hipster style with a nod to traditional elements like a classic suit in shades of blue, gray, or brown, and swapping the traditional tuxedo or vest with colorful suspenders, short pant legs, bow tie, or patterned socks. Accessories like suspenders and pocket squares are a great way to replace your traditional tie and belt and also a fabulous way to tie your outfit to what the bride is wearing. When it comes to wedding footwear, go for your favorite sneakers instead of your derby shoes, and feel free to get creative with colors and fabrics to play up your unique style.

For the rule breaker groom

If you are a groom who loves breaking rules and questioning societal norms, there are a wide plethora of options that will scream rule breaker and make you look like a true showstopper on your wedding day. From wearing casual pants and beachy shirts to swapping formal footwear with sneakers, the big and small unconventional groom attire ideas are truly phenomenal. Instead of wearing something gray or black, you can rock your wedding day by wearing unconventional suit colors like shades of pink, burgundy, or jewel tones and match it with a pair of pale-blue vans, and a plaid shirt. From wearing cognac loafers to glittery gold slip-on, trendy and fashion-forward grooms are changing the landscape of traditional groom attire into a funkier and hipper sense of style. One of the most revolutionary bold groom trends is wearing bold check suits as it is already taking a seismic shift for to-be grooms in 2021. One of the most daring and trendy changes in the wedding fashion landscape, ranging from the brave and big patterns in the whole suit to reinventing the classic black and white color scheme with a fitted checked jacket and specs, non-traditional groom attire ideas are perfect for making statements on the wedding day.

For the romantic groom

Navy blue with accents of white and pink can spark the inner hopeless romantic in you like no other color palette. As a rendition for all the grooms with a flair for romance, male wedding attire trends in 2021 are likely to create the perfect blend of masculine and feminine, modern and traditional, and whimsical and playful with classic blue and white suits in different versions. The classic navy blue in menswear is a trend that is not going anytime soon especially in 2021 as this is a great grounding color that enables you to play with fun accessories like pattern ties and contrast vests. This flexible and wedding approved color can give you the perfect formal and casual look at the same time that makes you ready for any kind of romantic wedding setting, whether it is likely to happen in a black-tie setting or in a relaxed backyard setting. While holding on to a traditional look and giving a modern edge, all navy or navy with black lapels suits fit the picture of a romantic groom perfectly.


Our favorite alternative groom attire ideas:

The classic shirt minus the suit

Weddings in 2021 will be all about simplicity and relaxation, and for all the intimate and small weddings, grooms can choose wedding-appropriate white or light-colored button-up shirts, or even opt for the favorite color instead that can be anything, leaving you with a lot of options on your platter. Perfect for a classic casual look, this groom styling idea can be perfect for weddings to be held in the open fresh air. 

Hawaiian style

Perfect for a relaxing tropical wedding by the beach, where you do not strictly need to be classy, wear a Hawaiian style shirt for an amazing and unforgettable fun style vibe. This alternative groom attire is perfectly crafted for beach weddings and destination weddings, so the groom can feel light with this breathable attire.


Speaking aloud for a casual and relaxed vibe, your favorite pair of jeans can look great for a rustic or country themed wedding event. You can never go wrong with looking fabulous in a pair of denim as it is a great article of clothing for outdoor weddings.

Eclectic jackets

For all the grooms who are not hesitant to show the quirky and unconventional personality, eclectic jackets can be a great groom attire alternative, especially for grooms who love breaking rules and do not want to settle for a typical tux or suit. This unique groom attire is perfect for changing out your inner hipster in 2021.

From getting down on one knee to determining exactly who gets an invitation, planning a wedding to begin your new forever requires a great deal of work. Wedding planning becomes much more intense when a couple tries to follow each and every trending style and fashion that is constantly changing. It is vital to decide whether you want something Instagram-worthy or want to opt for something that is more timeless. Your wedding fashion reflects a great deal of your personality and styling sense, and hence taking out what's more important to you is the key to finding your perfect wedding attire. Just like fashion trends, wedding trends continue to evolve and take new shapes each year, influencing and impacting couples' choices. With 2020 throwing us a curveball, we are excited about weddings in 2021, and cannot wait to see our favorite couples stealing the show with unique wedding trends.


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