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Tim and Sarah's Classic Romance in the heart of Philadelphia!


While life bears many gifts, love is the prettiest gift in the most charming bow! Love stories let us believe in the magic of love and how two people come together to create a life of their own. No matter how many love stories we might have witnessed, it is something that never loses its charm and feels fresh and new every time. This is exactly why we are crazy about weddings and can't get over the romantic start of a new journey that two love-struck people embark on. Weddings are enchanting as each wedding murmurs a different love story, unique in their own special way. Sarah and Tim's story seems to be a specially charming one, as it makes us clutch our hearts and go "aww" over and over again! A gorgeous couple with a nod to all things classic while being unique in their own special way, this is a couple that will have you feeling all warm and happy even on the coldest of days. Don't be surprised if you find yourselves rooting for this charming duo, irrespective of whether or not you know them. Let us take a peek at Sarah and Tim's special day and their fun Philly nuptials!


The gorgeous couple chose Philadelphia as the perfect setting for their special day. Having their heart set in the bustling city of Philadelphia, it's obvious that the city did not disappoint. Philadelphia is a gorgeous city painted with jaw-dropping skylines and the lovely hues of blue from the Schuylkill River. A city which is blooming with pretty views and will reward you with gorgeous panoramas from all around, there can't be a better spot for a couple in long to tell their story! A photographer’s dream come true, Philadelphia is gorgeously photogenic and provides awe-inspiring captures every single time without fail. A city that exhibits an intriguing historic past and yet refreshingly modern, Philadelphia is surely a multi-faceted city, both socially and culturally. It has a multifaceted personality which makes it so appealing and unique, rendering in stunning pictures to be captured by our professional Philadelphia photographer. Located just a road trip away from New York City, Philadelphia is also just an hour drive away from the blue waterline and a quick drive away from the magnificent countryside, making it a suitable place to be in. The city of Philadelphia’s rich art scene and exciting diversity make it invigorating and uplifting. For the lovers in the city, there are many things to do and see here, each equally pretty as the last, leading to astounding captures. From the stunning Art Museum to The Franklin Institute, from the enriching artsy cafes to the compelling shows, Philly guarantees to show one good time and picture-perfect setting. Whether you are hoping for a candid engagement photo session or the perfect location for your wedding day, the city is equipped and will wow you with its spell!


This Philly couple chose the perfect wedding venue for their special day. The Arts Ballroom is a charming venue that proved to be the perfect setting for this lovely couple, offering the epitome of elegance and grace. This eternally classic wedding venue is based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, located near the Avenue of the Arts. For couples who always dreamt of an elegant ballroom-style wedding, this is the perfect spot to host a stunning wedding. It is easily accessible and is in close proximity to numerous renowned spots in the city, including Broad Street; Love and Dilworth Parks; and Washington Square, all of which make attractive backdrops for wedding photographs. The building was envisioned as a hotel in 1923 and grasps the charm and taste of the French-inspired architecture and decor. Bought in 2008 by Indian Creek Investments, LLC, it was then redesigned by Spector Design Company into the gorgeous event space it is today. In 2015, JoyArt, LLC transitioned to supervising the building’s operations in order to keep its exemplar, timeless ambiance thriving. Capturing the charm of a bygone era, the Arts Ballroom Catering and Events is a wonderful setting for life’s glorious occasions. Their 1920’s-inspired art deco building emphasizes a two-story Grand Ballroom, lounge, and mezzanine, and gorgeous Sylvania Ballroom with lavish mirrors to provide an even more open appearance. It features a gorgeous signature granite staircase, mirrored Sylvania Cocktail Room, lounge, and mezzanine overlooking the full venue. The highly customizable 10,000 square foot space accommodates best to events from 100-450 guests. Arts Ballroom can contain up to 230 wedding attendees in their Grand Ballroom. With bright walls, soothing ambient lighting, and an unbelievable dance floor, this Ballroom radiates elegance and refinement. Ideal to host indoor weddings, couples will be greeted with mahogany doors, French acoustic ceilings, cherry hardwood floors, and a flair of modern style. The grand granite staircase supplements a touch of timeless glamor and romance as the bride descends to walk down the aisle. Arts Ballroom provides exceptional service to every single one of their couples. They love presenting a whimsical and grand luxury adventure for all of their guests. Their staff's sweet and welcoming nature makes this venue corresponding to your every need and wishes for your wedding. The venue’s wedding packages include services such as a custom wedding cake, open bar, and catering and staff to help make planning easy and flawless. This venue serves perfectly curated menus couples love, offering several custom catering combinations for weddings. Choosing this perfect Philly wedding venue seems to have taken Sarah and Tim’s special day to a new level altogether!


On the wedding day, the morning dawned sunny and bright in this Philadelphia wedding venue, and the lovely couple started getting ready for the lovely day ahead! Sarah and her girl gang started getting ready in their beautiful robes and our Philadelphia wedding photographer captured the moment in a beautiful frame. While her girls donned beautiful red floral robes and the flower girl wore a pretty pink one, our bride-to-be wore a pretty white robe to mark the day! Soon Sarah got ready and wore her beautiful trumpet style white wedding dress with simple no-fuss elegant lines and romantic off-the-shoulder sleeves details. The slight train of the dress added just the right amount of drama. She dressed up the look with a classy bridal updo with runaway curls framing her face in the most romantic way and simple jewelry. The bridal bouquet is a gorgeous bunch of red and white flowers with a touch of greenery in there. While the outfit was perfect for the indoor gathering of her wedding day, Sarah kept the nip in the air away with a gorgeous faux fur wrap pinned over her shoulder to keep the cold away. Her bridesmaids all looked stunning in maroon floor-length dresses with crisp white scarfs to keep them snug. Our handsome groom, Tim looked dashing in his gorgeous US Army uniform, adding a dash of national pride to their special day. His groomsmen were all wearing similar uniforms except for one, and completed the picture perfectly!. There is something about a bride with her army man groom which strikes a chord and makes for an emotional moment, and our wedding photographers in and around Philadelphia did the perfect job of capturing the magic in their frames. 


Before the ceremony started, the wedding photographers in Philadelphia snapped some getting-ready captures of both the bride and the groom, and some group captures, including the wedding party and the families. The couple also met outside the wedding venue for some scenic couple photography. The fall colors and the gorgeous setting provided the perfect backdrop for the couple to get some timeless pictures in. After the pictures, the couple went back indoors for the wedding ceremony to commence, and the place was done up in an elegant and understated glamor, something which will never go out of style! Tall floral arrangements in the perfect combinations of white, pink, and red flowers added a sense of uniformity and glamor to the setting. Sarah wore a beautiful cascading veil for her wedding ceremony, and the couple looked absolutely charming! The couple exchanged their vows among their close ones and sealed the union with a kiss, and were soon declared married! 


The ceremony led to the wedding reception, another stunning affair decorated with a tasteful classy hand. We love the table setting which was brightened up with the contrasting hues of white and red and the elegant and romantic white wedding cake which was adorned with pink and red roses. However, our absolute favorite element of the wedding reception is the sweetheart table, which was decorated with minimal white lanterns featuring glowing white candles and the tell-tale “Mr & Mrs'' sign. The precious moments of the wedding reception were captured with grace and elegance, and the first dance moment was absolutely beautiful. We also love that the groomsmen toasts and speeches were also captured in lovely frames. Needless to say, there was an easy elegance and class which flowed through the whole affair, starting from the choice of the wedding venue, to the decor choices. From the tasteful captures to artful backdrops, every sight in this classic wedding is the kind to be cherished forever!


A wedding day is surely hectic and a blur of 24 hours of your lifetime, as one event glides into the other creating a happy blur of activities. While it is truly the happiest day of your life potentially, sometimes the day might feel a little surreal like it is moving too fast and you are losing all these beautiful moments in the race against time. With multiple things needing your attention at a time, the nerves and the emotions run high, it is not surprising when your memory fails to quite remember all the big and little bits of the special day. Thank god for pictures that you don't have to rely on your memory to look back on your wedding day. A perfectly curated wedding album and the stunningly pieced together wedding video is all it takes to take you back to your wedding day, even decades down the lane. A perfect wedding album enables you to hold onto those precious pearls of memories from your wedding day, which will be otherwise lost forever. By seizing them in a wedding album, you get to hold on to them for years to come, remember and relive those delicate memories. Our Philadelphia wedding photographers have done a wonderful job of capturing beautiful moments of Sarah and Tim's special day in the most impressive frames. We adore a gorgeous couple of photographs in the different settings, each one more beautiful than the last, the beautiful cityscapes, the lush greenery, the elegant venue interiors, and more. From the bright sunshine pouring down on them to the cozy corners that the venue exteriors offer, from the trees with changing colors to the pristine water in the background, every frame is captured with stunning expertise and authority. When the dust settles and the couple heads homeward, these pictures will still tell the story of the bright and sunny day where they promised " I do"!

Every wedding is beautiful and glorious in its own special way. While every wedding celebration is heartwarming and wonderful, there are some which touch us in a distinctive way. Sarah and Tim's wedding day appears to fit squarely in the latter segment, and it's easy to see why! There is a classic timeless way about them which makes them so likable, but they also have a unique specialty about them, making them stand out in a special way. We love the shine and twinkle in their eyes when they look at each other and their future ahead together, and the way they make the classic and elegant look a bit more updated and contemporary, making them memorable. As elegant and timeless as roses, this is a couple that will keep on blooming in their own special way, and is surely heading towards a beautiful future ahead of them!


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