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Juliette and Anthony’s Timeless Urban Chicago Wedding


While we are on this journey together, carefully navigating the lows and celebrating the highs that life throws at us, it is the enchanting love stories that add the essential flavors to our lives. Love has a way of spreading smiles to the faces, mending the broken, and fixing everything! The simple yet complicated theory of two people discovering each other among many and choosing to stick together for the rest of their life in each other’s company is just so incredible! Clearly, we are huge enthusiasts of love and marriage and the fact that every story is distinctive and special is just astounding. Juliette and Anthony's love story looks like a compelling one and their Chicago wedding looks like it is borrowed from the pages of a storybook. We love a lovely cathedral wedding and we love how the city played the perfect canvas to a couple of lovers. Elegant, charming, and timeless, this is a wedding that will stay in our minds for a long while. Whether you are a stranger or the couple’s friend, this is one couple that you will find yourself rooting for regardless! Maybe it's the peek-a-boo waterlines, maybe it is the jaw-dropping details of the ceremony, or maybe it's the classic wedding reception to bring the night to an end, every bit of this wedding day is nothing less than phenomenal. Let us take a dip into this gorgeous couple's special day and look a little more closely.

Juliette and Anthony chose the beautiful city of Chicago as the setting for their love story, and of course, the gorgeous city provided the best of options. There is no doubt that any couple will be spoilt for choice when it comes to options for wedding venues in Chicago or even engagement photo locations in the city. The stunning city is full of scenic locations for engagement as well as weddings, and Chicago will never fall short in its commitment to deliver a good time. Bringing to the table some world-class architecture and remarkable artwork, along with a variety of statues and sculptures, Chicago is rich in exceptional elements that provide the city its character and stature. A recluse for lovers and an inspiration for photographers, Chicago is admittedly an impressive city to look at, with every sight jaw-dropping and good enough to be seized and framed in one’s living room. Fondly named ‘Windy City’, Chicago comes with its trademark breeze which can intensify to a temperamental wind depending on the time of the year, conceiving a hauntingly arresting picture. Home to some of the most epic skylines, Chicago also flaunts some of the most gorgeous sunsets, saturating the city in its enchanting glory every evening! In addition to those pretty cityscapes, the Windy City also is home to stunning pieces of architecture, be it the Cloud Gate or the Sears Tower. It also contains touristy spots like the Navy Pier or the Shedd Aquarium, making the city a fun adventure that guarantees to leave behind only good recollections and a feel-good feeling. Located by the stunning Lake Michigan, celebrated for its energetic arts scene, diverse cultural attractions, and fine shopping options, Chicago is abundant in its richness and holds a worldwide reputation as a focal point of 20th-century architecture and art. Architects like Louis Sullivan and Frank Lloyd Wright, and artists like Picasso and Chagall, among others, have left their mark here. The city is big in the sports atmosphere too, with the Chicago Bears in American football, the Chicago White Sox and Cubs in baseball, and the Chicago Bulls in basketball being well-received and cherished all around the country. Chicago is full of life and a city that always has something to do, from its dazzling white-sand beaches and parks and museums. Having a vibrant city full of vitality and charm, Chicago featured in their love story, our couple cannot be any luckier! 


Juliette and Anthony, our lovely couple chose some of the most beautiful locations in Chicago as their wedding venues. Both the locations were breathtakingly beautiful, they pictured beautifully too. Their wedding ceremony happened at St. Michael's Cathedral in Old Town, Chicago while the wedding reception was hosted in The Congress Plaza Hotel & Convention Center. The Congress Plaza Hotel is a lovely hotel wedding venue situated near Grant Park, offering striking views of Lake Michigan. This hotel is situated just off of South Michigan Avenue, across from East Congress Plaza Drive, and is just a few minutes away on foot. The hotel offers an opulent atmosphere to all its guests. The lobby comes with beautiful marble features and sparkly chandeliers, and the tastefully curated suites provide a luxurious recluse to the guests and the couple, making for a comfortable stay. For a lovely reception, a couple can choose the gorgeous Gold Room, which exudes an opulent and warm ambiance. Congress Plaza Hotel offers 23 stunning areas for a wide variety of occasions. The Gold Room accommodates up to 400 guests, the Florentine Room is perfect for slightly more intimate celebrations with up to 300 individuals for ceremonies and 180 for receptions. Other smaller rooms such as the Francis, Belmont, or Plaza rooms are also available, all with a stunning, panoramic view of the city skyline. The couples also have the option of using the Rendezvous Space for a cocktail hour. Overall, the reception venue is perfect for any wedding theme or style one might have in mind. 


On the day of the wedding, the couple got ready bright and early for the exciting day ahead. Juliette got her hair and makeup done in a simple pair of black leggings and a white tank top that read “Bride.” Soon she changed into a gorgeous A-line wedding gown with strappy sleeves and a sparkly belt adorning her waist. The skirt of the dress flowed out and cascaded behind her as she walked, making her look like a princess. Her hair was arranged in a chic chignon and her jewelry was limited to a pair of sparkly earrings and an engagement ring. A bouquet of classic white roses and a gorgeous veil on her head completed Juliette’s look perfectly. The bridesmaids wore floor-length dresses which were in a stunning gray shade and they all carried white bouquets. Anthony looked sharp in his classic black suit, with a crisp white shirt, white pocket squares, and black bow. A white boutonniere finished his look and he also added suspenders to his trousers to add a bit of quirk to his look, and the effect was gorgeous. The groomsmen all matched the groom in the suits and suspenders, but they switched up the bows and favored the neckties instead. Together they were a handsome bunch and the Chicago wedding photographers did a perfect job capturing the candid moments of the men. The wedding party together complemented each other beautifully, with neutral formal shades of color, exuding an easy elegance that flowed through the entire wedding. 


After the wedding party was ready, the beautiful couple met in the lovely St. Michael's Cathedral for their wedding ceremony. The indoor was beautiful and surreal and every picture from the ceremony was just mind-blowing. After the vows were exchanged and the first kiss as husband and wife was done, the couple, along with the wedding party, posed for some fun group captures outside the ceremony venue! The family pictures were taken and the couple posed with the bridesmaids and groomsmen for some amazing pictures which will forever be cherished. After the wedding ceremony, everybody headed down to the reception venue, The Congress Plaza Hotel. The couple posed for some amazing portraits outside the venue, with the city blurred in the background, giving those couple pictures quite the urban Chicago vibe that we adore! The cars in the backdrop, the traffic lights, the glass buildings, and the sunshine pouring in, all added to the effect. They also posed in the wide-open terrace space which offered beautiful views of the water lines and made a striking background for some timeless group photography. We love the close-up couple portraits that our professional and affordable wedding photographers in Chicago captured and the silhouette pictures taken against the shimmering water


After the pictures were done, the group headed inside to join the guests for the wedding reception celebrations. The event place was decorated classically and elegantly, with white flowers, gold accents, and a bit of greenery here and there. The couple went in and cut their wedding cake- a four-tiered white cake with a few white flowers here and there. After the cake-cutting, the couple took their seats at their sweetheart table, which was decorated beautifully with foliage, white blooms, and white candles. After the wedding toast, the couple had their first dance, and as they swayed to the music, the look on their faces was beautifully captured by our skilled Chicago wedding photographers. 


Weddings take months of planning, with tiny attention to detail and several elements of micromanagement going into the preparation process. Weddings are undoubtedly one of the most significant days of your lives, and it is a day that will go down in our calendars as a day to be celebrated, bringing with it tons of memories that you will be revisiting for decades to come. This basically is the day you will look back on and celebrate every year, with long dinner dates, gifts, and flowers. While you will have a lot of memories stored away in your mind, wedding photographs sure help! Wedding photographs are more than just a click, and are rather time capsules, forever sealing your special day in beautiful captures, and taking you back to that special day whenever you want. So choosing the right wedding photographers makes all the difference. Our professional Chicago wedding photographers have done a phenomenal job of seizing the precious moments of Juliette and Anthony's wedding day, in the most classic frames. We love the moments like the shimmering waterline in the backdrop, the cityscape making an appearance in the couple portraits, and the detail shots which are absolutely perfect! The clean and airy outdoor setting brought in a lot of natural lighting for our wedding photographers in the Chicago suburbs to seize the best captures and the classic minimal indoor shots ended up looking just perfect. From the stunning detail shots to the delicate moments, everything is seized by our wedding photographers in and around Chicago with an expert hand, assuring that the moment gets to live on forever.


While every love story is heartwarming and lovely, there are some which affect us in a way others couldn’t. Juliette and Anthony's beautiful Chicago wedding sure fits squarely in the later section. There is a classically understated love and beauty to the couple which pierces through the pictures and reaches out to you. We love seeing their eyes spark up when they look at each other and their plans for the wedding ahead. We love the timeless allure which will forever be refreshing to the subtle romantic feels which make one feel like they are in a romantic movie. Like a warm drink after a cold snowy walk, this is a wedding day that makes us feel warm right to our soul and fills us up with joy and love. There is something truly stirring about this couple, the environment that they chose, and the way they communicate with each other, and we are elated to see them walk away into their promising tomorrow with hope and love in their hearts.


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