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Reception Seating Which is Anything But Not Boring!


Tired of seeing the 189th round table with a traditional setting? We feel you! Agreed, reception table seating serves a very practical function of serving food to your guests in the most effective manner, but its contribution to the overall aesthetics of the wedding cannot be undermined. The reception tables essentially mirror the decor elements of the wedding with its table setting accents (the centerpieces, the choice of china, tealight holder, etc.), the layout of the tables is equally imperative on its own. Bring in an element of surprise with the reception seating is like a special touch that nobody anticipates and inevitably makes your wedding memorable. 


If you are confused about which table seating to choose to deliver the maximum impact, say no more! We have just the perfect list of ideas for you:


Floor Seating: Low-level seating which includes a lot of poufs and floor cushions is not something that is seen often but surely has a charm of its own. Taking your shoes off, sitting cross-legged and huddling up with your close ones as you share a meal in celebration of your love has a special kind of magic to it. It is laid-back and chilled and goes perfectly with a boho theme. 


The Caterpillar: The meandering trail of a table which curves through the venue, disappearing into nothing has an enchanting feel to it. Not only is it eye-catching, and unique but also, it lets all the guests come together and share the meal around the same table. Bonus points for this seating arrangement, if featured in a woodsy background!


All Squared Up: Tables arranged in a giant square facing inward is something that will strike a chord and is memorable in its own unique way. You can have the Mr. and Mrs. table in the middle or keep it minimal and nonintrusive to keep the conversation flowing across the table. This is surely a refreshing take on the square table setting.


Gallery Style: Seating your guests at various levels in a gallery style set-up is truly unique and gives your wedding a 20s jazzy vibe. The gallery can face the couple and also this set-up instantly adds an element of drama to the setting, like you are there to perform in a jazz bar and the audience is ready to cheer!


Mismatched: Why conform when you can mix it all up? A round table here, a square one there and a long rectangular setting on the other side of the hall, everything works as long as the flow is smooth and the arrangement doesn’t look jarring. Also, having a mismatched bunch of tables gives the reception a truly laid-back vibe.


A beautifully arranged wedding reception seating can add or elevate the drama and the element of interest of the wedding. Not only it makes the guests feel welcome and comfy for the dinner, but also it gives your wedding dinner, the right sprinkling of celebratory sparkle. The perfect reception table seating will not only score you brownie points from your wedding photographer, but it will also have the reception hall filled up with ‘ooh’s and ‘aah’s at your wedding reception!


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