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Bridal Veils: How to Pick Your Style


Today we’re talking bridal style! More specifically, your bridal veil and all of the options you have to choose from for your wedding day! Think of the veil as the icing on the wedding cake when it comes to bridal accessories. Whether you opt for short and sweet or long and dramatic, there is an option for every bride!

Here’s the lowdown on bridal veil styles:

1. Bird cage
The bird cage is a short veil generally made out of a netting material. This particular veil can vary in length, but will never surpass your chin.

2. Elbow
The elbow veil is one that hits at your elbows or waistline, hence where it gets its name!

3. Mantilla
The mantilla is usually round in shape and lined with lace. With this style veil, you have three placement options: the top of your head for a traditional look, the crown for a modern approach, or the lower back of your head for a renaissance, romantic look.

4. Fingertip
The fingertip style is one that reaches to the bride’s fingertips or just below them. This style veil is typically placed at the back of your head.

5. Fly-away
A fly-away bridal veil is one that hits at or below the shoulders. This style is typically placed at the back of your head, adding an element of volume to your bridal ‘do!

6. Ballet
The ballet style veil falls below your fingertips but just above the ground. This is a great veil option for brides who are worried about someone stepping on their headpiece!

This veil falls down to your feet or a few inches beyond your wedding gown. This is a great option for a bride who prefers a longer style without the worry of tripping on your veil.

A cathedral length veil is the longest out of all the styles. It will trail behind both you and your dress, creating for one amazing fashion statement and stunning wedding photography!

Aside from being a romantic fashion statement, a bridal veil is a great hair accessory. Have fun with it by playing with lively textures and printed variations to match your wedding gown - these can really up the ante on your bridal style!


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