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Begin A Magical Saga At This Quintessential Phoenix Wedding Venue

Always fancied a barn wedding in the countryside surrounded by green groves and rolling hills with gorgeous lakeside and grand barn doors? There is something so magically beautiful about a countryside wedding, that even big celebrities are joining the barn wedding bandwagon, and the trend continues to touch several couples from around the country. Ranging from the handcrafted centerpieces to the old-fashioned mason jars, from the warm string lights to the tranquil lakeside during the golden hour, everything about a countryside wedding can sweep you off your feet and leave you smitten for years to come.

However, it is quite difficult to get all the picturesque elements within a single countryside wedding venue, because in general countryside wedding venues have a special highlight, whether it is a barn setting, or a waterfront setting, or a vineyard setting, or a farmland setting. What if you find a wedding venue that has everything that you have ever dreamt of starting from rolling hills, resplendent vineyards, a rustic and vintage barn, and a quintessential lakefront, which can turn your wedding day into a magical love story set in a fairytale setting?

Located right in the heart of Florence, Arizona, The Windmill Winery wedding venue features a rich history, pristine winery, breathtaking countryside, a hundred-year-old rustic barn, and incredibly pretty lakeside wedding settings, making it the best Phoenix wedding venue. It is located within an hour's drive from Phoenix and Tucson, which makes it a greatly accessible Phoenix wedding venue for your out of town guests, and a spectacular destination for your loved ones to spend the day amidst relaxing countryside settings. This classic wedding venue can host over 250 guests with seating arrangements, with the flexibility for you to choose whether you want a luxury affair or an intimate gathering for your wedding day.

Perfect for bringing your Pinterest board to life, this traditional wedding venue in Florence, Arizona oozes storybook charm and rustic elements in every corner, making it one of the most photogenic wedding venues in the Phoenix suburb. Tucked away in lush greenery, the breathtaking panoramic views of the famous Superstition Mountains, the gorgeous dock by the Hamptons-style lake house, and the hundred-year-old, with unmatched hospitality and service, can make you and your guests feel at home. The rural authenticity and subtle elegance make this Phoenix suburb wedding venue one of its kind and truly unique in every way.

The big barn was made from disassembling a Midwest-styled barn which was originally built in the year 1910, at Green Bay Wisconsin, and reconstructed to build the current barn at the wedding venue. There are many indoor and outdoor wedding event spaces to host all the activities leading up to your wedding reception, with fully customizable and all-inclusive wedding packages. There are two primary wedding ceremony and reception event spaces- the Big Barn and the Lake House. 

Probably one of the most beautiful wedding venues in the state of Arizona, the Big Barn is a 100-year-old rustic barn that features elegant western settings and a rich historic charm. Whether you want a simple wedding celebration with an intimate gathering of your loved ones, or you want to host an expansive affair, this traditional barn wedding venue in the suburban Phoenix area offers you the versatility to accommodate every kind of wedding theme and wedding decor. Our wedding photographers in Phoenix love the high vaulted ceilings, wooden arches, warm lighting, and clerestory windows, filling the wedding event space with natural lighting for your Phoenix wedding photography.

The Barns

There are two possible wedding ceremony sites for you to choose from, to host your wedding day with the range of options in hand. The first ceremony site is the Twisted Tree, featuring a grassy green yard towering trees and tranquil lakes views with a touch of whimsical delight. There are also Horse & Carriage props for your wedding photography in Phoenix, as these little fairytale details are enough to create a magical vibe for your wedding day. The second ceremony site is the Arches, under the splendid aqueduct arches by the lakeside surrounded by deep green foliage and rolling hills. Whichever wedding ceremony site you choose for your wedding day, you will get a dedicated bridal suite and a groom suite that are idyllic and charming and enable our wedding photographers in Phoenix to capture some beautiful bridal portraits and couple photographs.

Aqueduct Arches 

There is a spectacular outdoor wedding ceremony site that was built in the shape of Aqueduct arches, featuring old exposed red bricks along the lake. It is surrounded by lush green natural backdrops with towering trees and a pristine lakeshore. This wedding ceremony site is located just at the entrance, where a cobblestone aisle is flanked by manicured lawns on both sides. The Aqueduct arches pose as the pergola where you can exchange your vows, making for a stunning backdrop for your wedding photography in Phoenix.

Bridal Cottage and Man Cave 

The shabby and chic cottage known as the bridal cottage is a small barn with a small kitchen for the bride to get ready and do last-minute touch-ups before she walks the aisle. The whitewashed walls and natural palette wall colors create a perfect ambiance for relaxing and unwinding and is a quiet and secluded place for our professional photographers to click bridal portraits. The Man Cave is the groom suite that is graced with a rustic splendor featuring elegant quarter-like features and tasteful decorations. It is located in close proximity to the barn so that you do not get lost with your groomsmen.

The Lake House 

This lakefront wedding event space features a gorgeous dock and is perfect for hosting your wedding ceremony as this ceremony site is surrounded by a luscious greenery landscape, warm patio lights woven like a graceful web, and overlooking the still waters of the lake. Making it one of the best Phoenix wedding venues, this wedding event space looks like an oasis right in the middle of the Arizona desert because of its tranquil and relaxing vibe. The lake is punctuated by tree lines and the wedding ceremony pier looks like a rare gem during a golden hour photography session when the sun rays reflect back the still waters and light up the entire ambiance with a warm radiance. The arched-ceiling lake house can be the perfect location for you and your love to indulge in candid couple portraits, while you dip your toes in the pristine lake water and spend some quality time. As the evening sets in, the vaulted wooden ceilings illuminate with sparkling lights, and the atmosphere becomes very unwinding for your guests to enjoy some of the finest experience of wine and dine, while you dance the night away in the arms of your love. This waterfront wedding venue in Phoenix suburbs is a dream come true for our Phoenix couples as well as our Phoenix wedding photographers as they love the aesthetics and classic artistry that this place has to offer.

Bridal Bungalow and Gentleman’s Quarters

The couple can take advantage of their dedicated bridal and groom suites to click some couple portraits and bridal portraits with their bridesmaids and groomsmen, as part of their Phoenix wedding photography. The bride and her bridesmaids can indulge in a Pinterest-inspired special costume photography session and the groom and his groomsmen can pop the champagne and get ready for the big day. The Bridal Bungalow showcases Hampton architecture with natural palette walls and hardwood flooring, along with huge French doors opening up to a private veranda overlooking the lake and the reception site. Our wedding photographers in Phoenix can capture you from the seating area of the lake house as you peek through the trees and take a round of the lake on your horse-drawn carriage. Even the groom will be pampered in his Gentleman’s Quarters at the carriage house located right next to the lake house, decorated in an urban western style featuring rugged manly-man vibe to its surroundings.

The Windmill Winery wedding venue in Arizona features some of the best photo opportunities and one of the most loved experiences of this Suburban Phoenix wedding venue is the wine tasting room. The rustic charm and natural beauty of the winery setting are perfect for hosting your rehearsal dinner, bridal shower, and private dinner parties. Windmill Winery’s pavilion or backyard features some of the signature locally produced wines growing in the Arizona desert terrain. The classic varieties of Zinfandel, Cabernet, and Pinot Grigio with a hot ambiance for tasteful music, theater, and entertainment, this historic wedding venue in Florence, Arizona is visited by people from all over the state.

You can get in touch with the onsite wedding experts who have been hosting weddings in this award-winning Phoenix suburban wedding venue, charming couples with its historical sites, and customizable all-inclusive wedding venue packages. Choose your own wedding vendors or plan with the in-house experts, from choosing your wedding theme for decoration to picking up linens according to the theme, the onsite wedding planners can take you through each and every detail leading up to the big day, transforming all your dreams into reality. The homely and cozy vibe of this wedding venue is perfect to host your wedding day in sheer countryside opulence which will surely leave you smitten for the rest of your life.

The location of this wedding venue in Florence, Arizona can offer you a plethora of beautiful romantic settings for your wedding photography in Phoenix. You can choose to enjoy the local and rural charm of this countryside romantic setting, and stay in for local bed and breakfast before moving on for your dreamy honeymoon. Wake up to a sun-kissed morning surrounded by beautiful landscapes, and head to the nearby areas to enjoy a day filled with various photo locations for your couple photography session. The sprawling natural surroundings dating back to the 20th century offers historical roots of the country for you to enjoy while sipping fine wine in a lush vineyard and lakefront setting.

Plan with our engagement photographers in Phoenix as well and visit the Casa Grande Ruins National Monument and witness ancestral sculptures from Pueblo III and Pueblo IV Eras. Pinal County Historical Museum and McFarland State Historic Park located in Downtown Florence feature many historical backgrounds for your Phoenix engagement photography. There is a hill filled with natural winding trails known as Poston Butte along the Hunt Highway in Florence and is a famous trekking and hiking site for adventure enthusiasts. One of the most offbeat photography locations is the Boyce Thompson Arboretum, which is the United State's biggest botanical garden that is home to thousands of preserved varieties of plants, trees, and flowers. Head to the northeast of Florence and visit the Canyon Lake near the Apache Junction, which is also known as Little Grand Canyon filled with magnificent vistas and tall saguaros, and can be perfect for your golden hour photography session in Phoenix. St. Anthony’s Monastery is a Greek Orthodox Monastery and is one of the most alluringly quirky sites of Florence that was founded by a group of monks in the summer of 1995.

The couple who wants to bring in a diverse range of elements to their Phoenix engagement photography can get in touch with our professional photographers and plan a day trip to all the famous and historic locations of the capital city of Arizona. As the first destination of your engagement photography session, the unique Musical Instrument Museum can be an ideal location for photography. There are several landmarks in Phoenix, where you will get the perfect desert-feel for which Arizona is famous for, and some of the most popular destinations are the Camelback Mountain, the South Mountain Park, Piestewa Peak, the amazing rock formation of 'Hole in the Rock', and Papago ParkThe Desert Botanical Garden is a natural oasis right in the heart of the city of Phoenix, making it perfect for our engagement photographers in Phoenix to capture you in front of garden paintings illustrations. Two of the most historically famous landmarks of Phoenix that are loved by our Phoenix engagement photographers for couple photography are the Heard Museum featuring cultures of tribes in the region and the Wrigley Mansion, a historic home featuring a restaurant and the wine bar. Indulge in the breathtaking beauty of the 'Valley of the Sun', as in the main appeal of Phoenix lies in its desert wilderness, the year-round sunshine, and the many chances to study Arizona’s indigenous cultures.

With our Phoenix wedding photo experts who are worth their salt, you can never miss on any single detail whether it’s a wedding photoshoot at your chosen wedding venue or anywhere around the city and its suburban areas. The pro wedding photographers at George Street Photo & Video are cognizant of photogenic spots around Phoenix and when they are at The Windmill Winery on your wedding day they know how to make sure that you go home with amazing keepsakes to cherish forever!

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