Megan and Alec’s Classic Savannah Wedding

While our beloved slow-whirring blue dot called earth came to a halt early this year with a global pandemic spreading throughout at the speed of Usain Bolt, there was a couple in Savannah with love burning fiercely in their hearts, it was enough to defy all odds. When the plans seemed to be crumbling down beyond their control, Megan and Alec kept standing strong, like a lighthouse in a storm. They were determined to have the wedding that they been planning, one dream at a time, and a few trying months later, here we have a wedding which comes with all the freshness and feels that our COVID-impacted hearts need. Like a rainbow after April showers, this a wedding which had us clutching our hearts. 


With most of us gravitating towards our roots as an effect of what went on, Megan and Alec’s Savannah barn wedding warmed our hearts to the core. The pristine country setting, the cherry red of the barn, the willowy trees, rustic touches, and lush greenery, all lifts our heart yet grounds us to what is important- love and home! Initially having their heart set on a spring wedding on the 4th of April, Alec and Megan got married at Red Gate Farms on the rescheduled date of the 6th of June instead, hosting about 135 nearest and dearest. With a guest list slightly on the higher side, and the paranoia of COVID still barely out of sight, there were precautions to be taken, but the couple managed to pull everything off with perfect ease, walking the line between safety and celebration with grace!


The beautiful setting of the lovely summer day was lent by the oldest city of Georgia, Savannah, as it is home to the striking natural beauty, majestic Georgian mansions, and moss-draped oaks. The couple found their perfect match in Red Gate Farms and their search result after googling ‘wedding venues near me’ was rewarded in the most enthralling way. Whether you are searching for small wedding ideas or a sizeable post-COVID wedding reception, Red Gate Farms seemed to be lending the perfect frames for all. Our Savannah wedding photographer captured the sweeping romantic beauty of the wedding venue in the most beautiful frames. 


As Megan and Alec dressed up for the much-awaited wedding day, it seemed like all their best-laid plans were finally falling into places. Megan wore a white satin robe as she got ready for the big day and her girls wore robes with bright green exotic leaf design, adding a dash of cheer to the day. Megan looked like an absolute dream as she donned the most stunning wedding dress ever, which seemed to be an intricate alignment of ruffled tulle and a bodice that was delicately embroidered and dipped down to stunning V-neck. Her hair was done in an elegant side bun, while simple makeup and jewelry and the beautiful array of pink and white roses as well as her bridal bouquet completed the romantic look. The bridesmaids wore elegant floor-length dresses in a minty blue hue which did this summer wedding perfect justice. Alec and his groomsmen wore matching beige tones which were a fresh change from the black tuxes and were perfect for this warm June day. The printed bow and the simple boutonniere completed his look.


The wedding ceremony took place under the billowy tree with cascading leaves and the lake in the background, making for a romantic setting. With a grand wooden cross adorned with flowers perched in the background acting as an arbor, the ceremony drew heartfelt sighs from their wedding guests and made a pretty picture for our Savannah wedding photographers to capture. The Red Gate Farms wedding photos came out stunning with the striking red barn featuring white trimmings, the romantic white picket fencing, and perfect cozy spot that acted as the pristine and mesmerizing setting for this special day. Our wedding photographers in Savannah captured every beautiful memory of the day in the most gorgeous frames. The team of our wedding photo experts was passionate about commemorating every important moment from the day and seizing them in their wedding albums forever, and they did so while keeping safety as a top priority. They wore masks and did their business by abiding with the social distancing norms. From romantic couple photography to group photos with the entire wedding party and the guests, from capturing delicate blink-and-you’ll-miss details of the wedding from the festive spirit of the first dance to the wedding exit under the canopy of sparklers, our Savannah wedding photographers did the perfect job of capturing the fragile moments of the day in perfect photographs. 


After the post-ceremony photo session was over, freshly married Megan and Alec and their guests were mellowed down for an evening of celebration and a good time. Their post-COVID wedding reception was warm and rustic and welcoming. The barn house was decorated with strings of fairy lights which made the space sparkle and light up in celebration. The little thoughtful details like the cake with burlap ribbon details and the rustic wedding band holders tied in this beautiful southern rustic wedding in the most perfect way and left one charmed!


If this post-COVID wedding tells us anything at all, it is that there is light at the end of the tunnel. True the tunnel might be long and the journey tiring, but as sure as day follows the night, there will be light. With more and more recent weddings in Savannah, we hope it restores the faith of our Savanah couples that it is okay to hope and plan. It is a reminder that weddings after COVID might come with little nuances and aftertaste, but the blushing bride will still feel the butterflies seconds before she walks down the aisle, there will still be a gleam in the eyes as the lovebirds will say ‘I do’, and the hugs and wishes they do get will be from the special few who mean the most to them!

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