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The Everything Guide to Wedding Shoes

What shoes should you wear on your wedding day? While the answer may not be the same for everyone, we've put together a guide to the best shoe pick for every type of bride.

Minimalist Bride

Keep it simple with white, cream or ivory shoes. This monochrome look embodies that classic bridal magazine image. You can match the material of your dress or you can look at contrasting textures. Try mixing satin with lace for a modern twist on a timeless look.

The Comfort Seeker

Getting married doesn't mean you have to wake up with a blister the next day. If comfort is of primary importance to you, you can get comfy with flats. There are a number of foot-friendly ways to bring a playful twist to your bridal look. sandals, sneakers, TOMs, Vans, or Converse.

Wedges are a great way to have the benefits of a heel and the comfort of a flat. You get the look of a heel with more support and comfort.

Bling Queen

Add a little glitz and glamor to your toes with embellished shoes. Badgley Mishka is a go-to for this look. Most of their styles have at least a touch of sparkle, and the shoes photograph beautifully.


Have a simple dress? Or just love to bring the drama to an ensemble? Consider styles with fun embellishments like appliques, bows, metallic elements, lace, etc. Shoes with a pattern can add a nice contrast to your dress.

Luxe Lover

If your budget allows, you can spring for some designer kicks. For many, their shoes are the item they repeat wear after the wedding-- and after all that planning you deserve a little something special. Plus, they look spectacular in those detail photos.

Color Maven

Why not go for a splashy color. You can opt for a hue that matches the wedding party. Or, you can use your shoes as your "something blue." Don't be afraid to go dark with black shoes. The contrast looks sophisticated, understated, and it's perfect for brides worried about getting their shoes dirty.

Creative Director

Telegraph the "brand" of your wedding by picking shoes that are on theme. Vintage heels and cowgirl boots both strongly evoke a feeling. If you've gone for a stylized approach to the wedding, this might be for you.

Wild Card

You don't have to go with the expected. If none of this is your style, try picking something surprising. Combat boots look killer with a wedding dress, and there are so many other ways you can play with the unexpected.

Tips for Photos of Your Bridal Shoes

Ask your photographer to take some solo shots of your wedding shoes. A great time to do this is during bridal prep-- when you'll be busy with other things-- or during bridal portraits.

Gift your flower girls smaller version of the shoes you're wearing. These mini-me photos are so precious.

The groom can get in on the action, too. Have him wear socks with a fun pattern or in a color that compliments your shoes. Then you can do a shoe-focused portrait together. So fun!

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