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Our Favorite Halloween Wedding Details Over the Years


Here comes the most exciting time of the year when the world lights up with Halloween-themed fêtes and you can smell the change of season in the crisp air with the leaves bursting into bright golden and tangerine hues and the weather cooling down a bit. There is no doubt that autumn is the most gorgeous season for weddings with the naturally brewing hauntingly beautiful Halloween wedding ideas doing its rounds on the internet. The wide spectrum of colors in various Halloween wedding themes dancing with noir and Bordeaux palettes, along with brides preparing for cocktail parties and pre-wedding photoshoots donned in voluminous black tulle gowns and floral eye masks, the beautiful Halloween wedding ideas come into play that turns wedding into gorgeously ghoulish and hauntingly chic. Let us explore some of the best Halloween wedding details that we have been coveting for years as our personal favorites.


Fall-Halloween Fashion

For your Halloween themed wedding, you can opt for a crisp black wedding gown inside of a white wedding gown and make a style statement. Pair up the gothic bridal look with a bold black pair of wedding shoes while skipping the cream and ivory-colored bridal sandals. Dazzle up your wedding guests as you saunter down the aisle in a jet black wedding gown, paired with a black wedding veil, dark wedding shoes and Halloween themed bridal bouquet, looking like a gothic bride and exchange your 'I Boo!” To set the spooky mood even further, you can also ask your group of bridesmaids to orchestrate the Halloween wedding theme by wearing matching Bordeaux colored dresses. There is never a better time for some LBDs teaming the fascinating black gloves or birdcage fascinators for your bridal party than a Halloween wedding.


Halloween Wedding Decor

Elevate the Halloween mood by turning your wedding reception into one big Halloween party by decorating it with spooky and ghostly artifacts! Serve up the scary wedding cocktails like a blood-red pomegranate rum punch in spooky cauldrons and complete the punches with dry ice. Make the entranceway or the dance floor a little more by flashing with a few skulls, candles, crows, and cobwebs. If you want to include more festive and less frightening colors you can introduce subtle pumpkin table decors paired up with glowing string lights. Light up the Halloween mood by an altar illuminated with candles and decorated with crows, candelabra, and skulls or ask your guests to take a seat at the excellently dark and moody tables teamed with a black table runner, brass candlesticks, and handpicked pears at each place setting.


Glamorously Gothic Wedding Florals

Floral decorations and bouquets are an important part of weddings and to add the special charm of Halloween, spruce up your perfect Halloween wedding idea with touches of dark and gloomy romance. The hint of decadence and vintage class, a bold Halloween bridal bouquet with burgundy, dusty pink, orange blooms, usual and dark foliage, and striped ribbons is perfect. The groom can match the perfect gothic look by teaming it up a matching Halloween boutonniere in colors like Marsala wine, plum purple, ruby red, and black with metallic accents on his dark shirt or tuxedo. Gorgeous Halloween wedding floral decorations are the most personalized way to add the spooky and mysterious charm to your wedding day. The rustic and hauntingly beautiful dark floral decoration ideas will definitely light up your mood and prepare you for the glorious fall wedding day.


Creepy and Historic Wedding Venue

What can set the Halloween mood better than a historic mansion or an age-old manor that always tends to have a few skeletons in their closet? Celebrating new beginnings in a historic wedding venue that has at least one or two ghost stories attached to it for all the added macabre feels. Some couples take the Halloween theme wedding day to a different level by choosing to tie the knot on a historic burial ground with stone pathways, statues, and mausoleums and dressing up in Victorian costumes for a perfectly Halloween themed wedding day.


Spooky Wedding Decor

When it comes to Halloween wedding decor ideas, the sky's the limit! Add a dash of luxe black linens in heavy velvet to accent a few spaces and deck out the entrance to your wedding venue, your reception tables, and even your dance floor with seasonal Halloween-y pumpkin squashes in its original plain orange color or paint them to match your color scheme. Use candle lightings to elevate the entire Halloween ambiance and give it a vintage feel by adding stylish and timeless hand-painted pumpkin cut-outs as wedding table decor or grim and spooky centerpieces. Display miniature pumpkins all over the place for staying true to the spooky wedding theme with a dash of cutesy and class.


Mysterious Wedding Invites

Send creative Halloween wedding invitations as an introduction to the Halloween themed wedding celebrations without giving too much away and maintaining the intrigue and mysterious element intact. The gothic wedding invitations will be a clue for your wedding guests to understand what they are signing in for without giving away much. You can go for simple designs like a tarot card with a hint of magic and mystical undertones without going overboard or full-blown gothic variations in bold color palettes to the rustic and autumnal designs featuring stylish Halloween pumpkins or dark floral decorations. You can keep it either simple by only mentioning the wedding dress theme or jazz it up with important wedding details like how to navigate the corn maze right outside the chapel!


Trick or Treat Wedding Favors

The perfect autumnal mood is definitely calling for a gloriously seasonal caramel pie! Spruce up your fall wedding by adding accessorized caramel or candied apples and make them look like poison apples from a fairytale theme, by putting dark flags and thick twigs on these Halloween wedding favors. You can also set up the make-your-own candy bar so your wedding guests can create their own with a yummy topping bar full of sprinkles, nuts, and candies. You can customize the cocktail labels and make it seem like poison drinks by giving them unique spooky names like 'Witch's Brew: Drink If You Dare' or ‘Crunchy Cockroaches’. The good old pumpkin cake pops, cake toppers, and dark palette cupcakes will never go out of Halloween fashion.


Eerie Wedding Cake

Find a wedding cake that fits right into your Halloween wedding decor, like a seasonal pumpkin spice cake for a haunted house fondant cake to keep up with the spirits of mystery and thrill. Choose a darker color palette for your wedding cake or you can choose to mingle with the theme by choosing a flavor like 'Death by Chocolate' that matches your dark Halloween soul or going overboard for a totally designer wedding cake in the shape of a skull, pumpkin, or a cobweb. Embrace the eerie and amp things up by a grim and morbid cake topper like two dancing skeletons or decorative head taxidermy.


Halloween Wedding Signs

Nothing can go wrong with Halloween wedding signs that can be also used as photo booths especially during evening wedding receptions when the moon is full and there is a brisk breeze! Chic Halloween wedding signs like a 'Til Death Do Us Part’ plaque in your wedding portraits can be fa-Boo-lous and sneak in a bit of dark humor into the wedding ceremony to perpetuate the Halloween fun. Include some awesome spooky decor like old furniture and fake spider webs as a backdrop to the wedding sign photo booth and deck it up with easy-to-wear Halloween props like hats, gloves, and boas for your guests to strike a pose during your wedding photography sessions.


Scary Votive and Candle Holders

Set the perfect scary mood by including scary themed votive and candle holders like a skull shape votive holder or a candelabra with a crow. The votive and candle display racks can be also subtle without feeling excessive where you can layout everything from jack o’ lantern table numbers to gold place card holders with string lights enhancing each corner. Candles are best for working up the ambiance into an eerie and atmospheric one and the ghostly and eerie candle and votive holders definitely contain spooky tricks up their sleeves! You can also design your own spooky-themed candle holders and votive holders by looking up some of the best DIY Halloween candle ideas.


Pumpkin Wedding Decor

Pumpkins are practically the symbol of Halloween! Whether you are fond of the original jack o’ lantern table decor ideas or want to add some mysterious details like hand-painted pumpkins to create your own inspirational Halloween wedding soiree, pumpkins on Halloween will never be old-fashioned. Ranging from Halloween themed pumpkin centerpieces to hollowed-out pumpkins that are completely wedding-worthy with a fresh coat of white paint and a pretty flower filling, Halloween pumpkin wedding decorations will never be out of style for your fall wedding. You can paint the pumpkins to match your wedding theme and decoration palette or keep it the original orange way, but you definitely cannot call it a Halloween wedding day without adding pumpkin to the decoration.


Dramatic and Halloween Wedding Makeup

If going overboard and creating edgy excitement is your idea for your fun Halloween wedding day, then you can not miss out on a full-blown dramatic Halloween bridal makeup with highlighting dark smokey eyes or a deep plum lip color. Instead of going for a nude lipstick and fluttering eyelashes, opt to darken your wedding look in a completely Halloweenifed way! The dark makeup palettes and mysterious details will surely look bewitching against the anthurium-filled scene and dried branch canopies. Your bridal portraits will definitely be one-of-a-kind and you should be prepared to stun everyone with the Morticia Addams inspired gothic bridal look on your wedding day.


Sinister Wedding Portraits

What is a Halloween wedding without some sinister couple portraits that look straight from Tim Burton movies? Your Halloween themed wedding photography session can lean into the spirit of Halloween by including some spooky All Hallows’ Eve inspirations. From couples posing while enjoying the dark side of the moon to couples decked up in Halloween makeup in a sinister graveyard, you will find numerous spooky Halloween photography ideas for your couple photography session. Gear yourself up for some of the most hauntingly beautiful wedding photography session inspirations by bringing a bit of dark glamor with a sophisticated woodsy theme or a heavy infusion of moodiness by posing against enchanting wild and natural elements to give it an untamed vibe.


Grand Halloween Wedding Exit

Setting you up on a mood for some apple cider and Hocus Pocus, or maybe even one of those smoke bath bombs, the dark and moody Halloween inspired wedding exit ideas will be perfect for your fall wedding celebration extravaganza to make it feel like a holiday event for your guests. One of the most underrated ideas to celebrate your Halloween wedding is to make a dramatic wedding exit in a spooky getaway car or escape into the night amidst dark smoke bombs. You can also add an extra edge by including a black, antique, and horse-drawn buggy and make your reception departure fabulous by wearing a top hat, tails, and gloves to complete the look.


There are so many creative ways to tie Halloween wedding ideas to your day-of details. From a wedding officiant who went full-on Friday the 13th by wearing the infamous Jason Voorhees's costume to coffin-shaped unique ring boxes that take the saying 'Till Death Do Us Part’' to a completely new level, unique Halloween wedding ideas have been our forever favorites and with all the creative minds at work. Each year we tend to see something new, from gothic wedding reception ideas in a completely bohemian Hallows Eve wedding theme to unique tablescape ideas that infuse the perfect feel of autumn with the grim and spook of Halloween. Our talented team of wedding and engagement photographers loves to capture detailed shots of couples during memorable couple portrait sessions. Whether a couple has decided to have a moonlit photography session in a graveyard on the onset of Halloween or a professional Halloween photography session in a historic burial ground, our fun-loving couple photographers are game for each unique idea while striving to make this experience memorable and cherish-worthy for the lovestruck duos.


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