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Capture the Romance of Summer Nights


When it comes to outdoor weddings, there’s only one thing more magical than summer days: summer nights. You just can’t top the romance of a vast starry sky or the enchantment of night portraits. And with the weather on your side, the two of you can linger as long as you like so your wedding photographer can capture every intriguing shot.

It’s no wonder why night shots are one of this year’s top wedding trends. They exude a special kind of ambience and magic that only happens when day gives way to night. It’s like a natural filter or mood lighting that enhances every moment!

Sunset photos are as gorgeous as a watercolor painting. As the sun dips below the horizon, it creates the most incredible ombre backdrop. Fading from gold to orange to pink, the warm sunset tones are so flattering on the skin. These photos are especially striking on the beach where the view stretches on for miles.

For outdoor receptions, a must-have shot is the bride and groom dancing beneath a sea of fairy lights twinkling overhead. It’s absolutely timeless. And when the evening comes to a close and you’re ready to make your grand exit, light up the night with a sparkler send off! Your wedding photographer can frame some really creative images that quite literally send sparks flying and capture the excitement of the moment.

Another luminous way to end the night? Paper lanterns. You’ll want to capture the wonder of your gaze as the lanterns light up the night sky and drift away. Pure magic.

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