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Floral Trends for the New Year


Blushing roses and tall elegant lilies, lush peonies, quaint lilies of the valley, or a disheveled array of wildflowers, flowers have us wrapped around its fingers (or stalks!), won't you say? From being the words to the lover’s expression to being an adornment to a pretty girl’s flowing hair, flowers, just by blooming, make the world a better place! A bouquet from your loved one, a bunch of freshly-picked daisies from your cute-as-a-button nephew, a single long rose between the pages of your current read, reminding you of your highschool romance, flowers have a way of making one feel a certain type of way. Nature’s decoration for this lovely blue planet, the sheer beauty of flowers never cease to amaze our curious hearts. So when the day you are to be married with the love of your life rolls in, what better means of decoration than flowers? Not only does it add color and softness to your wedding day, but it also acts as an important element to tie in with the rest of the wedding theme. While flowers have been used in weddings for centuries, floral wedding trends tend to change quite often, bringing in new ways of displaying blooms every year. If you are getting married next year, we have some of the fine picks of 2021 wedding trends in the flower department so that you can plan your wedding aesthetic appropriately. After the year that 2020 has been, we all need the cheer of colorful flowers, right? Whether you are planning an elopement, or a charming backyard wedding, a big re-do of your wedding reception, or a court wedding, you will find the flowers which will elevate your special day here. So relax, sit back, and let's talk flowers!

Inspired by nature

Did you hear? Whimsy is predicted to be a trend in the coming year with the bridal buzzwords being simple, natural, and ethereal, and we are here for it. With 2020 seeing a shift in the wedding structure from being a formal event to being a more informal and intimate gathering, couples are embracing whimsical styles and laid-back arrangements which aren't too stuffy or serious. With the whimsical touch trickling down to every element of a wedding, whimsical floral is here to stay and charm! This a variety of different textures in nature, like fragrant eucalyptus or soft and dreamy pampas grass, bleached ferns, and sweet blooms, ensuring you are piecing in diverse pieces together to create a stunning picture. Loosely-gathered centerpieces and bridal bouquets that look just-foraged and not too perfect is the effect we are going for, and we assure the impact will be sweet and romantic. Flowers like delphinium, poppies, sunflowers, baby's breaths, and a lot of foliage are claimed to be favorites of many.

Ceremony Backdrops

Over-the-top wedding ceremony backdrops will be the most popular 2021 wedding flower trends, a relapse from the zoom weddings, and virtual ceremonies that 2020 brought in. Ceremony backdrops provide the perfect frame for the couple to say their vows and make a perfect backdrop for wedding photography as well. Altars and arches with strong geometrical structures or whimsical moon gates are taking center stage, but that is not all. Overhanging flower installations, flower walls and such are also showing up in myriad different colors. 2021 sure pays special attention to the statement ceremony backdrops, from avant-garde to whimsical and ethereal, and the effect promises to be noteworthy, memorable, and nothing less than extraordinary. 


Encased Florals

One of the fascinating trends of 2021 is the encased florals, and we can't rave about it enough. There is something about a delicate lone flower being encased in a glass vessel that instantly makes it worthy of a fairytale or a museum-like it's something so rare and beautiful that it has to be preserved from the elements of nature or curious hands. The encased floral trend can go several different ways, as you can make it a part of your table centerpieces with a minimal flower encased romantically, or you can go for big dramatic displays of bouquets. No matter how you execute it, it will be dramatic and huge on impact and dress up the cocktail bar, and wow your guests. 


Sun Palms

Sun palms, with their striking fan-shaped leaves and a diverse and stunning personality, can add to your autumn wedding bouquet greatly. Sun palms make the perfect fillers and accessories for wedding floral arrangements and have a unique presence of its own. Whether dried or used fresh, sun palms are the new statement flowers that will blow up in 2021! Whether you are going for a tropical theme with vibrant sun palms to run the theme home, or you are using the dried sun palms for your bohemian wedding, it is a floral addition which is uniquely different, yet surprisingly diverse. If you are using dried flowers for your wedding day, these beauties can add texture to your floral wedding aesthetics, leaving behind quite an impact in the minds of your guests. 


Painted blooms

Give the ordinary blooms a facelift by painting them the color you fancy! A stunning trend that looks magical and is easy to execute, painted flowers is seeing a huge surge, and understandably so. It's amazing how just a spray of paint can amp up otherwise ordinary blooms and arrangements, giving them a unique blend burst of whimsy and flair. One of the popular selections in the painted flower trend is the baby’s breath, as it is a burst of small flowers, hence it is easy to execute and incredibly affordable, and still holds its shape throughout the process, and when done, it looks enchanting and out-of-the-world. Spray painting the flowers is a ridiculously easy way to add razzle-dazzle to your wedding day, match your specific color theme and do so without much fuss and expense. Go for bright pops of color, or so soothingly pastel, stick to earthy hues or add metallic accents to the look. Whatever you do, your end result will end up looking stunning. 

Flowers on the plate

It seems like we have all collectively decided that there is nothing like too many flowers in a wedding, and it can be incorporated into the menu as well. With the first step being made towards wedding cakes, edible flowers are popping up everywhere on the menu lately- from wedding cocktails to delicate starters, and everything in between. While having flowers at your dinner table is not a new concept, and has been done for ages, it is seeing a sudden spotlight recently as a wedding trend, and we aren't complaining! From flowers infused in salads, cocktails, and ice creams, to aromatic dishes cooked in lavender, dandelions, marigolds, chamomile, among other blooms make a yummy treat too, while looking pretty as a picture, and will be memorable.


Put it on a hoop

Are you a bride who likes to do things differently? Have your bridesmaids skip the traditional bouquet and carry hoop bouquets instead! A metal hoop adorned with flowers is a sleek addition to the wedding party's attire and will add a bit of quirk to your wedding day. Hoops are big in trend now, be it as a ceremony backdrop or as bouquets, and can provide a refreshing shift from the ordinary. You can have fresh flowers or dried flowers on the hoop. Not only do they add spunk to your bridesmaids’ attire, but they make adorable keepsakes too!


When flowers run dry

There is a different beauty in a flower that dried away and still stands as a reminiscence of the glory lost. Using dried flowers and greenery at weddings gives it a whimsical and unique look which is hard to replicate elsewhere. Previously used in vintage and rustic wedding styles, dried flowers, and dried greenery are now making a strong appearance again in several different wedding themes, be it bohemian, minimalistic, or even classic. Every type of dried flower suits different weddings differently, whether it is dried lavender, baby’s breath, roses, or whether it is dried foliage like eucalyptus, pampas grass, and palm leaves. Not only do they give a wedding a unique and special frozen-in-time feel, but dried flowers are also great as special keepsakes for the couple. The beauty of dried flowers lies in the mismatched mix of shades and textures, so don't shy away from layering different textures. 


Cloudy flowers

While going minimal is a perfectly legitimate option for 2021, there is also this extravagant flower clouds concept that promises to take your breath away. A breathtaking wedding floral trend introduced by the florist, Mary Lennox, flower clouds are gravity-defying puffy cloud-like florals and foliage installations which will make you feel as if you are just on a dreamy planet many light-years away from ours! This look can be created with many different floral options, from bleached amaranth flowers to spray-painted baby's breath, and fluffy pampas grass, and the impact is highly memorable and awe-inspiring! Highly enchanting, dreamy, full of whimsy and futuristic, flower clouds add that bit of pixie dust to your wedding day!


Pampas Grass

Pampas grass continues to hold its ground strongly as wedding trends come and go, and we are not surprised. Maybe it's the all-weather inclusivity that this fluffy beautify grass has, or maybe it's neutral coloring, but pampas grass adds a sense of "coolness" in all weddings, making them a go-to option in more and more weddings. If you are all in for the unique texture and whimsy that pampas grass provides, but not a fan of its neutral coloring and want something which matches with your wedding colors more, you can consider spray-painting them too- an instant solution to making flowers uniquely yours!


Sculptural installations

Flowers are pretty and all, but then there are floral installations that infuse nature with art to create sculptural installations that make you feel a certain kind of way. Floral sculptures have a life of their own and can speak volumes while adding drama to any wedding. Whether it is used as a ceremony backdrop or as a creeping mass wrapped around the bar or crawling up the stairways, it is sure to impress your guests and leave a lasting impression. If you are willing to let your floral installation be the talking points of your wedding day, go for a sculptural installation that will not only add to your wedding but make it memorable as well!

Sustainable is key

While not a floral trend, flowers sourced locally and sustainably is definitely a trend we are seeing a lot these days. While sustainable flowers are just a small element of sustainability as a whole at weddings, it is just as important. In an endeavor to limit or avoid wasting flowers couples are looking towards finding creative ways to decorate with more sustainable options. Whether it is decorating with potted plants or reusing the wedding flowers for different purposes, staying sustainably conscious is something that couples are more sensitized towards nowadays. Plants like cacti, air plants, and succulents are becoming go-to options, and renting indoor plants for reception areas is also becoming popular. If cut flowers have to be used, couples are going in to make that extra effort to find locally-sourced flowers and wildflowers, and flying in a rare or out of season flower is not something which is encouraged. 


The trends will ebb and trends will flow, but flowers in all its glorious flavors are sure to make an appearance as a couple says “I do”. Whether huge and dramatic, or small and wild, whether dried or spray-painted, flowers in 2021 are predicted to be new and wildly exciting and we can't wait! As the years progressed, the traditional way of arranging flowers has been constantly challenged and renovated, giving rise to a new and powerful wave of revolution in wedding flowers. Flowers now can be dramatic or frail and natural, architectural and dreamy, blend into the terrain or stand out, can be minimal or totally extra, and will still take your breath away. The wedding trends for 2021 in terms of flowers explore the creativity and drama that flowers can offer. With these flower trends, we are sure you will have a wedding day which will not only be pretty as a flower but also leave a massive impact.


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