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A Chicago City Love Story With a Dusting of Snow!


If life was a blank canvas, love would be the brightest and boldest shade of red, painted right in the middle. If it weren't for love stories, the world would be a pretty boring place! It is the color that brings excitement to our lives, the art which inspires us, and just the drive we need to go through life with a smile on our faces! It has not only inspired beautiful literature and art, resolve differences, and sparked war! Not only that, but it is surely one of the strongest and most volatile feelings known to men. Love is a potent emotion that has survived through hostilities, pandemics, death, and demise, and still contains a sweetness with it that is ineffable and inexhaustible. With our work revolving around love and weddings, we are lucky enough to witness a lot of lovestruck couples every day! 


When two lovers choose to spend their life with each other, it can be an important milestone in their love story. Soon after you say "yes" to a long and exciting future with your SO, it is easy to get lost in the vortex of wedding planning. Is it exciting? of course! But it can also be overwhelming! Wedding planning means there is a lot that needs to be taken care of, whether it is finding the perfect table setting, the most fitting floral arrangements, or the perfect caterer, or getting your dream wedding venue, which gets booked up years in advance. But before all of that starts, here's to stealing a few moments for an engagement photo session! The few months between your proposal and your wedding is a magical time, and you won't be getting this season in life back again, so you might want, and you might as well make the most of it. An engagement photo session is unquestionably the ideal way to take a step back and soak yourself in the wonderful feeling of being engaged. Monika and Matthew's snowy and magical engagement photoshoot proves to be the perfect recluse for them to process and celebrate the newly-engaged feelings, and get snapped while at it! While every love story is beautiful, there is something about this couple that immediately makes one’s day just by their sheer happiness and the undeniable cozy vibes. From the tiniest of aspects to seizing the perfect angles of the beautiful couple and the visual retelling of their charming love story! With the perfect setting for a beautiful love story, this engagement photo session extends everything that is lovely and beautiful, and more! 


Monika and Matthew looked cozy and all bundled up for their cute and romantic snowy engagement session. Like a ray of sunshine on a winter day, this is a couple who knows how to turn a snow day around and will never have a boring day in their lives! Monika is dressed up for the cold winter day in a pair of classic blue jeans, which she paired with a beige cowl neck sweater, knee-high boots, and a light gray parka. She added warm accessories like a pair of gray gloves and a mustard yellow woolen cap to beat the elements! Matthew wore similar blue jeans, with a dark blue jacket, and a blue and green plaid scarf. He wore a pair of brown shoes to finish off the look! We loved how the couple added a pop of color to the bleak and dreary urbanscape of Chicago in the cold winter months, not only with their colorful ensemble, but also with their cheerful personalities! Whether they were walking hand in hand through the sidewalks, as the snow created a blurred dreamy backdrop, or whether they were kissing under a tree with burnt orange leaves, creating a romantic photograph for them to save forever! This photoshoot shows how every corner of the city is filled with romance and potential, whether it is by a busy sidewalk, or under the city walkway. We love how the couple posed by the Cloud Gate, one of the most iconic structures of the city, and the glittery speckles of the city lights on the glassy exterior of the building made it look lit up in a festive way! Including a famous tourist attraction in your engagement photoshoot instantly bumps up the vibe of the photoshoot, making it urban and edgy, and artistic! While the cityscape adds to the appeal of the pictures, our lovely couple still manages to be a central part of the whole show, adding a life-giving essence of happiness to every frame! We love how the couple just lights up like a thousand suns whenever they look at each other and how their effervescent luminance adds to the warmth of the frames, even when they were captured in the middle of winter. From the bright mustard cap spotted by Monika to the starry yellow stone in her sparkling engagement ring, from the bright lights of the stores to the sparkling traffic lights of the city, everything is alive and lively and full of vivacity. This goes to show that no matter how the weather turns, the city of Chicago is always full of spark and alive, like the beating heart.


Monika and Matthew chose Chicago to be the backdrop against which they celebrated their love story, and we can’t be more thrilled. A city that comes with its world-class architecture and remarkable artwork, a range of impressive statues and sculptures, Chicago is full of charming elements that provide the city the allure that it boasts. Having always been a photographer’s muse, Chicago is definitely a pretty city to look at, with each of its diverse random frames making pieces of art with every click. Lovingly named ‘Windy City’, Chicago comes with its unique breeze which has a way of shifting to a moody wind sometimes, conjuring up a hauntingly pretty image. Being home to one of the most epic skylines in America, Chicago experiences some of the most astounding city sunsets! Starting from the infamous Chicago deep-dish pizza to the Chicago BullsChicago is all about going big or going home, and that can be recognized everywhere. Set with stunning pieces of architecture like the Cloud Gate and Sears Tower to tourist-favorite spots like Navy Pier and Shedd Aquarium, Chicago is a bag of fun, all in all, vowing to leave you with laughs and good memories. Settled by the stunning Lake Michigan, Chicago is a place that will never stop to astound you and there is always something to do there, with its jaw-dropping white-sand beaches and romantic parks and delightful museums, and more! An effervescent city full of vitality and charm, having Chicago as a backdrop is every couple’s dream come true and Monika and Matthew get to live the dream and capture it to treasure forever and look back on!


While the dream wedding day is the day that you are probably most excited about and counting down days towards, an engagement is just as much of a significant date in the calendar. It is an essential step in the journey of your love story and should be rejoiced on its own before we even move towards the next step- the wedding! While a wedding day is amazing, with all its grandeur and glitter and flowers, its unique theme, and the perfectly thought-out color palette, an engagement has a grace of its own. It is a quieter, more intimate celebration, and it is a day that is entirely the couple's own. It is not so much about the social aspect of the experience but is somewhat personal, highlighting more of the couple and their love, offering a distinct vibe entirely. An engagement photo session provides a glimpse at the couple's disposition, and how they communicate and convey their love for each other in society. While the wedding day is something which is talked about extensively, be it in magazines, or movies, in romantic movies or books, and it is okay that you will want to capture details from your wedding day in your memories, be it the way your dress swayed, or the music felt or how the clusters of peonies looked in your bridal bouquet and the way the bubbly looked like little stars, there are also details that you will want to remember about your engagement. Keep in mind that it is probably the last time you will be pictured as lovers before the wedding day, so you want your professional engagement photographers to catch you in all your newly-engaged brilliance! It is the feeling of peace and enthusiasm for the upcoming future which you will cherish years from now! Having the best engagement photographers to grasp these delicate moments before the big day is a crucial part of your wedding story. You will want to hold on to the unabashed enthusiasm of your engagement eternally, and you can glance back on it after decades, and feel a smile spread out through your face! The engagement photoshoot also enables the couple to be their most genuine selves, and communicate their narrative just the way they want. Whether you want an urban set-up or a rustic and woodsy one, whether your style is more classic or rather vintage, the decision is yours and the opportunities are truly endless! So it is fresh and a much-needed break from the wedding planning, helping a couple truly relax and bond. If you and your partner are pondering on whether or not to get your engagement pictures taken, just do it, and we promise you won't regret any part of it! As for Monika and Matthew's charming and picturesque Chicago engagement session, the engagement photographers in Chicago did an outstanding job grasping onto the bright and lovable details of the day out in the city, capturing the couple in fresh, youthful, and creative frames elegantly!

Love never fails to baffle us and make us smile. There is something pure magic about two people coming together and making a promise for life. It is wholesome, heartwarming, and something which is essential to make our living experiences better. While every love story is beautiful and unique in its own special way, there are some stories that linger a bit longer and leave a lasting imprint. Maybe it's the way they look at each other, or the way they look at life ahead, or maybe it's the infectious enthusiasm about life or just the artistic presence that they bring to the table, but some stories live on far longer than the wedding day! Monika and Matthew's engagement photographic journey seems to have all of these elements and more! There is an effortless charm that they display in their companionship, a noticeable affection that dances in their eyes, and something easy that makes them quite a delight to work with. This is a couple who is not only incredibly cute on camera, but are equally charming outside of the frames! They have such great chemistry that every shot that the photographer captures is something that looks like it is borrowed from a Hallmark holiday movie! We love the soft dreamy vibe that the couple factors and the way they smile and melt every time they look into each other's eyes. We also love how it was such a gorgeous day and a dreamy snowy backdrop provided just the right vibe for this photo session. It becomes a part of their picture quite gracefully, and how the skillful hands of our professional and affordable Chicago engagement photographers seized it all beautifully. We love all the snowy cozy feelings and the way nature plays along beautifully and adds to the magic of the day. As the snow-dusted streets mixed with the festive backdrops fuse with the lively city backdrops in the evening, there is something about this engagement photoshoot that kindles up our moods and fuels our hearts with love. From the love in the air, the festive foreshadow, the easy affection, everything about this couple sets them apart. And as they walk away from this fun engagement session towards their imminent wedding ahead, they will be taking with them some amazing memories!  


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