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11 Swoon Worthy Wedding Photos


Bright, airy, and simply stunning, these wedding photos have left us absolutely speechless! With windswept veils, falling flower petals, and a field full of wildflowers, these couples prove that there is no wrong way to take a beautiful wedding portrait. One thing is for certain -- these 11 photos have left us positively swooning. Read on for our favorites and some major wedding day inspiration.

sweeping wedding veil portrait of bride and groom

A windswept veil and newlywed kiss brings the romance and drama. Golden hour lighting makes this  photo over-the-top magical.


With a birds-eye view and a stunning gown, this Los Angeles wedding photographer captured a truly magical moment for a beautiful couple. We love how the bright floral bouquet pops against the faded city skyline. 


stunning sunset Los Angeles wedding photography
Incredibly lush and vibrant, a couple shares a kiss under a canopy of leaves. Not quite golden hour, the late afternoon sun had abandoned it’s harsh, midday rays and left the couple with incredibly flattering outdoor lighting. 

falling petals wedding portrait

Blooming flowers and trees make the perfect backdrop for wedding day photography. We imagine a quick shake of a branch made flower petals fall for this couple's incredibly beautiful photo.


Hayley Paige wedding gown beautiful wedding portrait

This bride and groom took advantage of the beautiful golden hour glow on their wedding day -- and the results are oh so dreamy! We love how the sun is setting through the impressive trees. And our bride is positively stunning in her Hayley Paige wedding gown!


There's a reason why Fall is a favorite season for weddings! The changing leaves, with their fire-y reds, oranges, and yellows, add so much dimension and color to photos. Visit our blog for more inspiring Autumn weddings and engagement sessions.


With such a gorgeous natural setting at Calamigos Ranch, it's no wonder we love this sweet moment! Nature has a way of diffusing light in the most beautiful way.


gorgeous beach wedding photos

A tranquil setting for a just-married kiss and embrace. We love the intimacy of this photo as well as the colors captured.


wildflower field wedding photos

A field of wildflowers is always a good idea! We can't imagine a more perfect place for some amazing portraits of you and your sweetie after tying the knot. Our advice: get adventurous for photos. Sometimes the best photos require a little effort, so don't be afraid to climb stairs, walk through tall grasses, and embrace the beauty of a field of flowers.

With a gorgeous glow from the setting sun, what more can we possibly say? It is another swoon-worthy moment from another magical wedding day! We've loved having the opportunity working with each and every couple.

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