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Full Moon Friday: Our Favorite Night Portraits


It’s not just you: many hearts swell at the sight of a full moon. The night light illuminating the sky, as well as the world around you. That romantic glow seems intoxicating. At the full moon, the moon and sun are on a line, with the Earth right in the middle. As the sun sets in the west, the full moon rises high in the sky, and it seems as if it’s lining up right to meet your eye. In honor of the full moon, we’re showcasing our favorite portraits enlightened by the bright white, full moon.

A great photo setup for you night owls! We love this shot of the bride and groom illuminated by the light of an old automobile’s headlights. This is the perfect style of night wedding photography for weddings with a retro, classically glam vibe.

Though it may be dark, there are plenty of places to find alternate sources of light. Glittering street lamps on a city street or outdoor twinkle lights are perfect light choices for your night wedding. We love the way the overhead lights just hint at this couple’s silhouette, giving it a very artful, contemporary feel. Don’t be afraid to have your photographer experiment with different styles.

The night sky is the perfect setting for a send off in style with your new hubby! Nothing illuminates better than the tried and true sparkler sendoff. Just make sure that everyone is ready at the end of the night so your wedding photographer can adjust his or her schedule accordingly and be ready to capture the moment!

Just because the sun has set does not mean you can't capture more magical, romantic moments! We hope this collection has sparked some creative ideas, and you have enjoyed these full moon inspired night shots as much as we did.


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