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An Inspirational and Traditional Wedding Day at Gardens at Old Town Helotes


"A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person." -Mignon McLaughlin 


Getting married to the person you have always dreamt to spend your life with is truly once in a lifetime event and it truly deserves all the celebrations to commemorate it. As somebody truly said that getting married is just the beginning of a new chapter of your book called life, and every day you read a new page with the one you love. There are also so many ways to get married whether you want to celebrate it in a completely intimate way or want to have a grand celebration to mark this new beginning. 


While going through the changes in wedding traditions and cultures in contemporary times we cannot help but notice how so many couples are venturing away from traditional weddings. As long as you are marrying the person you love, there is absolutely no dos and don'ts when it comes to hosting your wedding. However, traditional weddings in current times are one of the best palate cleansers for us to document as it reminds us of the beauty of old-school love and takes us back in time when our parents and grandparents got hitched. 


Wedding traditions are truly unique in each culture and differ from each other, all around the world. Why should bridesmaids wear matching dresses to support the bride? What is the role of the best man at traditional weddings? You will be surprised to know the actual origins of these wedding traditions. It is truly phenomenal how traditions are much more than something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue, and have evolved throughout human history. While wedding-related fashions have changed throughout all these years and many couples throw in their own mix of surprises on their weddings, nuptial ties are the best form of celebrating the feeling of love, and no matter how you celebrate, it is always one of the most special days of a person's life.


Just like every traditional wedding, Mexican traditional weddings are a wonderful affair that is a beautiful mezcla of ancient traditions and newfangled trends. Traditional Mexican weddings add a different level of colorful flavors and freshness to the table, with historical and cultural elements that are strikingly reminiscent of the rich Mexican heritage. Whether a couple wants to have a true Mexican traditional wedding or wants to infuse some of the major traditions into their modern wedding, the details and elements of such a wedding are bound to make you fall in love with the wedding portraits. From a traditionally sewed bride gown that is inspired by Spanish tradition and purported designs in the Flamenco-type dress to the bridesmaids and groomsmen of the newly married acting as padrinos during the ceremony, every little detail of a traditional Mexican wedding is filled with fun and interesting moments. 


In the fall of 2019, we got to document one such love story in San Antonio, Texas. The stunning San Antonio couple, Abiel and Sara got married in a fully traditional Mexican wedding setting in San Antonio, Texas. The large family union and the vibrant elements of this Mexican wedding truly stole our hearts and our San Antonio wedding photographers did a fantastic job of capturing each and every element as it unfolded on their wedding day. The overall festive vibe mixed with a dash of colorful wedding decor and vibrant wedding attires absolutely became traditional Mexican wedding inspirations for the wedding photography session in San Antonio.


The day started bright and early at the fairytale setting of a premier Hill Country wedding venue known as the Gardens at Old Town Helotes, in Texas. It was our stunning and beautiful bride Sara's idea to host the wedding here with sweeping views of the great Hill Country. The warm rays of the morning sun dawdled around the rustic grounds and our wedding photographers in San Antonio started their day by capturing inspirational portraits and detailed shots of this wedding day. The detailed shots ranged from the thoughtfully decorated table centerpieces that featured pastel-colored serveware sets with intricate desert-themed centerpieces to the quirky single-tier wedding cake with traditional Mexican bride and groom cake topper elegantly laid out. The crisp white bridal gown was hung from the rustic pergola against the woodsy backdrop and captured in portrait mode, along with the traditionally handcrafted centerpieces on the guest tables as well as the welcome table. Our San Antonio wedding photographers did a wonderful job of not missing out on a single detail, ranging from the bridal shoes balancing the wedding ring to the wedding portraits that featured vibrant Spanish themed table decor.


Our elegant bridal Sara also posed for some of the beautiful bridal portraits as she got ready for her big day while wearing the colorful floral tiara and a crisp white wrapped gown. Our elegant bride decided to wear a crisp white wedding dress with a sweetheart neckline and spaghetti straps, which was an artistic mix of tulle lace and satin. She paired the stunning bridal outfit with authentic Mexican details and bright bold colors. The sweeping Mantilla wedding veil, bohemian flower crown headband along with a Cinco De Mayo bridal bouquet looked stunning in her Mexican bridal outfit. It was completed by a floral pendant, loosely side-parted hair, and bright red lipstick adorning her beautiful face and making her look picture-perfect. 


Our dashing groom Abiel looked dashing in his royal blue three-piece suit paired with powder blue shirt and textured tie, along with a matching Cinco De Mayo boutonniere. The beautiful and striking bridesmaids were dressed up in vibrant and bold colored dresses and carried matching bridal bouquets. The charming groomsmen were dressed up in dapper formal wear to orchestrate the entire wedding theme and made it look picturesque.


The traditional Mexican wedding ceremony began at the ceremony grounds of this classic suburban wedding venue in San Antonio. The newly married couple exchanged their wedding vows and tied the knot under a rustic pergola of the outdoor ceremony site, that was surrounded by landscaped grounds and a woodsy backdrop. Our talented wedding photographers in San Antonio captured each and every detail of this wedding day in beautiful wedding portraits for creating a photo album that will be cherished for generations to come. Our hearts swooned from the time, our dashing groom waited for his lovely bride under the altar, to the time when the newly married couple kissed under the brightly lit skies and made a dramatic wedding exit right after. The wedding gang quickly regrouped for some memorable family portraits for an amazing wedding photography experience in San Antonio


The newly married couple displayed their fun-loving side by beautifully posing for some stunning couple portrait photography session in San Antonio. The artistically planned and inspirational couple portraits ranged from the duo stealing a kiss with their loved ones in the backdrop to detailed shots of the kissing couple under the veil. They carried a sash that said 'Novio Novia', which translates to Mr and Mrs and posed for very artistic couple portraits in San Antonio.


We were amazed by the elaborated details of this traditional wedding venue in the suburbs of San Antonio during the entire wedding celebration. Located just three miles north of San Antonio, this unique wedding venue steps in over 6 acres of beautifully landscaped and well-maintained land. Nestled at the gateway to the Texas Hill Country, this intimate wedding venue in San Antonio suburbs can be your little piece of heaven that is immaculately designed to accommodate your dream wedding. We loved our couples' choice to host their wedding at this amazing suburban San Antonio wedding venue as the extensive and picturesque wedding event spaces posed as a blank canvas for our artistic couple to fit in their inspirational and traditional Mexican wedding decor. With a capacity to host up to 250 wedding guests, this unique suburban San Antonio wedding venue can be a hotspot for photo opportunities for an inspirational wedding photography session in San Antonio


This award-winning wedding venue in the San Antonio suburbs is home to a perfect atmosphere to host an unforgettable wedding that has a charming backdrop of Hill Country peaks, located at the heart of Old Town Helotes. You can transform your wedding day by giving a personal touch, as the flexible wedding event spaces in San Antonio can accommodate all sorts of wedding themes and decor. The wedding photography session at the Gardens at Old Town Helotes wedding venue will be surrounded by a serene atmosphere punctuated by uniquely designed indoor and outdoor flexible event spaces. This countryside Texas wedding venue can be your hidden oasis for celebrating your big day in the exact style that you have always envisioned.


Featuring winding pathways, trickling creek waters, serene forest backdrops with towering trees, and gorgeous blue skies to host your fairytale wedding day. The elegant indoor ballroom setting that features floor-to-ceiling windows that overlook the gorgeously landscaped grounds and a vintage stone fireplace that adds a dash of romance and elegance. Our newly married couple posed against this lovely photo backdrop right after the wedding ceremony. The open-air dance floor and patio are simply magical, featuring old oak trees that are adorned with warm glowing string lights that glow up like a dream during evening wedding reception celebrations


The brightly-lit wedding event spaces make it an ideal destination for couples with a keen eye for good photography. Your San Antonio wedding photography session will be filled with candid moments against the outstanding backgrounds that this unique wedding venue has in store. A couple can opt to have a professional photography session under the high ceilings, gleaming wood floors, soft recessed lighting, and a flood of natural light in the uniquely designed indoor event spaces, or they can act out their favorite Pinterest-inspired poses under the crisp white gazebo, immaculately landscaped grounds, warmly lit porch, and deck, open dance floor, and artistic reception area.


Once the couple portrait session in San Antonio came to an end, the day slowly transitioned towards the evening reception celebration. Our San Antonio professional photographers captured the little and big details of this evening wedding celebration starting from the colorfully laid-out tables with the initials of the couple intricately placed to the six-tiered Cinco De Mayo cupcakes glistening in bold colors. The newlyweds welcomed their loved ones by holding a board that said 'Forever Lover' and 'Love'. Each and every moment of this memorable wedding day was captured by our couple photographers in San Antonio and transformed into invaluable keepsakes for creating an unforgettable wedding photo album. 


The evening celebration was filled with gala moments starting from the first dance of the newlyweds to the father-daughter dance and mother-son dance sessions. The entire reception site was lit up to create a warm ambiance where everyone danced under the white fairy lights that glowed like stars against the night sky. The couple went on to cut their wedding cake amidst the evening wedding celebration and the candid couple portraits that were clicked during this moment were remarkably beautiful. The bold colors against the night sky were truly marvelous that created a breathtaking and celebratory environment. The newly married couple made a dramatic wedding exit as their loved ones adorned the aisle with sparklers against the night atmosphere. 


The union of Abiel and Sara was a party for our aesthetic and artistic senses as they embarked on a new journey in this traditional Mexican wedding setting. Not only every moment of this wedding day evoked a sense of beauty, but the sheer unique chemistry of this couple reverberated a sense of warmth that is going to stay with us for a long long time. Whether it was the sparkling bold colors of this inspirational wedding theme or the way the to-be married duo looked at each other under the crisp white gazebo right before they got married, everything came together to create memories that we will cherish for a lifetime to come. The memorable and inspirational San Antonio wedding photography session truly stands as a witness to this once-in-a-lifetime event.


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