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Monthly Wedding Planning Resources-October 2021


“I'm so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers”- said Anne from Anne of Green Gables, and we find ourselves nodding to the same sentiment every time the world emerges in vibrant displays of warm caramel-like colors. Between the sweltering summers and the freezing cold lies the gorgeous and romantic hues of autumn and it sure mesmerizes us in all its glorious yellows, moody browns, and playful reds, like a kaleidoscopic display of nature which doesn't need any words to do it justice! As the gorgeous month of October slowly nears its end and the autumnal months give in to the clean and cold winter months, life doesn't stop, much like love! In fact, the beauty of love is varied, nuanced, and adaptive to changes of nature, molding itself into any surrounding as you would imagine! 


Whether you and your partner are planning for a lovely winter wedding or you just happen to be planning for your wedding next year, there is nothing like the crisp atmosphere set by November to help you weave your runaway thoughts into plans. Wedding planning is fun and definitely something that you should make the most of. After all, you won't be getting this time of your life back again. But it can't be denied that wedding planning can also get quite confusing at times, and a newly engaged couple who are doing this for the first time in their lives might find the entire procedure quite overwhelming. This is where we come in. Our monthly wedding planning resources will ensure that you are in the know about the latest ins and outs of the wedding market.


What better way to say something than to spell it out loud and in glowing lights? Custom neon lights are not just perfect to serve the practical purpose of signage, it also adds a pop of personality and unforgettable vibe to a wedding day. From vintage-style light-up signs to calligraphic neon signs showing off a beautiful quote, the options are endless with neon signs. Whether you want to propose to your sweetheart or declare in your wedding reception where the bar area is, the custom neon signs will suit every situation perfectly!


These Custom Neon Sign Ideas Will Give Your Proposal, Wedding, or Home a Major Glow-Up

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Weddings are magical as it is. With the fragrant flowers, the gorgeous outfits, and the slow walk to the love of your life, everything feels out of the world. Do you know what else will make it even more epic and outworldly? A wedding on the water! If you have always been a water baby, and hosting your special day surrounded by the blue waterlines seems like the perfect dream, you are just in the right place. The article below will help you explore all the pretty places you can consider for a wedding enveloped by water!


How to Plan a Wedding on the Water

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Weddings are expensive but the little things that you receive as your wedding present sure act as the perfect spread to start the next chapter of your life. The items that you add to your wedding registry are chosen with absolute care and should add value to your life as a married couple. If you are wondering what exactly to add to your wedding registry, we have just what you need. This article will walk you through some of the best picks that you can add as you start a new life together.


The 34 Must-Have Items to Add to Your Wedding Registry

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Never before has elopement been such a prevalent wedding practice as now. The toll of the pandemic, along with the increasing financial graph related to weddings has resulted in more and more elopements in the last few years. If running away to a virgin beach and saying the vows amidst crashing waves and shifting sands sounds like something that might interest you, we have just the list for you. The articles below from Here Comes the Guide explores the most stunning beaches in the country to make your beach elopement a great success.


18 Of The Best Beach Elopement Destinations In The U.S.A.

via Here Comes the Guide


Flowers and weddings are known to be the perfect marriage, but flowers don't have to be velvety to the touch and green with life to make your wedding day beautiful. Dry flowers might be long dead, but they do bring a lot of life to the ambiance as well. Dry flower bridal bouquets as well as dry flower centerpieces and wedding decor are having a moment and have claimed the hearts of many engaged couples. Known to be eco-friendly and devastatingly beautiful, dry flowers are not the hottest flower trend of the year without reason. Take a closer look at the trend in the article below!


The Hottest Wedding Flower Trend: Dried Flowers

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If you thought the wedding cake is just that, a wedding day dessert, you are mistaken! It is the main event, and it holds within itself the drama of a couple in love, starting their journey with something sweet. While it is easy to overlook the wedding cake stand, you might be potentially missing out on a lot in doing so! The right wedding cake stand can set the masterpiece of the wedding confection to a fitting stylish pedestal, making your cake-cutting moment extra special. The article below walks you through some of the most iconic wedding cake stands out there for you to consider.


10 Wedding Cake Stands Trending for 2022

via Wed Society

Wedding trends are ever-changing, and while some go by without creating much of an impact, there are others that stick by and make their way to being a part of our special day. While it might be difficult to take your pick out of many, you will know instantly when you see the right trend that you want to adopt on your special day. It will comfortably blend with your wedding venue, your wedding theme, and your wedding colors, making your wedding day only better for it. While the internet is buzzing with trends and microtrends, having a reliable wedding planning resource is something that will always come in handy. Like a trusty friend with all the wisdom and more, we will be here every month to help out brides-to-be as they craft their happily ever after!


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