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Sabrina & Christian’s Summer Wedding at The Vintage Rose in LA


Your wedding day is probably one of those handfuls of days that sparkle the brightest in the treasure chest of your life. Whether you have dreamed about this day since you were 10, or it has just recently chanced upon you, getting to spend the rest of your life in the company of a person who loves you dearly is a gift. We are lucky that we get to witness the coming together of two people in love as a part of our business. Every time we get to cover a couple who is so smitten by each other, everything else is nothing but a blur for them, it restores our faith in love, which might sometimes get a little jaded. Love restores and reinspires and leaves us smiling like a fool. Sabrina and Christian’s LA wedding is the one which had us sparkly-eyed and left our hearts full of joy. Perfect LA weather, bright fresh summer blooms, and a whole lot of love, this wedding is sure to sweep one right off their feet. Let us take a peek at this lovely couple’s gorgeous Los Angeles wedding!


Sabrina and Christina hosted their wedding in the land of palm trees and sunny days aka Los Angeles! A gorgeous city of artists and art, Los Angeles brings with it glorious tell-tale palm trees, warm weather, and the tinsel town “Hollywood” living and breathing just a drive away. A city where dreams come true, this is the home for dreamers and brilliantly creative minds, the city is a foster home of every aspiring talent and a playground of artists and canvas for their art. A city whispering enticing promises, Los Angeles is diverse and artistic, bringing with it bold strokes of character and texture to add to the fabric of your love story. Situated in the cusp of different terrains, LA gets the best of different worlds! Sitting right by the Pacific Ocean and adorned with beautiful mountains and deserts, LA is nothing less than a treasure trove for a couple in love. There is so much to experience here, from the exhilarating Disneyland Park to the magnificent Hollywood Sign, from the Griffith Observatory to the Universal Studies. Whether one is looking for the perfect location to frame their engagement photo session in or the most perfect place for hosting their dream wedding, LA will not only yield to the demands but will provide the most perfect backdrops as well. With so many amazing backdrops that the city provides, it is really no surprise that every picture of Sabrina and Christian’s wedding came out looking like an absolute dream.


Sabrina and Christian went for The Vintage Rose as their preferred wedding location and we couldn’t think of a more romantic location than this! Named after Rose, the owner, and founder of the company, this location is everything that even your most far-flung romantic dreams can encompass. Replicating the vintage wedding venue you will see in the heart of Paris, The Vintage Rose exudes romance in every frame. Perfect for the couple looking for an awesome wedding venue boasting rustic elegance, romance, and a venue that speaks to the heart. Offering wedding packages that are all-inclusive and stress-free, The Vintage Rose will have your heart as soon as you enter through these French blue doors! Whether you are hoping for an enchanting garden wedding or an evening gala, this is the answer to it all. Now also hosting micro-weddings, elopements, and backyard weddings, The Vintage Rose is the sure-fire way to create timeless memories on your special day. The charming wedding locations offer five event spaces, the Urban Barn primarily for ceremonies, a Cocktail Room for mingling and fun, the exquisite Ballroom, the Bridal Room, and the French-style patio with lighting. The Vintage Rose staff is committed to making your big day a roaring success. Providing the perfect balance of elegant old-world charm and romantic rustic flair, this is a venue that aims to please. There are several elements that make this wedding location stand out from the rest, and make it a little more endearing. Whether we talk about the gorgeous blue shutters which reminds one of the blue doors which one might come upon as they roam on the rural streets of Paris, or the grand gold drapes and the gold photo frames and mirror frames, making one think of romantic renaissance paintings. We love the balance of old and glamorous as opposed to clean and minimal that this place offers. All in all, this seemed to be the perfect place for Sabrina and Christian’s heart-melting wedding day and a beautiful place to start their happily-ever-after from!


The day of the wedding arrived with the fragrance of love in the air and the bright sunlight streamed down lovingly, making it a great day to tie the knot. The gorgeous couple got ready for the ceremony, each taking special care to look their best for their special ones. Sabrina did her hair and makeup in a silky white robe and soon stepped into a stunning white dress for the occasion. We are in love with the floaty A-line silhouette, the strappy details, and lacey bodice, which all worked together to give her that special look. The skirt of her dress had a romantic train which trailed behind her carefully and her veil was also long and floated behind as she walked down the aisle. Her long hair was tousled into romantic waves and arranged into a delicate half-updo and a stunning white hair accessory adorned her hair perfectly. Her makeup was delightfully feminine with touches of pink and a set of sparkly necklace and matching earrings completed the look. Sabrina carried a gorgeous bridal bouquet with a medley of colors like pink, orange, maroon, and yellow, and it tied together with the gorgeous floral decor in the wedding theme perfectly. The bridesmaids were all looking gorgeous, each wearing floor-length dresses in a different color and carrying similar bouquets. Christian looked dashing in a sharp three-piece suit, with a crisp white shirt, a purple neck-tie, and a stunning boutonniere with orange and maroon blooms. A sleek tie pin, white pocket square, and a pair of tan formal shoes tied in the look together. The groomsmen were all looking sharp in black suits and neck-ties and matching boutonnieres. The wedding party looked like a well-balanced painting, with vibrant strokes of colors and stoic neutral tones. The end result was a gloriously aesthetic!


After the duo was ready to get married, our Los Angeles wedding photographer captured some bridal portraits, some group photography of the bridal party, and some heart-warming first look photos. The bride and groom posed for some precious captures with their respective parents! Soon it was time for the ceremony, and the ceremony space looked like a dream. The white barn doors acted as the perfect arbor for the ceremony and the riots of flowers cascaded and laced the doors, providing the perfect summer wedding backdrop. The rose petals were strewn over the altar, the candles lining the way, and the floral glass lamps pulled the whole romantic look together beautifully. The gorgeous couple exchanged their vows and rings and kissed for the first time as a married couple, as the friends and family cheered them on. The couple was stolen away after the reception for some couple portraits by our LA wedding photographer. We loved the picture where Christian dipped his new bride down for a kiss, as the romantic floral barn door acted as the perfect frame. We also love the clean and fresh captures against the white rustic background and the rustic industrial lighting glowing down on them. The couple soon joined their guests for the wedding reception. They swayed together for their first dance and cut the cake among good company. We love the simple white three-tier cake with peach roses adorning it. 


One thing is for sure, you can’t ever have too much floral in a wedding! There is an effortlessly romantic look throughout the wedding, which is endearing. With the obvious explosion of flowers and the candles, that goes without saying, but the wedding doesn’t compromise on class. The minimal rustic touches balanced the theme perfectly. From the careful choice of the wedding venue to the deliberate choices in decor, everything worked together in perfect union to bring in a wedding which made a striking impact. From the personal touch added with the cute framed pictures of the couple in the welcome table to the romantic accents like the wrought iron birdcage and the tiny blue wired house, there is a lot of detail that went into the decor. We love the sweet table against the charming blue shutters and the romantic gold-framed mirrors highlighting the gorgeous wedding cake. There was grandeur, there were homely rustic undertones, there was a romantic French vibe, this was surely a wedding which feels like a romantic vacation to Paris and a garden wedding in an intimate barn, all at once, and we love it! 


It is truly fascinating how a countdown runs every day for months leading up to the wedding day, preparing to get everything in place and when the day finally arrives, it is over in the blink of an eye. The wedding day is one of the most precious days of one’s life and every moment is truly beautiful, but in hindsight, it is also chaotic and a giant blur of activities. While some moments stick out to you in your memories of the day, others are lost in the blur. This is exactly why getting those moments captured in perfect photographs is so crucial. A wedding photographer is no different from a time-traveler who captures those precious gems of moments from that day, taking you back to that moment at the moment in the past with great ease. For the rest of your happily-ever-after, you will be celebrating that same day with your partner, either toasting to it with your friends, over romantic dinner dates, or by cuddling together on your couch as you take a trip down the memory lane by flipping through your wedding album. Wedding photographs hold you by the hand and take you to your wedding day, validating the memories you vividly remember and recollecting the dusty memories you almost forgot about. Our Los Angeles wedding photographers took on this responsibility quite aptly and were able to capture the beautiful moments of Sabrina and Christina’s day in the most captivating photographs. From the gorgeous couple photography in the sunny outdoors to the stunning bridal party captures against the desert-like terrain, our LA wedding photographer did the perfect job of capturing the details of the wedding in the most flattering light. We love the clean couple portraits against the stark white backdrop and the romantic ones by the gorgeous blooms! The fresh and romantic vibe of the day is brought to life by some amazing captures with a skillful professional hand. From the stunning detail shots to capturing those tender moments, everything is caught by our wedding photographers in Los Angeles with an excellent touch, ensuring that every moment from the day lives on forever!


They say, there is nothing like a perfect wedding because every wedding is perfect in its own unique manner. Every couple has their own unique story, their own strengths, and weaknesses, and their own spark. Which is why even before the wedding day commenced, it was already a perfect wedding by definition, because two people who love each other immensely came together to make this work. However, talking about perfection, Sabrina, and Christian’s charming wedding is the closest thing to perfection that one can witness. Whether we talk about the gorgeous rustic background or the cascading blooms which seem to be a running theme, whether it is pristine backgrounds or the look they exchanged throughout the day, this is a wedding which puts the essence of perfection in every little detail! As the gorgeous couple head out to their promised happy ending, we hope their love keeps blooming forever!


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