Wedding Photo Inspiration Dedicated to Dad

For many future brides and grooms planning weddings, there’s a certain sentiment for moments shared with parents on the big day, especially Dad. Always there with a great joke, helpful advice or ball game, we think such a special relationship needs to be carefully captured. This Father’s Day, we’re giving tips on how to pay tribute to Dad when the day finally arrives. 

Set Aside Time
Arrange time in your schedule to get a few photos of just the two of you. We love first look photos with brides and their fathers, as well as dads helping with some final groom adjustments (boutonniere pinnings, handshakes, and hugs). Stopping by the prep space for quick adoration is a must!

Another unique way to show how important Dad has been to you? Get ready in your childhood home for a sentimental touch to your images! There’s no place like home, after all.

Ride in Style
Organize a special ride over to your ceremony location. Photos snapped of the two of you in the back of the limo, vintage car or carriage are incredibly special. It’s undeniably a ride filled with excitement, anticipation, and sweetness, and you'll cherish those few moments spent together. 

Take a Walk
Whether or not you are a fan of tradition, having your father walk you down the aisle is a touching gesture and a walk that (we bet) Dad has imagined since you were younger. We’ve captured photos that range from lighthearted to incredibly emotional, and they have one thing in common - they’re all really special.

If you have two father figures in your life, honor them both by having them walk you down the aisle. And if you have a dad who’s served in the military, ask him to wear his uniform to honor his years of service. 

Share a Dance
Whether a choreographed dance or slow sentimental sway, guests and family members are always moved by this wedding day tradition. Sometimes the emotion of the moment is revealed afterward in the photos.

Open Mic Night
Give him the opportunity to shine with those dad jokes! Pass him the mic for a toast or heartfelt speech during the reception. Laughter from the crowd, tears welling up in the eyes of the bride or groom, and the celebration of a new love is something we’ll never tire of capturing.

Looking for another way to show Dad he’s the best? Dedicate a reception song to him. Consider one of his personal favorites or choose one that you’ve both loved over the years. He’ll appreciate the gesture and he’ll be moved by the tribute.

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