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How to Pull Off a Hygge Wedding


The best thing about wedding trends is that they keep changing. With fresh new season updates and brand-new improvisations, chic wedding ideas are brought to us by couples who love to re-imagine traditional wedding ideas and infuse their creative juices for bringing up some of the trendiest wedding reception ideas, that not only steal our hearts every time but also move us to take notes. Probably one of the most recent winter wedding trends we have stumbled upon in recent years is the Danish word “hygge,” which became the 'word of the year' in 2016 and translated to “a quality of coziness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being.” 


This 16th-century Norwegian term has become one of the most favorite small wedding ideas among winter couples or couples who are tying the knot in colder regions and want to bring in every cozy and small wedding detail for an unforgettable soirée. Focusing on small things that really matter like spending quality time with the closest friends and family and enjoying all the small things in life the concept of hygge has gained momentum amongst modern couples who are planning a wedding, especially in the world that always seems to be in a hurry. This concept of Scandinavian coziness has made its way to wedding celebrations, especially during wintertime nuptials as well as among couples who love small backyard wedding ceremony ideas. Probably one of the most Pinterest-worthy wedding celebration ideas, a hygge wedding is more than preparing Scandinavian mulled wines with cardamom pods and star anise and filling up your wedding reception essentials checklist with plush pillows, cozy blankets, and copious amounts of candles.


Top tips for having a Hygge inspired wedding:


Choose the perfect wedding season for Hygge 


The essence of Hygge is all about being cozy and warm in an intimate setting, and what can be better than the seasons of autumn and winter for bringing inviting and nesting feels to the wedding? While spring and summer wedding ideas have their own fan base, planning your wedding reception in the wintertime with Hygge ideas is a different level of getting cozy, especially because you will be surrounded by low temps, stormy and snowy weather, and pouring rain. The wintertime elements will add to the nordic feeling that you are looking to create. A whimsical winter wedding with elegant wedding layout ideas inspired by Hygge can make you think barbecues and fireplaces, and the low humdrum of your nearest and dearest by the fireplace. How magical is that! However, if you are looking for a vintage romantic wedding theme with Hygge elements in the summer and spring seasons, go ahead and think about how you are going to bring your guests together to create memories around warmth and coziness. After all, the main ethos of Hygge is all about taking pleasure in the cozy environment, and enjoying intimate feelings while letting love and relaxation flow throughout the wedding day without interruption. For instance, a spring-themed Hygge wedding can have barbeques and fire pits as cocktail reception ideas.


Pick the right wedding venue for Hygge 


The most elegant wedding ideas for receptions start with the kind of wedding venue you choose for yourself. For a Hygge inspired wedding, choosing rural barns or classic country houses can be a great start for an unforgettable wintertime wedding with authentic Hygge wedding details. Think about fireplaces and fire bowls as your wedding ceremony backdrop, and "hyggekrog" (which is a comfortable place to sit either in the kitchen or the living room) as reception table ideas for an ultimate Hygge wedding experience. There are several amazing venues for small weddings as well as for big affairs across the country and beyond that can lend themselves perfectly to this wintertime cozy wedding style. Hygge inspired wedding reception decorating ideas can evoke a sense of comfort, warmth, and simplicity with lots of natural textures such as wood, wool, and foliage. But intimate wedding venues with authentic country chic and rustic details can ease your job of wedding decor planning up to a great level. From wedding venues with fireplaces with lush greenery and white blooms to event spaces with wrought iron chandeliers and exposed wooden vaults, there are several elegant wedding reception venues for hosting a Hygge wedding in all seasons.


Going for the right wedding decor and atmospheric lighting 


From the flickering flames of candles to the amber glow of fireplaces with crackling logs, from wooden decorations creating a rustic look to fairy lights, lamps, and lanterns glowing up the event space, all the chic wedding reception decorating ideas come together to create a wonderfully relaxed and cozy environment. There is something so incredibly comforting and therapeutic about vintage themes and wedding reception decoration ideas that makes perfect sense to include a vintage theme in your hygge wedding. Whether you want to mix it up with Halloween-themed wedding details without going overboard or simply go for boho chic wedding ideas, including vintage elements in your wedding decoration will be a welcome addition. You can bring items from your home to decorate your wedding and go complete DIY by including herbs and greenery in the floral arrangements and table decoration ideas. The idea is to create a space that would make your wedding guests feel at home wrapped up in a bubble of love and comfort. When it comes to a Hygge wedding, lighting is everything and you cannot have too many candles or fairy lights. Whether you are opting to use plenty of string lights to light up the event space or considering bringing “living fire” in the form of candles and fireplaces, the idea is to create soft and warm-toned lighting, which is especially important for Hygge inspired winter weddings, when the light outside is generally dim. Using a lot of candles, glowing lanterns, fairy lights, and string lights will wonderfully create a cozy and comfortable environment for you to snuggle up with the love of your life. However, it is so easy to go overboard, and hence you should be mindful about preserving the cozy feeling by not making the event space too bright and vibrant, and strategically work to scatter the flickering flames around the reception space.


Your wedding outfit 


Winter-inspired bridal outfits have always been considered as some of the most romantic dress ideas for nuptials. For your Hygge inspired wedding, your selection of wedding outfits should be simple and casual and strictly not formal wedding wear. Minimal bridal jewelry with certain vintage accents can be perfect for a Hygge bride instead of too many embellishments and ornaments. Adding a bucolic charm to the entire snuggly feel, you can opt for deep wedding color palettes for your wedding outfits like jewel tones and neutral hues. Adding faux fur and plush woolens to your bridal outfit will make you look very hygge and comfortable in a cold season and this idea of Hygge inspired wedding outfits applies to your guests as well.


Hygge inspired wedding menu


One of the best ways to host an unforgettable theme wedding is by including wedding food and drinks that synchronize perfectly with the chosen theme. For hosting a Hygge wedding, incorporating comfort food is a definite "yes"! From setting up a milk and cookies station for all-season Hygge weddings to adding casseroles, beef wellington, or a traditional roast dinner for maximal coziness, especially in the fall and winter. For a perfect winter and fall fête, which will also go well with the holiday season wedding themes, bring in mulled wine, hot chocolate, and piping warm cocoa for an unforgettable cocktail hour. A succulent and delicious sticky toffee pudding or classic apple pies can be alternatives to traditional wedding cakes to finish off the winter-themed dessert ideas in style. Can you imagine the beautiful wedding reception photos that are going to come out of this unforgettable Hygge wedding party? From setting up a doughnut parlor with an assortment of bucolic colored doughnuts to serving tomato soup with toasts, from serving sticky and cheesy meat casseroles and mushroom cheese ravioli with thyme to serving hot chocolate and cinnamon buns for desserts, your Hygge inspired wedding and cocktail menu can be designed to make everyone feel cozy and refreshed.


Incorporate nature 


Wooden decorations and natural themes are the perfect way to bring the beautiful outdoors inside without actually being out there. Wrought iron chandeliers, wooden handcrafted centerpieces, dark votives, and candle holders work like a charm in Hygge wedding decor. The philosophy behind the Danish term is to incorporate natural items into your environment for being one with nature without filters. Take a look around the beautiful part of the country that you are planning your wedding in- forage around and pick natural organic materials, or visit the local flower markets or fields, and bring back some natural wedding flowers and decor elements to enhance and add soul to your big day. Hygge inspired wedding flower arrangements can include velvety leaves, shiny laurel, woody fir cones, variegated ivy, and holly. The centerpiece flower arrangements can have willow and proteas, and dressing up your fireplace with a garland full of natural foliage featuring pine and firs can create magic. The use of natural foliage in weddings can be complemented with wooden floors, homely decor, and several other dreamy atmospheric lightings.


Prioritize on the small items and details 


The most important part of hygge nuptials is to make sure that you are prioritizing the small details and touches of your wedding day and you take out much time to enjoy those little things that make your wedding day even more special. For starters, you can politely ask your guests to leave their phones in their pockets during the wedding celebration and hire one or two people from your wedding gang as a wedding photographer. Keeping the guest count small where you ask only the closest and dearest ones to be a part of your wedding- whom you need not to impress, and in whose vicinity you can be at your absolute best, is a sure-fire way to make you happy on your wedding day. The little things can go a long way in creating an unforgettable experience like having a cup of tea with your mum and dad before you go ahead and tie the knot or spending some quality time with your closest friends and create some intimate group photographs.


Snuggle Up 


The very core of Hygge is the art of snuggling and being cozy. This can be adapted for your wedding planning and the morning of the wedding, where you can take some time to snuggle up with your fiance and soon-to-be spouse and stay for an extra hour or two in bed. Turn off your alarms and wake up naturally on your wedding day and the day after, and surround yourself with things that make you feel happy at home. This can be followed through for your breakfast- where you can eat and drink whatever makes you happy and fulfilled. Give your guests some precious time to explore the natural beauty around them and a lazy start to the big wedding day. For instance, arrange for breakfast in bed with some of your most favorite comfort food for your near and dear ones, or plan a lazy day of storytelling by the fireplace, where all of you can come together and snuggle up in your comfortable blankies and listen to endless emotional and funny stories narrated by your loved ones.


Hygge is all about creating a warm atmosphere and enjoying moments! Whether you are looking for loft wedding decor ideas for an intimate wedding reception or searching for something to spruce up your small wedding venue and turn it into a comfortable retreat for everyone attending your wedding, planning your wedding reception with Hygge ideas will create a wonderland that will make you forget the world outside this pleasurable little bubble. Apart from being a popular source of home decor inspiration and lifestyle, this Scandinavian term has made its way to the world of weddings especially among couples who love intimate weddings. Apart from being a genuine winter wedding theme, the concept of Hygge is becoming prevalent in summer and autumn-inspired weddings where couples are planning wedding reception layout ideas with magical fairytale wedding themes inspired by this Danish lifestyle.


For those in the Nordic region, where winters are dark and long, the concept of Hygge helps to combat winter blues and compensate for the lack of sunlight. Similarly, for winter-inspired wedding themes or winter season weddings, where the outside world turns into a little chilly and white wonderland, Hygge wedding ideas can transform your wedding day into a sanctuary that translates to all things happy and cozy. Interiors that exude the feeling of Hygge can allow everyone to truly melt into the comfortable environment and make them feel good, and the warm and inviting feeling that will pop up everywhere will be captured in inspiring wedding photographs. Hygge wedding reception pictures can give you warm and cozy vibes for all the years that are going to come, that represent well-being and enjoyment of good times with good people.


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