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Bridal Trends to Look Out for in 2020!


Fashion is fascinating and quite a chase, isn’t it? One moment you are just getting on board with the newest trend out there, then you blink for a second, and it is already yesterday's news! Remember the coral skinny jeans? The wedge sneakers? If you are the kind of woman who knows her Reformation from Rue21 from 21 feet apart, we understand why being on top of all things can be so important for you. And especially so if it's your wedding day, a perfectly acceptable day to shine the brightest in the room! 


Bridal trends might move a little slower, but they are still constantly moving nonetheless. As we leave 2019 behind, there are some amazing bridal trends out there and being in the know can make you the most fashionable bride out there since Kate Moss. Are you ready to know what’s trending in 2020 bridal inspiration? Here we go! 


Puffy sleeves: Sleeves were to 80s what hair was to 50s. The bigger the better! And puffy sleeves are back with fresh vigor in 2020. The crucial thing is to walk that thin line between ruffly tasteful romanticism and outright maximalism. And 2020 does it just right. If you are intrigued by this trend, think about letting the sleeves steal the spotlight and keeping the rest of the outfit minimal. Not ready to commit? Go detachable! It’s not 2020 for nothing!


Airy silhouettes: Another trend we absolutely adore is the light-as-air silhouettes and fabrics which make you look like you have just stepped down from the heavens above. The ethereal dream-like fabrics like tulle and organza looks like it whipped out of thin air and magic, and is the perfect look for the spring and summer brides. Bonus? They transcend beautifully into your wedding photography!

Floral prints: We know, we know! Florals for spring is quite the surprise! But florals in the wedding dress is still a little out there. 2020 wedding trends takes florals and gives it a heavy sprinkling of cool-girl attitude. Floral this year will be either leaning on the ethereal vibe, with barely-there pastels, or are edgy, attention-grabbing with a lot of textural play. Think 3D embroideries and architectural details, giving the good old florals a spring makeover!

Buff: Everybody and their mother is obsessed with neutrals at the moment, and it has trickled down to the wedding alter, too. Buff is that sweet spot that falls between blush and champagne, complementing a wide range of skin tones, making it universally flattering! For the brides who are not traditional to the T, this is the perfect alternative. This is color that complements, not competes, and goes well with most colors, which will earn the nod of approval from your wedding photographer.

One-shoulder necklines: This trend is up-and-coming in every part of our lifestyle now, be is workout wear or a wedding gown. The look is classically appealing while still having the malleability of fitting in with most of the looks, be it a classy silhouette or a glam one while highlighting your shoulders in the most flattering manner. One-shoulder necklines promise a lot of presence in the coming year, so keep an eye out for the same.


Trends are dynamic and keeping up with the newest trends can be just as hard, if not more so, than keeping up with the Kardashians. And the mainstream trends also reflect in the bridal trends some way or the other. We hope that we managed to make it at least a little easier on the 2020 brides by listing out some of the best 2020 bridal trends! 


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