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Paint a Pretty Picture with Perfect Silhouette Shots for Your Wedding or Engagement


Photography is more than just capturing something and is, in fact, more about weaving an enticing story. Something about silhouette photography is more impactful than a thousand words. It emits a sense of alluring mystery and brings in a cartload of drama. It's a mood in itself, and is wonderfully cinematic, highlighting the best elements.


A silhouette is essentially the view of an object against a source of light, resulting in an outline and a featureless interior. It is a strategic photography trick that works wonderfully with a subject with a strongly defined shape. It is a very simple concept but it packs a whole story in itself, leaving a lot of room for your imagination to fill in the gaps. A silhouette picture is especially articulate when it comes to wedding portrait. It is a piece of art. A poetry. A story. A song.


If you need some pointers to understand silhouette shots better so that you can work with your photographer together to capture the right frame, we have your back.  


The Subject Matter: The choice of the subject is one of the two very important components of a silhouette shot, the second being the lighting. Having the couple in a distinct pose that defines the lines is crucial for the photos to come out clear, the silhouettes can't take textures, colors, and tones into consideration and the lines of the subject are all it has to go by. This means you and your spouse might have to experiment with some specific poses which bring out the outlines and angles more. 

The Right Light: The lighting is of pivotal significance in silhouette photography. Be careful to not use flash, as it will ruin the silhouette in a heartbeat. The formula for the perfect shot is to get as little light between the subject and the camera and a strong source of light behind it. The ideal situation is to have the subject in front of the rising or the setting sun. However, even having a strong artificial light behind the subjects can also do the job. Strategic use of a tunnel of a shaded area with strong lighting behind will also accomplish the same effect.

The Perfect Frame: The silhouette is not all about the subject, it’s about everything which assembles a frame. It is equally about the background and everything around working in a perfect balance to create the perfect frame. The oranges and purples from the setting sun, the flying birdie in the distance, or any props used in the picture (bicycle, the pretty dress, a bouquet of balloons, etc) all come together for a perfect frame.

Time of the Day: While you can create artificial lighting to create amazing silhouette shots, there is something about the dark silhouette of a couple in love against the raging colors of the setting sun which cannot be denied. Catching the sky in its colorful best can be a great idea, so make sure to schedule your engagement session or plan your wedding timeline accordingly. The swirling colors and the drama of the dark silhouette are a match made in heaven.


Your wedding photography will be complete with the perfect silhouette shot of you and your partner and this one will surely be the one for the frames! But getting that perfect shot is teamwork and working with your wedding photographer with a clear vision and a flexible approach can work wonders. Check out this jaw-dropping silhouette wedding photo ideas which you can incorporate for your big day.


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