Art of Arches and Arbors: The Perfect Frames to the Pretty Picture of Your Wedding

Do you know how a picture can look ten times prettier with the right frame? Or how a lovely set of window treatments highlight a pretty view out of a room? The right wedding arches and arbors do exactly that for a lovely wedding ceremony! Not only does it define the vibe of the wedding decor, but it also sets a tangible and territorial boundary for the ceremony to commence. So it only makes sense that the couple would pay close attention to the way the arbor looks - it will pull the view together in the most perfect way. 


If we talk about options, there is no lack of those when it comes to the different styles of arches that you can explore. There are so many different ways that you can dress up your ceremony arches, as it enables your creativity to soar, ensuring that you get exactly the backdrop you want.


Lets us take a deep dive into some of the newest trends of ceremony arches and arbors: 


Greenery: Add an enchanted-forest vibe to your wedding decor by adding green foliage to your wedding arch. For a moment you will feel like you have been transported to the woods. Also, greenery used in the ceremony arches will hurt your wallet a little less, as foliage tends to come a little cheaper than flowers.


Flowers: Of course, there are the flowers! And there are so many to choose from! A rave favorite among the couples, floral arches and arbors can give your wedding a romantic vibe, also, it is easy to incorporate the wedding colors in a floral arrangement. It a classic choice, but it can be done in so many different ways!


Geometric: This style of wedding arbors are so striking, they leave a strong impact behind. A dramatic geometric pattern like a triangle or a hexagon cutting through the skyscape can exude a lot of drama to the ceremony. These work especially well when the wedding takes place in the outdoors. 


Driftwood and Branches: There is something so adorable about an arch roughly made out of driftwood in a beach wedding or the one assembled with branches. It has a natural last-minute look which makes it look you just found an arch while taking a walk on the beach and decided to get married. How dreamy!


Fabric: Use drapey fabric to create the arch that you want, and the difference in fabric can make the look dreamy and ethereal or rich and luxurious and everything in between. Also, the usage of fabric tends to be pretty economical which can be a great option if you are on a budget. You can choose from glam satin and velvet, to floaty and lacey yards of fabric. They each create a different feeling.


Boho: Whether you consider macrame, cluster of dreamcatchers or a simple teepee design, there are so many boho arches and arbors for the free spirits out there. Layer a few carpets on the aisle leading to the arch, and your ceremony will be charming and whimsical.

There is no denying that wedding ceremony arches really set the tone for your ceremony and gives your guests a first impression of the day’s decor. They make for an impactful wedding detail along the lines of which the rest of the decor will align. It is surely something which will be featured extensively in your wedding photography. So having a one-of-a-kind arch makes your wedding ceremony stand up in the most memorable manner. Out of all the picturesque stories in your life, let the story of your wedding be framed in the choicest of frames!

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