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Find Your Something Blue


In the search for your perfect ‘something blue,’ think outside the (ring) box—or not. We love this tradition because it was made for pretty wedding day details. Here are a few of our favs to get you feeling blue in the best way.


Rock your box.

Nest your wedding rings in a luxe velvet ring box rendered in a rich blue hue. Points for personalizing with your initials. We love those by Mrs. Box.


Cool jewels.

Bedeck yourself in gems! Sapphires, turquoise, tanzanite and aquamarine are some of our favorite blue gemstones. Try them in a statement ring, pendant or bracelet for your big day.


Best foot forward.

Kick up your aisle style with a pair of shoes that add a pop of statement-making blue with every step. Or, celebrate your sole mate with decals that declare ‘I do’ on the bottom of your shoes. Going comfy? Embroider a pair of bridal sneakers with blue thread.


Display of affection.

A personalized hanger for your dress displays a picture-perfect photo op—and post wedding day momento.


Maid for blue.

The need to wear something blue doesn’t need to fall entirely on you. Instead, outfit your bridesmaids in the color. Blue bridesmaids dresses are universally flattering and refreshing for any season. We like the idea of creating an ombre effect with every maid wearing a different tone.


To have and to hold.

Clutch a small bouquet of your something blue, or tie a blue ribbon around it. If you want to keep your something blue subtle, try pinning it inside your wedding dress for a little mystery.


Whatever you choose, find a something blue that’s totally you.


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