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Find the Wedding Theme that Suits You


Isn’t it amazing how each one of us comes with our unique tastes and preferences? The way we do our hair, or the shoes we choose, the playlist that we listen to, and the clothes that we select, every one of little actions mirror our own unique self. There are brilliant little reflections of our personalities. Throughout our life, we go through different decisions and choices which contribute towards building our “self”. One of such events which mirror our ‘self’ is our wedding day. A day of celebration of our love with another special person and our celebration of the union in our special way. So it is not surprising how different themes appeal to different couples when it comes to weddings.


While one bride might love the glamorous feel of a princessy wedding with picture-perfect fairytale details, another one might want to say “I do” with just a select few of her friends on a tiny island, as the sun sets into the horizon. While one might stand under the altar of towering trees and whisper promises to the symphony of the chirping birds, another might choose to get married in a way that is reminiscent of the vintage sepia-toned days of yesterday. Each couple, each bride has a different vibe in mind, that they want to emit on their wedding day. The wedding theme a couple chooses ends up becoming the language of their love story, enabling a couple to express and celebrate their love in a manner that feels like home to them. So choosing the right wedding theme is imperative for a truly personalized wedding experience. If you are a couple looking for that perfect wedding theme, here are some of the themes you and your partner might resonate with.



If you grew up watching hallmark romantic movies, with the bride wearing a classic updo and a poofy ball gown wedding dress, and the handsome groom in a black tux, the background looking classy and timeless and perfectly elegant, then let us enlighten you this is exactly how a classic themed wedding is expected to look like. With classy and traditional floral arrangements and well-thought-out accents, a classic wedding is a bit more formal out of other wedding themes, with the reception meals being a special white-glove service affair, the music pleasant and ambient, and the decor non-contradictory, a classic wedding is a page borrowed from the movies and feels familiar and magical, just as you always imagined it to be. 



For the wild hearts and free souls, a bohemian-themed wedding might make perfect sense. A boho style has a unique and impactful vibe, without one having to put in a lot of effort. With whimsy in her heart and nature in her soul, a boho bride is a kind to wear freshly plucked daisies in her hair and walk barefoot down the aisle and the decor and the vibe generally mirror the same effortless demeanor. Boasting wildflowers in the bouquets, delightful mismatched bridesmaid dresses, an agreeable mix of colors and textures, tons of flowers, and cozy seatings, a bohemian wedding is easy, impactful, and absolutely beautiful. 



There are many different wedding styles that a rustic wedding can cover, from French rural vibe to the southern country feel, but as a rule, a rustic wedding is away from the cities, tucked away in the complacency of the farm and nature surrounding the couple. A wedding built around a rustic theme will feature natural textures like wood, stone, and greenery. Fresh produce and organic paper products, and touches of galvanized metal pull the look together. With flowers looking like they are fresh from the field to twines, burlaps, and mason jars, a rural wedding can look different but special every time. The diverse nature of the rustic wedding theme makes it perfect to blend with other wedding styles, like natural, industrial, or DIY.



A natural wedding is quite refreshing in a world that is full of glam and glitter and shiny things. With the focus being on nature and natural elements, hosting a natural-themed wedding is easy, simple, and as close to nature as possible. With farm-to-table food, and a soothing color palette consisting of greens and whites, pulling off a natural wedding is quite easy and the effect is always quietly elegant, ethereal, and organic. With natural woodworks, tons of foliage, and a strong sense of sustainable values, a natural wedding is close to an eco-friendly theme, but it’s not just that. Wide-open spaces, clever incorporation of nature, and a scenic ceremony backdrop are all part of a natural theme wedding.



If your heart lives in the waves of the sea, a nautical wedding might be in order. A stunning theme featuring whites, blues, and cleverly used nautical elements, a nautical wedding theme is quite easy to follow through. Beachy elements are perfectly balanced with the preppy and formal touches, bringing forth a delightfully refreshing theme, and perfect summer-appropriate, with its blue hues, seashell accents, breezy linens, and dreamy anchor taking you the far away shores. The theme works perfectly if you are going for a waterfront wedding location, and days are warm. Think along the lines of crisp whites, driftwood details, ropes, and pearl details. One can also introduce supporting colors like gold black or red to deliver the nautical vibe home.



A throwback to the years of poofy skirts, drive-ins, and all things good, a retro wedding lets one live their “Grease” in the most perfect way. Think bright poppy colors, bright red lipsticks, volume in the hair, and nostalgia in mind, and here you have a lovely old-fashioned retro wedding right there! Little details go a long way, so bring out those primary colors, and throwback drinks like Coke and let your drive away car be a pastel-hued vintage vehicle that will attract all of the attention. Swirly skirts, cinched waists, and coiffed hair was the vibe of the time and will enable a couple to drive the message home.



Barely-there pastel hues, soft lighting, budding roses, and romance in the air, that’s a romantic wedding for you. Your wedding dress will be wispy and airy and perfectly delicate, and the silhouettes and decors will be soft and feminine. A wedding which is designed to flow seamlessly and looks like a dream or a romantic movie, a romantic wedding fits most brides’ definition of a dream wedding aesthetic. A gorgeous intricately feminine dress, a lovely estate ballroom to sway in as your perfect playlist comes alive, and an elegant spread of delicate table setting, all of these things come together to create a memory so romantic, you will treasure forever!



A perfect blend of nature and free-spiritedness, a whimsical wedding theme is full of all kinds of magic and lets one feel like they have slipped through the cracks to some magical ‘Alice in the wonderland’ place. For the bride who loves quirky details, bold color choices, and non-traditional elements, and is inspired by storybooks, whimsical wedding themes are quite fun to pull through and the effect is tastefully enchanting. Adding elements of an unknown fantasy world, along with mismatched bridal party dresses and vintage China will help communicate the theme perfectly. The perfect place for a whimsical wedding might be a botanical garden or a Victorian garden-esque event space.


Art Deco

A throwback to the 1920s “Great Gatsby” era, art deco is a popular theme among lovers, and understandably so. Gorgeous beads, stunning architecture, and spunky glitz to accompany, an art deco wedding theme is wonderfully aesthetic and is a nod to the roaring twenties with all the glam that it deserves. Art deco wedding themes, like all other wedding themes, allow you to go as in-depth or light with a theme as you would like. Opulent interiors with strong strokes of black and gold is the first step forward towards this theme, and jazz music playing in an ambient way in the background or performed by a live band will be the perfect touch. Introduce a variety of textures with velvets, shimmer, sequins, and ostrich feathers and decorate with lots of geometric designs. Add in a fun champagne tower, and your art deco wedding day is ready!



Industrial themed weddings are mostly about choosing the right wedding venue, and the theme comes along organically around the chosen space. Space needs to have a worn-down look of an old factory or warehouse with a gritty undertone. The raw jarred ends of the theme are contrasted with sharp lines and sleek metal accents. The wedding theme with an industrial tone looks into the future of design, so you can picture exactly how your postmodern world looks like. With an industrial wedding, the decor accents include clean lines, metal touches, and modern elements. However, the industrial wedding theme is pretty pliable and goes well with many other wedding themes out there, making it a great theme to work with.



An alternative wedding theme generally means a wedding theme that does not particularly fit into any of the other defined themes. For the couples who have a unique style and want their special day to be celebrated in a way that is different and striking, as per their unique vision. It can be a wedding, themed after Renaissance or Harry Potter, it can be a Game of Thrones wedding or a superhero one, the result is generally quirky, creative and a true reflection of the couple's personality. An alternative wedding is about doing things your own way, whether it is the alternative choice of bridal dress or the bridal bouquet. The rules are flexed and tested, and the wedding is a very personal representation of the couple.



If you want to pull out all the razzle-dazzle and go full out, a glamorous wedding theme might be in order. Think red carpet dresses, sweeping Hollywood-inspired hairstyles, and fancy décor and you are in for a dazzling glam wedding day! Elegant flowy drapes, and ritzy decor pieces, a glamorous wedding is expected to be filled with jaw-dropping details that end up all over Instagram. While glam is usually associated with metallics and sequins and all the good stuff, you can also head to the minimalistic route and flaunt the same impact. A wedding hosted in a luxurious estate with glittering chandeliers and a sweeping staircase is the best fit for this theme. 



If you are a crafty bride with a passion for DIY, a DIY wedding might be just the right fit for you. With a little extra time, effort, and imagination, you can do so many projects which will bring through a sense of personalization in every detail of your wedding day. From handmade macrame to fun handmade flag banners and lanterns, DIY weddings have a charming handmade vibe to it which makes it all the more special. From backyard weddings to a rustic barn wedding, DIY weddings are great for a couple who likes to put in the work into their special day so that it is a true reflection of their personalities.



Simple clean lines, urban designs, and a sense of exquisite simplicity. This is what modern weddings are made of. Coming from the minds of city dwellers and design lovers, a modern wedding promises to be formal yet playful, trendy, and modern and incredibly sophisticated. Minimal color schemes that are refreshingly harmonious and the decor elements are carefully sourced to be simple yet unique. A modern wedding is contemporary, current, and delightfully aesthetic yet refreshingly practical. An urban loft-style venue will help you perfectly express your modern wedding. 

The journey to find your perfect “one”, is a wild and exciting journey of its own and the result is always worth the search. Finding the perfect wedding theme feels equally right. The perfect wedding theme will make your wedding day feel a little more personal, and when you look at your wedding pictures decades down the lane, you can still connect with them. The thing to keep in mind while choosing the theme for your wedding is that you want to choose something which shows a part of your personality or interest in a way that you can resonate with even years down the lane. So go ahead and explore all the different and exciting wedding themes out there, and we are sure you will find your “perfect match”.


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