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Bask In the Magical Glow of Golden Hour


If you’re hoping to snap some swoon-worthy wedding photos, talk to your photographer about capturing the beauty of golden hour. 

What is golden hour, exactly? Also known as magic hour, it’s lighting perfection and a dream for wedding photographers. Think of it as nature’s perfect filter for portraits as it creates glowing radiant light without the harsh shadows from the afternoon sun. This short window occurs about one hour before the sunset, so plan accordingly for your wedding day portraits.

During golden hour, the sky is warm and vibrant, casting the two of you in the most flattering light while illuminating grassy fields, peeking enchanting light through the trees and setting the beach aglow. It’s called magical for a reason! Golden hour creates the perfect lighting for airy and bright portraits, especially for that magical summer night feeling.

This is when the artistry of your wedding photographer really shines. And after the sun sets, you might want to try a few night photos. There’s something so intriguing and romantic about embracing beneath the glow of a full moon or dancing under a starlit sky. Swoon and swoon. Just be sure to give your wedding photographer a heads up well in advance so they come prepared with the proper lighting equipment.

Follow these tips and you’ll be golden.


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