The Grand Exit into Your Happily-Ever-After!

Congrats, blushing bride! The wedding went by like a dream and the reception was a busting event that you will forever think back on fondly. You are glowing from all the dancing and the champagne is leaving you feeling giddy and full of love and gratitude. The night comes to an end and your love holds your hands and tugs you towards the happily ever after and to finally take an exit. 


Exits at weddings are theatric and fun while being symbolic and full of meaning. It means literally stepping out of your singledom and into the life of being a wife. You leave the party on a high note, and all your guests huddle together to send you off with a final stroke of flair-wrapping up your wedding day in the perfect bow! It depicts the transition into something new and exciting-a heartfelt sendoff by your loved ones while you leap into your promised forever. 

As we take an exit from 2019 and are sent-off into the magical and promising 2020, let us go through some of our favorite exit shots from the year which we have loved:


Bubbles: Bubbles are a fun way to incorporate some playful whimsy into your wedding. Just imagine the magical charm of the bubbles blowing in the air, as the love of your life whisks you out into the unknown. Bubbles are easy to manage, are not messy and takes everybody on a joyride back to childhood.

Streamers: Add in that punch of celebration with colorful streamers to dress up your grand exit. It adds in a sprinkle of color and movement, giving the exit a truly celebratory feel. You can go for regular streamers or customize them with the wedding colors in mind!

Sparklers: It is physically impossible to feel unhappy around a sparkler. Go ahead, try! And when it is a bunch of your close ones holding our sparklers and sending you off-your heart will lift and you are sure to have a smile you can’t wipe out. Bonus-they look amazing in wedding photography especially when it’s a nighttime event. 

Balloons: Balloons are blatantly celebratory and nothing can hype up your grand exit as well as a cloud of balloons let out in the air as you ride off to your new chapter! It brings in a boost of color and that special blend of happy vibes that only balloons can bring.

Church exit: Live your favorite bridal chick-flick moment as you are whisked out of the church amidst the cheering crowd, and make a dramatic exit out of the church. It is timeless and classic and comes with a vintage vibe which translates amazingly into those wedding photos.

Flower petals: Flowers are everywhere at weddings! Why not succumb to them completely and use rose petals as confetti as the couple exit the venue? Not only does it make an amazing setting for wedding photography, but it is also a great touch for a spring wedding or a summer wedding and gives you the liberty to chose the color of the petals to match your vibe.

A champagne toast: What better way to kickstart your marriage that a champagne toast as you take your exit. This will certainly infuse some indulgence into your night and will make the new start feeling like a grand celebration of love. 


Grand exits are a great way to present yourselves as a newly married couple, be it after a wedding ceremony or at the end of a reception. It is the closest to the walking-into-the-sunset-with-your-love feeling that you will ever experience while your well-wishers are sending you off with blessings for a new beginning. It is also one of the best wedding moments in photography and one of the favorite opportunities for your wedding photographer to get some perfect shots. It is also a fun way to add excitement to the day as it is fun and interactive for the guests. Everyone is already in a happy high and they get together to set the loving couple off while they continue celebrating your love. If you are looking for some creative ideas for a grand exit at the wedding, take a peek at the amazing exit shots below.

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