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12 Wedding Locations with Views to Take Your Breath Away!


Do you know what is better than a wedding with the love of your life? A wedding with the love of your life and with a breathtaking view in the background! A wedding is magical enough as it is, but when it comes placed in the most out-of-the-world locations, it is extra precious and magical! Our planet is truly beautiful and comes with little pockets of heavenly beauty, be it laps of ocean waves and sandy beaches, sweeping waterfalls or enchanting woods! Witnessing one natural beauty on the same screen as another natural miracle is truly a treat! 

 A wedding day doesn’t occur often in one’s life and the couples are looking for options to make their special day more memorable to the point of being awe-inspiring. It is heartening that so many couples are opting for more non-traditional locations for their wedding day, and everything from snow-capped mountains to towering waterfalls is finding its way to wedding albums more so often! Not only is it an experience which etches itself in your life for a long while, but it also adds a sense of thrill and awe to your wedding day.

 Let us have a closer look at some of the amazing locations that boast stunning backdrops and can provide the perfect setting for your special day, as we have some gems in store for you! Are you ready? Let’s dive in!


 Andaz Mayakoba

If you are a big fan of white beaches and the scintillating ocean breeze, you might have just found your place in Andaz Mayakoba. Situated in Solidaridad, Mexico, this location can bring your beach wedding dreams to life! Can you imagine how the sand will glow white on your wedding day and the water in the background will lap about lazily as you say your vows? The brilliant turquoise from the Caribbean waters paints a serene picture for your special day and the silently brewing ocean air feels great on your hair while you hold your partner’s hand. Add fairy lights to the background to complete the picture. The swaying palm trees and peachy setting sun will add that vacation wedding character to your wedding album.


 620 Loft & Garden

Smack dab in the middle of New York, this location comes with dramatic city skylines and a modern garden amidst the city humdrum. Boasting gorgeously manicured gardens with sparkling fountains and sheets of reflective water bodies, this classically built loft-size venue takes one’s breath away! The St. Patrick’s Cathedral in the background looks absolutely gorgeous and the streaming light in the open-plan location is bright and airy and virtually looks like you have stepped into another world altogether. You and your guests will feel like you all are suspended mid-air, as you get the gorgeous views from the tall skyscraping building along with plunging views of the busy New York going about its day! The overall effect is surreal!


 Camp Navarro

Have you been the couple who is forever enthralled by the wild side of nature? Situated amidst the redwoods in the Anderson Valley, Camp Navarro is spread over 200-acres of forest and is the perfect location for a wedding that will have you spellbound. 

Home to many cabins and glamping tents, this location is quite popular in Philo, California, and we surely see why! Surrounded by the towering redwoods and situated in a cozy fork by the Navarro River, this location is surely a treat to the nature lovers. Let the away-from-the-world feeling of the location teamed with the woodsy shadows broken by the delicate streaming of the sunshine pouring in through the tree leaves make your wedding day a truly memorable experience. 


 Gorrono Ranch

If it is the mountains that make your eyes light up like a thousand skies, Gorrono Ranch can be just the place for you! With stunning views of San Juan mountain range, this location in Telluride, Colorado is quite a treat! From swaying pinewoods to snow-capped mountains, quaint houses and a trail of wispy fog everywhere, Gorrono Ranch truly wraps up the best of nature in one pretty packaging. Let your wedding day be a retreat for you and your guests as you get closer to the elements of nature. The logwood cabins and stone architectural structures make the location truly inviting and cozy. Let the heights of the mountains bring an element of serenity and peace to your wedding day.


Hey Babe Ranch

Sitting on the foothills of the eastern end of San Diego, this place for sure looks like it is right out of a storybook. Taking you on the slower-paced lifestyles of the yesteryears, this place surely puts a halt on time. Featuring a western barn with rougher edges and the most epic views, this location is surely a winner in our books. Adorned with time-worn cedars and tin roofs, this place surely packs a lot of character into your wedding day, as you celebrate your love story. Hey Babe Ranch has that aura about it that makes you feel like you have stepped into a western movie. This is the perfect landscape for you to live your Southern dreams. Catch the best of the location as the sun starts to set as the golden hours fill in the Dehesa Valley with an iridescent light, setting the sky on fire. The views from the location are worth the hype and will surely set your heart racing. 


 The Little Nell

This is one of the famous spots in Aspen, Colorado and for all the apt reasons. The view is absolutely breathtaking and is enough decor to dress up any location. The guests are on for an adventure as they are first assisted in a gondola ride up to the 11,212 feet elevation in the Aspen Mountains so as to reach the ceremony destination at the Wedding Deck. The high rising mountains are huge and snowy and the lush evergreen foliage surrounds you from all around. The pine trees keep swaying and the deck is backed by an awesome view that the guests will be facing towards. Can you think of a better place to say your vows, because we are sure as hell you can’t! This is one location that looks too perfect to the point of almost looking unreal, the knee-jerking views of the Maroon Bells and the Rocky Mountains frame your vision!


 The Ranch at Rock Creek

This is one location that seems to have literally everything! Endless rolling valleys, open skies, the forest at a distance and the welcoming river, this location is surely a complete package on its own. You can almost imagine the openness of the location embracing you, as you promise forever to your partner under the open skies. There is nothing short of extraordinary about this place, that’s for sure. The Ranch takes you to the western settings of the yesteryears but is still heartwarmingly close to the natural elements. Whether it is under the blue summer sky, or the great white snow-covered outdoors of the winter, this location surely has a charm of its own which is irreplaceable and undeniably magical. Surround yourself with mountain air, close clans and drop-dead beauty of this location, and you will be creating memories to last a lifetime.


 Malibu Rocky Oaks Estate Vineyards

Soak into the Malibu sun in this striking location of Malibu Rocky Oaks Estate Vineyards and you will feel like you have reached paradise. One of the high-rated vineyard venues, this location showcases picturesque views of the Santa Monica Mountains. You will surely feel like you have been suspended in thin air, as this high-land location truly provides you a sky-high experience. With rolling hills to as far as eyes can see, this location is a treat to the eyes. The view from the ceremony location as the sun sinks for the day is mind-blowing. The caramel glow spreads over the area, lighting the hills up with a golden glow. Malibu Rocky Oaks Estate Vineyards is sure worth exploring as it will instantly transform your wedding day to a magical fairytale that you always wished for.


 Blackberry Farm

Situated in the Great Smoky Mountains, Blackberry Farm which found its origin in a wild blackberry bramble, it has now evolved into a luxury farm and a 4,200-acre estate. And definitely not one of the run-down farms, as it is famous for hosting from Luke Bryan concerts to Billy Reid fashion shows and everything in between. The Southern charm of the venue is backed strongly by a stunning backdrop and the effect is forever going to be etched on your mind. Sitting in the lap of nature, this location surely takes the cake as one of the most stunning venues around the Smoky Mountains area. Take an oath in this breathtaking location as you hold your partner’s hand forever and walk towards your happily ever after.



Picturesque restored barns settled in the mountainous surrounding, Hayfield is surely a place that will take your breath away! Adorned with sweeping wild grasses, expanse, and aging trees which have stood the test of time, this location is a total sensory experience. This Catskill State Park venue has a setting that reminds you of an Italian village you have never been in! And all this without having to go anywhere. The sun shines and the whole venue glows like it has a halo over it. The lush greenery, the simple country setting, and the storybook setting make Hayfield a perfect venue for your wedding day. The outdoor dinner settings are just perfect for your wedding reception, as the sun plays peek-a-boo and finally dips into the horizon. Situated in the Maplecrest area, this location gives you the perfect prairie farm vibes and makes you think of Enid Blyton books.


 Frederick Loewe Estate

Step into this Palm Springs wedding venue, and you will be caught aback by the stunning sights of the rolling mountains and the blinding blue streaky skies. Sitting pretty on a hillside spot, this estate offers unmatched mind-blowing views of the San Jacinto Mountains and looks further into the Coachella Valley. The sights are sure to make you sigh and you can instantly yourself say your vows in this gorgeous location. From bordered backdrops to the endless mountains on the horizon, this location will have you and your guests drop the jaws in a second. With staggeringly beautiful indoors and outdoors, this location will surely have you hooked in no time. Adorned by the most perfect white indoor venue and peppered by the palm trees in the trademark California fashion, Frederick Loewe Estate is a much-coveted spot for many engaged couples in California and beyond.


 San Ysidro Ranch

Eons away from the LA city lights and the busy lifestyle, this ravishing location seems to be lost in the lanes of time. It draws a strong contrast as it provides a recluse from the blur and lets you breathe a little deeper. With picturesque views of the Channel Islands and the striking canyons under the Eucalyptus canopies, San Ysidro Ranch is a treat for the sore eyes which are used to the bustling cities. Having this location as your wedding location will ensure you get the most striking and memorable views as you kiss your partner after you say ‘I do’. With breathtaking vistas of the famed Santa Ynez mountain range and the whiff of fragrant magnolia and orange blossoms in the air, this location surely takes you to a natural paradise.

 Weddings with a view paint a pretty picture in your guests’ minds and will forever leave an impression. It’s like the act of making a promise towards a forever, as the whole of nature comes to be a witness to your love story! Just imagine saying ‘I do’ as the powdery sprinkles from a majestic waterfall create a halo around you and your partner! Or saying ‘till death do us part’ as the crisp air gives you goosebumps and fog lifts and hangs around you like a cushiony cloud while the age-old towering mountain paints the perfect picture for you!


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