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Lauren and Victor’s Bright and Bold Philadelphia Summer Wedding


Is it not love that makes life worth living? Love is a slice of sunshine in our mundane life, love adds clarity and brilliance to our lives, and the impact can be supremely gratifying. Being the material for songs, poems, and movies, love makes our lives exciting. Being in the business of love, we are lucky to be able to witness so many love stories on the daily. The feel of thrill never gets old, when a young couple in love, claims that they will forever be each other in front of their loved ones. No matter how many times we have seen this, it is always equally captivating to witness love, making its way into a marriage, and it leaves us feeling warm and gooey inside. Laurena and Victor’s stunning Philadelphia wedding is a pressure to witness, as this is a wedding which is just the right mix of classy and vibrant making it a truly memorable one in the lot. There is something about this wedding which stands out among the sea of weddings with watercolor pastels or opulent jewel tones. Let us take a peek at this lovely couple’s special day!


Laurena and Victor chose the gorgeous city of Philadelphia to tell their story, and of course, the effect was beautiful as expected. A city of beautiful skylines and the lovely shades of blue of the Schuylkill River, Philadelphia is a city that will reward you with beautiful views from all around. A photographer’s dream-comes-true, Philadelphia is gorgeously photogenic and never ceases to surprise one. A city that reflects a historic past, while still refreshingly contemporary, Philadelphia is surely a multi-faceted city in terms of social and cultural expression. It is this duality of the city which makes a pretty picture, just waiting to be captured by a Philadelphia wedding photographer. Situated within just a two hours’ proximity to New York City, Philadelphia is just an hour away from the waterline and a drive away from the countryside, making it a convenient place to be in, with just the right amount of accessibility to the city lights or the country life, whatever you are in the mood for. The city of Philadelphia’s rich art scene and vibrant diversity make it refreshing and inspiring. There is so much to do and see here, it will set your heart racing! From the gorgeous Art Museum to The Franklin Institute to the artsy cafes and shows, Philly never disappoints in terms of picture-perfect settings for a couple to announce their love. From its easy walkability, vibrant and colorful culture to general picture-friendly views, and a stronger history to back it all up, we love the lovely duality of Philly! If you want this stunning city to play a cameo in your engagement photos, or be the host of your wedding, be ready to be wowed!


Lauren and Victor did the perfect job of choosing the wedding venue because The Hamilton Manor did the perfect justice for their wedding day. Situated at a little over an hour from Philadelphia, this charming wedding venue is one of the premier wedding venues in Hamilton, New Jersey. Completely restored and renovated in 2009, The Hamilton Manor has witnessed several weddings in its property spreading over 25 beautiful protected wooded acres. A romantic landscaped gazebo and the stunning outdoor grounds are suited for a secluded and intimate outdoor wedding and the elegant architecture and decor of the mansion itself are sure to wow the guests. The covered rustic barn along with the landscaped area complete with a bar and the remarkable cathedral ceilings provide the perfect outdoor ceremony and a fun cocktail hour. The Hamilton Manor also comes with the Lounge and the Sapphire Room, which provides the New York-style environment for an indoor cocktail hour. Lastly, the Grand Ballroom is the perfect setting for an elegant wedding reception. This gorgeous ballroom comes with impressive 20-foot ceilings and sparkling heirloom chandeliers adding an understated elegance to any wedding. The little details like the restored hardwood and romantic draperies give this setting a vintage feel reminiscent of the time bygone. A historic building with a whole lot of character and equipped with modern facilities, The Hamilton Manor wedding venue provides the perfect setting for a couple hoping to host a timeless and romantic wedding reception. 


On the day of the wedding, the gorgeous couple woke up and got ready for the most important day of their lives. Before slipping into her bridal dress, Lauren posed with her girls for a couple of relaxed getting-ready pictures in their getting-ready outfits and all of them looked gorgeous! While Lauren wore a romantic white silk dress with lace trims and a matching lace robe. Her look was finished off with a pair of fuzzy slippers and her hair was arranged in a braided updo, which was her hairstyle for the day. The bridesmaids were dressed in matching robes in a sunshine yellow, with white lace trimming on the sleeves and hems. The most gorgeous things however were the headscarves worn by the bridesmaids which were in a beautiful pattern of red and yellow, which added a beautiful depth and character to the setting! Our gorgeous bride soon changed into her jaw-dropping gorgeous bridal dress with a deep V neck and romantic lace details all over the sleeves. The dress dropped down to a beautiful mermaid cut and looked gorgeous with a sweeping train behind her. Her hair was an iconic Frida Kahlo-esque hairstyle with a touch of greenery as a hair accessory! Her jewelry was classy yet understated with a minimal pendant and a touch of sparkly danglers. Her makeup was fresh and glowy and the bridal bouquet with all the colors from the rainbow completed the look aptly! Her bridesmaids added a whole lot of color to the frame with their gorgeous printed dresses and coral headscarves. A mix of yellow flowers and green foliage completed the bridesmaids’ bouquets. Victor looked dashing in his stunning midnight blue three-piece suit with a matching bowtie and the crisp white shirt with blue buttons and the white pocket square added balance to the look. We love the yellow and green boutonniere which was a nod of approval to the vibrant colors of the bouquets. A classy watch and a pair of tan formal shoes completed his look. The groomsmen mirrored the groom’s look perfectly and looked every bit as dapper. 


After some colorful group photography, Lauren and Victor went in for the wedding ceremony and said their vows amidst their friends and family in front of the rustic fireplace under the gorgeous floral arch. As they had their first kiss as husband and wife, our Philadelphia wedding photographer captured the beautiful moment with perfect finesse. The warm wood tones and the rustic barrel details were balanced perfectly with the bright green of the foliage, creating the perfect contrast. After the ceremony was over, the wedding party posed by the rustic wooden fencing, creating the perfect balance of colors against the bright green of the lush setting. The group photographs came out looking absolutely stunning. The couple took this moment to get some gorgeous couple photography in too. We love romantic poses and the gorgeous setting which makes every wedding come alive with a life of its own. The elements like the elegant columns and the intricately iron-clad gazebo all collaborate to create a wedding image that will speak of this moment forever. 


After the couple’s photography was done, the duo joined their guests for their wedding reception and swayed to their first dance and celebrated their special day! The couple went in for a quick change and arrived wearing traditional ensembles which added a whole lot of personality to the wedding day. While Lauren wore a gorgeous backless trumpet cut dress adorned with lace details and a beige inlay, giving it a 1920s spin. We love the beaded necklaces and earrings as well as the scarlet silky headscarf, which made her look like a princess, the gorgeous mustard toned feather fan added to the drama and flair of the outfit perfectly! Victor’s white tunic with gold embroidery and the scarlet cap mirrored Lauren’s ensemble perfectly, providing perfect balance!


There is an unblazed appetite for color and vibrancy which can be seen throughout the ceremony and the reception, and it is just a refreshing break from the neutrals and pastels. We love the careful addition of rich jewel tones like the deep red and the mustard tones when it comes to the bride and the groom, contrasted by the carefree sunny bursts of yellows and reds and blues in the bridesmaids' attires and the wedding blooms! We love that the reception theme is kept mostly elegant and romantic, with little bursts of exotic florals. The cake was a beige-colored piece of art that was elegant and classy. We love the little rustic details here and there, with the burlap, the warm wooden cabin vibes, the barrels, and the chalkboard accents. We love the abundance of nature outside and the wooden fencing which tied in the rustic echoes. And more so that anything else, we love the personal touches throughout the wedding like the ode to the lost loved ones who couldn’t be a part of the wedding and the glorious embracing of the traditional colors and touches!


Wedding planning is not all cake testing and color swapping! Weddings take months of planning, meticulous micro managements, and back-up plans, and after months of anticipation, it is all done and over in a day’s time! However, being one of the most significant in your lives, this day also brings with it tons of memories that you will be reminiscing for decades to come. This essentially is the day you will look back on and celebrate every year, with long dinner dates, flowers, and chocolates. While you will have tons of memories packed in your mind, photographs sure help! Wedding photographs are more than just photographs, they are time machines taking you back to that special day whenever you want, which is why it makes sense to choose the best wedding photographers you can. Our Philadelphia wedding photographers have done a tremendous job of capturing beautiful moments of Laurena and Victor’s wedding day, in the most perfect photographs. 


From the gorgeous wedding flat lays, to the stunning group photographs by the staircase at the entryway, from the vintage romantic couple photography by the old charming truck to the idyllic pose by the romantic white gazebo were several details which were captured with a delicate hand by our Philadelphia wedding photographers. The vibrancy and richness of the evening and the sparkle in the eyes of the loving couple were brought to life with a skillful professional hand. From the stunning detail shots to the tender moments, everything is captured by our wedding photographers in Philadelphia with the perfect touch, ensuring that the moment gets to live on forever within the couple’s wedding album, bearing testimony to the gorgeous wedding day.


Weddings, being the deeply moving experience that they are, are different for every couple and it never gets dull, no matter how many weddings you have been to. Every duo in love comes bearing their own special story and their unique narrative, making no two weddings alike, be it in aesthetics or essence. Lauren and Victor’s stunning wedding is wonderfully unique with happy bursts of colors and tons of personality, making them stand out in a refreshing way. From their bright and colorful attires to the vibrant decor, to the romantic setting lent by the idyllic wedding venue. They looked at this stunning traditionally romantic setting and made it entirely their own. As they head out from the venue towards their ‘forever’, they carry with them a part of this stunning location along with a pocketful of memories, and we wish them nothing but the very best! 


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