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Easy Ways to Add Drama to Your Fall Wedding


Halloween is around the corner and your wedding boo (ahem too)! And we know you are looking for the top tips to add drama to your fall wedding inspired by Halloween that is easy to incorporate as well, right? Luckily, we’ve got you covered, but before we bounce ideas off you to make your Hallow’s eve wedding stand out, let’s know what do we mean when we say dramatic! You might have heard or read, "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy." And you know what it means, but if we decipher the proverb from the weddings’ point of view it says - there is no harm in playing around the traditional big little details to spruce up the wedding to keep it from getting dull and ordinary! JSYK - this is where the drama comes! Dramatic touches to wedding make it memorable, remember Priyanka Chopra Jonas’s 75-foot long wedding veil?! And an unforgettable movie-like wedding is not a pipe dream if you know how to add drama to it!


It’s plain as the nose on your face that where there is drama, there is no ordinary! Wouldn’t life be boring without a little bit of drama in it? Look around! Even nature is not untouched by drama! Case in point: Skies at the golden hour. You love clear skies, right? But doesn’t it look more captivating and magical right when the sun is about to rise or set on the horizon, making the skies a little more dramatic with its God rays? By the same token, if not for rain, snowfall, storms, clouds, rainbows, all the days would look the same, indifferent, and plain! These dramatic details not only elevate the beauty of nature but also make it interesting and worth-saving in our memories, maybe through pictures! Everything plain and modest can be boring! Maybe that’s why nature keeps changing its filters, and we are highly obsessed with its fall filter, everything looks dramatic and fairytail-ish! No wonder, most couples choose to get hitched in the second spring. “Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.” - rightly said!


Weddings with dramatic touches get etched in memories of everyone witnessing them forever and a day! And this reason is enough to have a themed, dramatic wedding, no matter the season! Plus they come pretty on wedding pictures! And when it comes to fall weddings, a dark and dramatic themed wedding is gaining popularity worldwide! Maybe the temperate weather that rinses off the effects from the nature that summer left in its wake while calming and soothing our mind, body, and souls, maybe the crisp and colorful walkways as far as the eyes can see, maybe the festive decor everywhere spicing up the surroundings, couples love to tie the knot in the season of fall (i.e. from mid-September to late November)! Autumn nuptials are by and large classified by their decor, which usually involves season-inspired details like pale leaves, pumpkins, sunflowers, candles, burlap, and wooden accents. Smokey and rich details can take your fall soirée or Halloween-themed wedding to the next level without greasing the elbow much! See for yourself!


We often forget that beauty doesn’t hinge on a particular time, location, or person. It’s everywhere, even in the darkness. No doubt, all-white weddings can never go out of style, but dark-themed weddings also come with their own beauty. Fall allows you to have a not-so-white wedding with spookily gothic and hauntingly beautiful details, sans worrying about the results! What all you need to do is decide whether you want to go the romantic route with soft hues, delicate lighting, ample florals, pastels, hanging lights, calligraphy, and a flower wall, or keep things fresh and modern with clean lines, geometric shapes, minimal design, non-white wedding dress, sleek seats, a cool structural backdrop, a bold color scheme, and glamorous venue. There is no rush darling, if you are still on the fence, you can think of it after checking out the dramatic ideas we have brewed up to leave your guests oohing and ahhing at your themed fall wedding! We are sure a little sprinkling of drama on your wedding day with these dramatically amazing fall wedding ideas, themes, and tips will take your big day celebration notches above!


Moody colors

If you are more of an offbeat couple who hates taking the normal route and if cool, moody color palettes and creative stand-ins see eye to eye with your style better than bright floral and been-there-done-that wedding décor, then a mysterious fall wedding in dark hues has your name written all over it. The dark and moody palette is an excellent option for daring fall brides. It’s elegant and dramatic and so unique! Break fresh ground with a chic non-traditional dark theme using moody colors, and roll with it however you see fit! And FYI, moody weddings don’t just revolve around Halloween, vampire, or gothic! If you want to accentuate the season of your wedding, make it gorgeous, original, and notable, consider a moody fall wedding. Envision dark purple, red, navy, and green colors with gray, black, and brown.


Craving to get a bit more trendy with your fall color palette? Consider sprinkling gold or copper for a bit of glitz and glam, deep plum and emerald green for elegance, or neutral shades like champagne, cream, and slate gray. You don’t have to stick to the orange-and-black color palette and Halloween centerpieces, even if it’s a Halloween-themed fête. You can never go wrong with dark purple+lavender+peach, punchy orange+black+marsala+gold, or burgundy+black+greenery color palettes. Plus, nothing screams gothic elegance like a moody wedding palette boasting whites, blacks, golds, and crimsons. From turning to cemetery ceremonies, festive menu pairings, dark fall-inspired wedding cakes or cake alternatives like Harry Potter-themed treats (like potion parfaits, chocolate wands, and lightning bolt-shaped cookies), pitch-black table runners, painted pumpkins, dark floral centerpieces and bouquets, skull-shaped candle votives to trick-or-treating with Halloween cocktails and dessert table signs, the world is your oysters! And don’t forget the devil is in the small details - think a coffin-shaped ring box, “till death do us part” cake topper and pomegranate-rum punch in a spooky cauldron, paired with dry ice.


Alternative bridal looks

Black wedding dresses were taboo in days of yore, but not nowadays – especially with a Halloween wedding. While planning to outfit your fall wedding with moody colors and details, don’t forget to outfit yourself with a hauntingly beautiful alternative wedding dress and complete the look with a dark fall bridal bouquet that mirrors your wedding theme. Cut a dash in a dark color like a black, burgundy, brown, deep plum, red, or gold sequin one. If black is not your color, have all your lovelies purchase a Halloween wedding dress of their choice in a dark hue to add to the overall vibe of deeper tones. An edgy black lace separate is perfect for fashion-forward autumn brides! If it’s Halloween-inspired nuptials, you need to be very, very afraid of a plain white wedding dress. Pick a modern gothic and romantic Halloween wedding dress by your favorite designer for a stylish, fascinating, and incredibly revolutionary bridal look. A pro tip from George Street Photo & Video: Make sure the gothic gown and makeup you are going to don on the big day suit your personality and wedding vision, as your spooky attire can make or break your aesthetic in the blink of an eye! For instance, this luxurious black and ivory long-sleeved trumpet wedding dress featuring various draperies and sexy lace can pour in much-needed drama and opulence to your Halloween wedding day look. And featuring cascading ruffles and ruching, this dramatic taffeta off-the-shoulder sleeveless floor-length ball gown gives a whole new meaning to the term “sexy vampire.”


For a not-overdone bridal look, complete your bridal look with festive-themed bridal accessories that aren’t cheesy and dramatic fall wedding makeup or Halloween-inspired makeup with a touch of spooky to nail a scary good wedding look. Here are a few amazing Halloween makeup tutorials that could totally transition an already pretty fall bride into a hauntingly pretty Halloween bride, either at full volume or pared down to her style. If you don’t wanna look too obvious, a dark lip and multi-toned eye can do the trick, or add a pinch of drama by putting on some sparkles along your cheek under the eye! It will be an oh-so-lovely addition to your dramatic fall wedding without being exaggerated.


Cascading flowers, fabrics & centerpieces

What's not to love about October weddings! From the hearty autumnal textures creating an earthy feel to centerpieces flourishing with a striking mix of fall flowers and foliage to gorgeous cascading autumn bouquets in the hands of gorgeous ladies to the fabrics and drapes in deep seasonal shades (like berry tones, oxblood, and rust, to name a few) hanging over guests and the bride and groom having their first dance. While there is something so spellbinding and dramatic about cascading florals, whether they are bending out of a bouquet, lantern, vase, or wall! Similarly, fabric, whether it’s used as the bride’s veil, her dress train, her bouquet’s ribbon, or simply as the table covering or freely falling drape from some tree or ceiling, also plays a significant role in transforming a plain-looking wedding venue into a dreamy one! Fabric draping in a tree is an easy-breezy alternative to the modern wedding arch! Allow enough fabric for swags between branches and trail some on the ground. It's both utterly refreshing and hauntingly beautiful, adding a velvet sheen to the set that feels almost tangible. So give your wedding a velvety touch to make it extraordinary!


Whether you and your partner are saying “I boo” on All Hallow’s Eve itself or you just want to channel a magnificently moody vibe, each spook-tacular fall wedding decor idea embraces the darker side of life, without being overly grotesque. 'Til death do us part, indeed! Set the stage on fire by walking down the aisle holding a color-block bouquet featuring the plum foliage, mauve roses, creamy white flowers, and textures. At your fall wedding, you can never go wrong with an arrangement filled with rich jewel tones. Allow deep reds, burnt oranges, and mustard yellows to seize the charm of the season. Consider a mix of orange ranunculus, crimson dahlias, burgundy mums, and more to put them in awe. Or wow them by installing a striking vase exploding with dried grasses, lunaria, carnations, and brown lisianthus. Invite reception guests to take a seat at a marvelously moody table (if they dare!), decked up with a black table runner, brass candlesticks, and handpicked pears at each place setting. When considering Halloween wedding flowers, picking deep, autumnal tones in a natural arrangement is a great idea. The more organic looking, the better!


Tons of candlelight

Candle-lit settings! Ah, so dang romantic and magical! Who doesn’t want to get married in Annika Backes and Tijs Michiel Verwest’s style (otherwise known as DJ Tiesto)? One of many easy ways to add drama to your fall wedding is lots of candles (open flames or flameless)! To make your dusk or night-time fall wedding stand out, select or create an unparalleled setting that will shine, even after the sun says goodbye for the day! And what better and easier way to light up a wedding than lots of candles, whether it’s a Halloween-themed wedding in an intimate setting, a romantic wedding in a countryside barn, or a vintage-themed wedding in a world-class hotel. From clusters of candles surrounded by greenery to pathways or aisles flanked by candles, to the flameless votives in woodsy chandeliers dangling overhead, candles not only add a little light but also a whole lot of drama! Add lots of candles to the nooks and crannies that aren’t well-lit for some moody elegance. Even simple glass holders around small centerpieces or swaths of eucalyptus leaves can add a pinch of drama to minimalist modern aesthetics. The sky is the limit when it comes to welcome table decoration! LED candle-illuminated place cards tucked into moss look so dramatic, consider using a large hobnail glass for extra texture. Another way to add drama to your purple-hued gothic wedding ceremony is to use black-purple unity carved candles. Not to mention, if it’s an outdoor wedding then make sure your candles are placed in jars much higher than the wick, or use rustic lanterns to keep them on even if it’s a little windy. We love this personalized candle lantern 3-piece set to infuse personalized details to the place that your guests will notice the most, like the guest table. Looking to add an old-world touch that meshes well with the historic setting you chose to say your vows? Install dramatic tall candelabras on long tables. For a dramatic wedding exit, illuminate your path with candles as you head to your happily ever after with a new spring in your steps! Easy-breezy, right?!


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