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Matt and Anh’s Chicago Wedding with Breathtaking City Views


While there are several monumental, sliding door moments in our lives that are hugely impactful, there are also many celebrations that we get to indulge in throughout our lives. But are there any huge milestone moments of your life which are also worthy of being celebrated by all your friends and family, other than your wedding? We think not! While your wedding day is a day which is uniquely yours, it is also your day to feel extra special, just like every bride on their wedding day. Months of planning and the tiniest attention to detail ensure your wedding day is just a special as you envisioned it to be. These are all the little fragments of a carefully planned vision you have been piecing together for months, and on the day of your wedding, it all comes together like a beautiful puzzle! Matt and Anh’s beautiful Chicago wedding is the one which will warm your hearts as well as awe you with its striking picturesque nature. Let’s follow this gorgeous couple on their beautiful journey on their wedding day and take a peek at their picture-perfect moments.


Matt and Anh chose Chicago to be the city where they celebrate their love story and we can’t be more excited. A city that comes with its world-class architecture and stunning artwork, a range of awe-inspiring statues and sculptures, Chicago is full of intriguing elements that provide the city the allure that it flaunts. Having always been a photographer’s muse, Chicago is indisputably a pretty city to look at, with each of its numerous random frames making pieces of art with every click. Aptly named ‘Windy City’, Chicago comes with its trademark breeze which has a way of changing to a temperamental wind sometimes, conjuring up quite a pretty image. Being home to one of the most epic skylines in America, Chicago enjoys some of the most amazing city sunsets! Starting from the infamous Chicago deep-dish pizza to Chicago BullsChicago is all about going big or going home, and that can be observed everywhere. Embedded with stunning pieces of architecture like the Cloud Gate and Sears Tower to tourist-favourite spots like Navy Pier and Shedd Aquarium, Chicago is a bag of fun all in all, promising to leave to gift you with smiles and good memories. Located by the stunning Lake Michigan, Chicago is a place which will never cease to amaze you and there is always something to do there, with its jaw-dropping white-sand beaches and fun parks and intriguing museums and more! A effervescent city full of energy and charm, having Chicago as a backdrop is every couple’s dream come true and Matt and Anh get to live the dream and capture it to cherish forever and look back on!


Matt and Ahn chose Ada St. to showcase their gorgeous live story and we couldn't be more glad. A charming wedding venue that is perfect for an intimate and chill wedding reception, Ada St is perfect for a guest list of up to 30 people, but it's full of attitude and charm. There is a definite laid-back easy-going charm about Ada St that helps the couple wash all the stress away and create an evening they will remember forever. The deserving recipient of a Bib Gourmand designation by Michelin Travel & Lifestyle, Ada St. was esteemed to be one of the 10 Best New Restaurants by Chicago Magazine, and that is just one of the many feathers on the cap! Providing one of the most exclusive and indulgent dining and event venues in Chicago, it's no surprise that Ada St.’s backyard is one of the most sought-after al fresco dining experiences in the city. While Ada St. is open for service six nights a week if you are hoping for a dinner date, the location also offers private dining and booking for weddings, making it a perfect location for a wedding reception of a smaller scale. This rustic urban backyard feels of this Chicago wedding venue with its white painted brick walls, fun graffiti, and cafe lighting which lights if the evening makes a charming location for two people in love to celebrate their wedding in. We love the garden wedding vibes that this location serves, making it the perfect oasis in the concrete jungle. 


The day of the wedding arrived and our lovely bride got started with the getting ready process. Our Chicago wedding photographer captured some gorgeous glimpses of Anh getting ready and took in some beautiful shots of the dress and the make-up being applied. Anh had on this beautiful silky floral robe while she was getting ready and we love the personal moment captured in the camera as she was going through her vows. Her wedding dress was a spectacular work of art, with a higher neckline with lacy panels on her neck and back and a sleeveless design. Her skirt flows down to a simple A-line cut and a slight train in the back, giving her a simple and elegantly romantic look. Her make up was simple yet romantic and her hair was done up so that it cascades over her shoulder. A gorgeous white and green bouquet finished her bridal ensemble with a flourish. Matt brought in a bold steak of color to the party by wearing an inky blue three-piece suit with a crisp white shirt and a powder blue necktie with darker blue polka dots. His socks were the perfect match for his tie. His boutonniere was a sprig of white and green flowers and the tan shoes completed his handsome look. The couple balanced each other perfectly, bringing in both elegance and fun to the table. While the groomsmen wore a sharp navy suit, the bridesmaid wore a charming blush-colored knee-length dress while carrying a matching bouquet!


Before the ceremony even began, the Chicago wedding photographer snuck the lovely couple out for a quick photo session by the panoramic views of the beautiful city. Their Chicago wedding was dotted with the iconic city structures which graced their wedding album. From the majestic cityscape by the glimmering lakeside view to the Chicago’s iconic Navy Pier Ferris wheel featuring in those pictures, the Chicago wedding photographer captured the Chicago city vibes with the most breathtaking captures. Some of the friends and family of both the lovebirds joined them at the lakeside for a few group photography captures, and the setting couldn't be any more perfect. We loved the fuss-free and minimal style of the photography, where the natural grace of the city was enough to dress up the pictures.


After wrapping up the photo session, the wedding party was all ready for the ceremony. The wedding venue was decked up to the nines, ready for the celebration. The ceremony arbor was a beautiful gold geometric arbor with gorgeous bunches of flowers adorning it. The colorful bursts of color in the graffiti in the background invites in a range of fun hues like yellow, white, and green. Anh was walked in by her father, who was looking sharp in his grey suit. The ceremony took place among the friends and family and the air filled up with love and celebration. With just a handful of the choicest few to share their special day with, the atmosphere was intimate and full of best wishes After the vows were said and the ceremony was done, the newly married couple had their first kiss to seal the deal. The couple walked out of the ceremony as husband and wife, and their victorious laughs say it all. Our Chicago wedding photographers captured the delicate moments from the ceremony as precious photographs and the gorgeous decor and the abundant lighting flowing in from the open-air setting helped the mission.


With the ceremony behind them, the couple went on to celebrate the remainder of their wedding day among their near and dear ones and in each other’s easy company. The wedding venue was lit up with its numerous strings of fairy lights, and the effect was nothing less than magical. The rustic vintage touch here and there, like the brass candle stand and the leather framed message for guests, adds a bit of whimsy to the location. The exposed brick backgrounds add a raw rustic feel, while the wooden touches warm up the setting for the cozy intimate wedding reception which it was. The table setting was minimal yet elegant, with touches of blue making an appearance here and there and the generous sprinkling of white rose which seems to be the theme of the wedding decor of this gorgeous couple. While the guests enjoy their wedding reception dinner, the wedding ceremony setting is given a quick sprucing to prepare it for a night of dancing. Matt and Anh share a special moment as they sway to their first dance! We love the light-up letters that spell ‘DANCE’ and create a fun and unexpected setting for the guests to unwind, dance, and have fun!


There are only a few days in your life which we will forever close to our hearts and will forever remember and your wedding day is one of those days. One might not remember every detail of the day with a vivid memory, but they will surely keep revisiting them throughout their lifetime. They will always remember the feel-good feeling which surrounded them and the feeling of happiness which filled their hearts that day. The way the sun seemed to shine a little brighter and the sky glimmered a little bluer in celebration for their special day. They will certainly remember the sparkle of love in each other’s eyes as they say ‘I do’ and the fistful of hopes that they carry with them. They will remember the murmur of chatter of the close ones and the laughs which fill up the room and the clink of the glasses as people raise a toast in your name. But no matter how hard we try, there will be little fragments of memory that will slip away from your mind. Having a wedding photographer who is equipped in the art of capturing those precious memories in beautiful frames is extremely important. Our Chicago wedding photographers have done a fabulous job of capturing beautiful moments Matt and Anh’s picture-perfect wedding day and have done complete justice to the importance of the day. We love the way the wedding photographers in Chicago captured the iconic Chicago skyline in the most perfect captures. The stacked high risers in the background, the glimmering Lake Michigan playing peek-a-boo, and the Navy Pier adding to the exclusive Chicago vibes. We also are in love with the detail shots and tender moments captured with care, and the overall chill vibes which are captured accurately in the pictures. 

A wedding day on one of the red-lettered days of not just your year but of your entire life. You will also be celebrating this day as your anniversary for as long as you both live. No matter how many years pass on, the memories of a wedding will always live on and crackle as fresh as autumn leaves when you revisit them. Sure sometimes the memory fails you and you remember those little details but that is what the photographs are for! Matt and Anh’s wedding day is a wedding that is filled with beautiful moments and artistic captures, creating a memory book that is not only heartwarming but is pleasing to the eye, even after decades of time has rolled by. From the classic but colorful wedding decor to the eccentric venue, from the panoramic backdrop in the background to the beautiful reception details, everything works together perfectly to deliver to this couple just the wedding that they envisioned. There is something so timelessly beautiful about this wedding, yet this is a day that does not lack in vibrancy and fun, holding the perfect balance of both. As the couple heads off to their happily ever after, we wish them nothing but the absolute best and more of those happy sunshine vibes.


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